About Us

Dog Advisory Council is the place of choice to know all about dogs. Our mission is to be the trusted resource for dog owners and enthusiasts.
This website was developed by dog lovers, enthusiasts, and professionals to share knowledge and know-how on dogs.

Our information answers differentiated questions about dogs, such as dog breeding, dog’s lifespan, dog’s height, what kinds of food should dogs eat, and much more.
We got all your dog-related questions covered. We are here to improve dogs and their family’s lives.

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Our Team

We are a team of caring dog lovers and community supporters. All our writers, moderators, and editors have vast expertise with dogs. Our biggest drive is to share all the knowledge we have about these friendly beings, essential in our lives. All our information is fact-checked with our Veterinarian supporters.

This is a photo of Dog Advisory Council team while dog hiking. Writers, editors, subscribers and veterinarians
Some of our members, writers, editors, subscribers and veterinarians. This is our team

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We were featured on huffpost.com wagwalking.com cuteness.com healthline.com telegraph.co.uk