What Do I Do If My Dog Ate A Mouse? (Dead Or Alive)

My Dog Ate A Mouse

If your dog’s eaten a mouse, you’ve most likely caught him in the act. Here’s what you need to know about your dog’s chosen snack! If your dog has eaten a mouse, you’ll want to call a vet or an emergency hotline. A mouse isn’t necessarily dangerous for your dogs, but the poison or illness they …

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Can Dogs Eat Tortillas? (Homemade, Flour or Tortilla Chips?)

Can Dogs Eat Tortillas

Tortillas are simply flat pieces of bread, so sharing them with your dog should be okay, right? You can safely give your dog plain flour tortillas as well as corn tortillas and homemade tortillas. But try to keep the portions small and only share them once in a while. Don’t give your dog these if he …

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Can Dogs Eat Hash Browns? (Homemade Or McDonald’s)

Can Dogs Eat Hash Browns

Interested in sharing your side of hash browns with your dog and want to know what the details are? Below is everything you’ll want to know about hash browns and your dog’s digestive tract. Dogs cannot eat hash browns. Many restaurant-made hash browns, including those from McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts, are deep-fried, making them very …

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Can Dogs Eat Ginger Root? (Raw, Dried or Cooked)

Can Dogs Eat Ginger Root

Ginger is a popular ingredient in everything from baking to meals, and you might feel as though your day may love it as much as you do! Curious about giving this spice to your dog? Here’s what you need to know. Yes, dogs can eat ginger. In small doses, ginger is a healthy option for a …

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Is Ketchup Bad For Dogs? (How Much is Too Much?)

Is Ketchup Bad For Dogs

Whether it’s a nibble of your french fries or some of your hotdog, you may have considered giving your dog a tasty treat with ketchup on it. Can dogs eat ketchup without any harmful side effects? Here’s what you should know about it! Dogs can eat small amounts of ketchup without harm as a special …

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Can Dogs Eat Gingerbread Cookies? (Plus A Dog Safe Recipe)

Can Dogs Eat Gingerbread Cookies

If you’re making gingerbread and your dog is looking at you longingly for a cookie, you might be curious about your dog’s ability to digest gingerbread! All of the details are waiting below. Yes, dogs can eat gingerbread. Gingerbread isn’t considered to be dangerous for dogs, but it does depend on the recipe used. Ginger is considered …

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