What Do I Do If My Dog Ate A Mouse? (Dead Or Alive)

My Dog Ate A Mouse

If your dog’s eaten a mouse, you’ve most likely caught him in the act. Here’s what you need to know about your dog’s chosen snack! If your dog has eaten a mouse, you’ll want to call a vet or an emergency hotline. A mouse isn’t necessarily dangerous for your dogs, but the poison or illness they …

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Black Spots On Dogs Nipples – When To Worry About It?

Black spots on dogs nipples

If you’ve given your dog a belly rub recently and notice some stubborn black spots on their nipples that don’t come off when you rub them, you might be feeling a little concerned about what’s going on. Here’s what you’ll want to know! All dogs have a natural oil that they produce to protect their …

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My Dog Ate Maggots: Will He Be Fine?

My Dog Ate Maggots

Dogs always tend to find the weirdest things delicious — like maggots. If you’ve discovered your dog eating maggots and are wondering just what it means for him and his health, you’ll find it all laid out for you below. If your dog has eaten maggots, he will most likely be fine! Maggots are excellent …

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Why Is My Dog Having Diarrhea At Night?

Why Is My Dog Having Diarrhea At Night

The honest truth is that there is never a good time for your dog to have diarrhea, but at night is probably the worst time. Wondering why this is a problem for your dog, in particular? Read on! A sudden change in their food routine or content is the most common reason for your dog’s …

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Why is My Dog Suddenly Eating Grass Like Crazy?

Dog Suddenly Eating Grass Like Crazy

Dogs do some really strange things, and one of the ones that many dog moms and dads have seen before is chowing down on grass! Wondering why your dog he’s suddenly made grass his main diet staple? Here’s what you should know! Your dog is most likely eating grass because he’s not feeling well, and …

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My Dog Stepped On a Nail – What should I do now?

My Dog Stepped On a Nail

“My dog walked on a nail: what should I do?” This is one question that we hear quite often and with good reason. Dogs can hurt themselves when they walk on things like nails and depending on the severity of the injury; they can require surgery to correct. An injury from a nail is called …

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