Can I Put a Diaper on my Puppy At Night? (Pros And Cons)

Golden Retriever puppy wearing a diaper. Can I put a diaper on my puppy at night?

The nighttime hours aren’t fun for bathroom training, so this is a logical question. Below is everything you need to know about the surprisingly intense world of dog diapers and if it is ok to put a diaper on your puppy at night.

You can choose to put a diaper on your puppy at night if you’re really worried about bathroom accidents while you sleep. You shouldn’t use a diaper for extended periods or as a replacement for proper bathroom training. A diaper during the overnight hours can simply stretch out the time between bathroom breaks, and you won’t return to a pee stain on your carpet. You’ll be able to choose between disposable and washable dog diapers for puppies and adults.

Do dogs like diapers?

This seems like a logical place to start, right? Dogs do not particularly enjoy diapers like most puppies, and dogs don’t enjoy wearing clothing. It’s something that you’ll have to train them for so that they learn to associate diapers with positive things (aka treats).

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Why would you put a diaper on a dog? (male and female)

A diaper is not put on for fashion, however cute and funny it may look to us humans. Dog diapers help prevent overnight accidents in puppies or adult dogs. Both female and male puppies and dogs can wear diapers.

Female dogs will often wear diapers when they go into heat. Since this part of her cycle can mean a discharge, containing it in a diaper is recommended so that you aren’t wiping it off your couch and carpet. 

Male dogs can wear a band that sits around their hips and contains their pee if incontinent. This would look like a waistband rather than a full diaper.

When dogs are recovering from surgery or an injury, diapers can be really helpful for containing messes if your dog can’t get up and get outside in time before having to go to the bathroom. 

Both female and male puppies and adults can wear diapers for those reasons or just in general. Diapers can just be very convenient and practical when taking your dog outside isn’t an option, for whatever reason, and you don’t want to deal with a mess.

Can my dog wear a diaper overnight?

Your puppy or dog can safely wear a diaper overnight if you have the right size on and it’s put on correctly. This will minimize discomfort and also ensure that any kind of bathroom mess leaks out and make a mess, anyway!

Is it okay to put diapers on puppies?

Yes, you can safely use diapers on puppies since this is a common way to introduce them to bathroom training. You’ll want to do it safely and carefully, of course, since dog diapers can cause health conditions if they’re misused (more on that later).

How long can a dog diaper stay on?

A dog diaper can stay on for about 6 hours at a time if it’s unused. After this amount of time, you’ll want to allow your dog’s skin and fur to air out for a while before putting on a new one.

Much like an infant, you’ll need to replace a diaper as soon as it’s been used/soiled. Leaving the diaper on with pee or poop can cause rashes and make a larger mess to clean up!

Can a dog pee with a diaper on?

Yes, a puppy or dog can pee with a diaper on. That’s the whole point of one, actually! You will want to ensure that you get padded diapers for puppies or dogs since those will absorb the pee better than the thinner, non-padded ones. 

How often should I change my dog’s diaper?

Even if your puppy or dog hasn’t used their diaper, you should still change it after 6 hours. You can then air out the diaper and choose to put it back on them later on or discard it and put on a fresh one. 

Of course, as mentioned, you’ll need to change it as soon as it’s been used. Even if it’s a frustrating 10 minutes after you put it on!

If you use a diaper overnight, change it/take it off as soon as you get up!

Dog sleeping with a diaper on

Can dog diapers cause infection?

Dog diapers can cause infections and rashes if they are left on too long, used too often, or not changed immediately after they’re soiled. The most common infection is a urinary tract infection (UTI), often requiring a vet’s diagnosis and some medications to help clear it up.

Skin rashes are also common, and this would be similar to chafing or diaper rash for human babies. You shouldn’t switch one diaper off and put on a new one immediately. As mentioned, give your puppy’s skin and fur time to breathe after taking the diaper off.

Do puppy diapers help with potty training?

Puppy diapers can greatly support potty training, but it’s vital to ensure that you don’t use them as a replacement for proper bathroom training! 

For puppies, the best way to use them is to take them outside directly after they use their diaper and give them a command. If they go again, even if it’s just a dribble, reward them. The goal is to use the diapers like training wheels for bathroom training!

Do dog diapers catch poop?

Dog diapers can catch poop as long as you get the padded diapers. Don’t be surprised if your dog doesn’t poop in their diaper, though. Most won’t like the sensation of it, so they’ll simply whine at you when they need to go.

This is going to be a good thing, though, since diapers are meant to bathroom train your puppy or dog anyway. Cleaning up poop for your dog’s fur is an awful task, so you’ll be grateful to avoid this!

How do you use puppy diapers?

Puppy and dog diapers are much the same as you’d use baby diapers or adult diapers. The process goes something like this:

  • Place the diaper on your puppy or dog
  • Secure the fasteners for a tight but not too-tight fit
  • Check them regularly for fit and usage
  • When used, remove the diaper and discard it, or put it aside to wash
  • Wipe your dog’s skin and fur to clean it and freshen it up after using a soiled diaper

Properly using diapers can offer you the extra convenience you’re seeking for those overnight hours.

How do you keep a dog’s diaper on?

Don’t worry if you’re asking this question in frustration — it can be hard to do at first! Your dog’s cooperation is the most important thing for keeping a diaper on a dog. Yes, seriously. 

You’ll need to train your puppy or dog to wear diapers by associating them with treats. As with any other obedience command, you will need to teach your dog to wear their diaper without trying to wiggle out of it.

As far as keeping the diaper on your dog itself, however, there are two methods: disposable diaper tabs and washable diaper fasteners. The disposable diapers have sticky tabs, just like you’d expect in a human baby’s diapers. You stick those together, but be mindful of their fur!

Washable or reusable diapers often have snaps. Most will have multiple snaps to adjust the fit just right. Again, be careful of their fur!

Dog owner putting a diaper on her dog.

How tight should a dog diaper be?

A dog diaper should be tight enough to catch your dog’s pee or poop without it spilling it out the sides. It shouldn’t be so tight that it restricts your dog’s movements.

How do you keep a dog’s diaper from falling off?

If you’ve got the size right and your puppy or dog properly trained, but the diaper just won’t stay on, you might want to try dog suspenders! They stretch from the diaper to your dog’s collar and will work exactly as you expect them. This can help keep the diaper from shifting to prevent blowouts and spills from the diaper.

You can also try a properly-sized onesie for your puppy or dog, as the friction will help keep the diaper in place. Plus, you have to admit that it’ll look pretty cute!

How do you make a homemade doggie diaper?

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can undoubtedly make a doggie diaper for your furry friend! You want to find a size-specific dog diaper pattern you can follow or print out and use. 

The next thing is to get the right supplies for your doggie diaper. You’ll need the cotton layers, but you’ll also need the absorbency layers, which can be costly. Then you’ll need your fasteners and enough stretch in the fabric to help your dog stay comfortable.

Realistically speaking, purchasing washable dog diapers from a merchandiser might be easier. They’ll be sized properly, well-designed, and easier than investing in the supplies and making the diapers yourself.

What can I use instead of diapers for my dog?

If you aren’t sold on diapers for your puppy or dog, you can consider going with a belly band for male dogs (which encourages them to pee in the band). For both genders, however, you can also try classic pee pads. Just place them around in your dog’s common locations and be ready to switch them out with new ones as needed.

How do you wash dog diapers?

If you purchase washable and reusable dog diapers, you’ll want to wash them properly for hygienic purposes between uses! For that front of mind, the steps to follow for washing include:

  • Presoak diapers in cold water
  • Wash in your machine with warm water
  • Add in ½ cup (118 ml) of vinegar and dog-safe detergent
  • Hang to dry

It’s important to avoid the dryer since it can ruin the doggie diapers’ absorbency! Don’t put a wet diaper on your dog. Make sure that they dry completely before putting them on!

Pros and cons of dog diapers

As you can imagine, there are pros and cons to dog diapers. Let’s look at both to help you make the best choice!

Pros of doggie diapers

  • Offer peace of mind overnight
  • Limit accidents during bathroom training
  • Can help puppies, dogs in heat, or incontinence

Cons of doggie diapers

  • Can be hard to train dogs to wear them
  • Have to be changed immediately
  • Can cause rashes and UTIs if used incorrectly

Realistically speaking, pet parents are the best decision-makers regarding whether their puppy or dog can and should wear diapers at night or throughout the day since they are the ones that know their animal best. When in doubt, however, talk to your vet! They can offer alternatives, suggestions, and ideas to help with this concept.

All in all

Having your puppy wear a diaper overnight is a great support to helping prevent 2am bathroom runs outside for pet parents. You can choose disposable or washable diapers, which can offer convenience and peace of mind during bathroom training. Please note that these are not to be used in place of bathroom training but just used as support during the overnight hours.

There’s a lot to know about your puppy wearing a diaper overnight, but it’s good to know that you have an option if you need it! Know someone in the middle of bathroom training that could use this? Share it with them!

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