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Sara Santos

I became a writer and editor for the Council last year, but I’ve been writing about dogs for six years now. I was fortunate to have lived my life accompanied by the most loyal friend one can have; I have had a few heartbreaks as well since they don’t last as long as we would like them to. My knowledge and insight about the various and endless topics within the doggosphere come from all my work and my experience as an owner. I, too, tried to provide the best life for each of my dogs and still do. I am undoubtedly a dog person. Research is my go-to-method to find and bring to life the answers that will allow you to best care for your dog. You can also find some of my related work up and running on The Daily French Bulldog

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Can dogs eat ants

Can Dogs Eat Ants? How Safe Is It?

Dogs can have moments where their behavior is just strange. Eating ants might be one of those for you, the concerned pet parent. Here is what you should do about it! In the majority of

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