Can You Feel The Microchip in a Dog? What does it feel like?

Can You Feel The Microchip in a Dog

These days, even our dogs can get pretty high tech. Many owners choose to have microchips inserted into their dogs so that they can be scanned and brought back home if he ever gets lost and picked up by a good samaritan. Some owners worry, though, that this computer chip add-on will be too obvious …

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How Many Eyelids Do Dogs Have? Find How Useful They Can Be

Dogs are overachievers as far as their body make-up is concerned. They have tails, four feet instead of two, and extra eyelids when compared to humans. Do you know exactly how many eyelids do dogs have? You’re about to learn about them, their use, and what you should know about them! All dogs actually have 3 eyelids. They have …

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Why Do Dogs Lick Your Ears? Solving The Mystery

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Ears? Photo of a dog licking his owner's ears

Let’s face it, dogs have some weird habits. One of those weird habits that may be driving you crazy is their incessant need to lick your ears! Not sure what to do about it, or what it means? Here’s a quick guide to help you out. Dogs lick your ears because they’re showing you that …

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What is the Best Dog for a Scared Child? (List of Dogs)

Just like a lot of things, sometimes children are scared of dogs. If you want to help your little one get over that fear, the best way is to have him grow up in a house with a dog. Let him become a new dog owner. Below are the best dog breeds for a shy …

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