Pitbull Bite Force – How Strong Is a Pitbull’s Bite?

Pitbull Bite Force - How Strong Is a Pitbull’s Bite?

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about Pitbulls and their supposedly impossibly strong jaws. Here’s what you need to know to help separate the fact from the fiction! A Pitbull measures out to have a bite of 235 PSI. It means that they’re capable of putting up to 300 lbs (136 kg) of pressure on something …

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Pitbull Razor Edge Bloodline – All You Need To Know

Pitbull Razor Edge Bloodline

This bloodline sounds somewhat intimidating, often making many feel as though the dog itself will be aggressive. So, what’s the actual situation about these peculiarly named dogs? The term Razor Edge came from Dave Willson and Carlos Barksdale’s idea to create a dog kennel and dog breeder business. This creation resulted in a specific bloodline …

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Gator Pitbull Bloodline – All You Should Know About Them

Gator Pitbull Bloodline

Are you interested in learning more about the Gator Pitbull bloodline? It’s a specialized sub-breed within the Pitbull breed with all sorts of extraordinary traits. Historically speaking, a Gator Pitbull is a kind of Pitbull that was explicitly bred as a fighting dog. This breed can be black, blue, brindle, red-nosed, and blue-nosed. They have short …

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How Long Are Pitbulls Pregnant? (Pregnancy Week by Week)

How long are pitbulls pregnant

There’s nothing more exciting than a pregnant pitbull! Curious about how long it lasts, as well as other common questions? Generally, Pitbulls are pregnant between 62-65 days or nine weeks. This timing will vary depending on the difference between breeding date and conception date at times. There can also be some variance in the due date …

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When Do Huskies Stop Growing? (In Height and Weight)

When Do Huskies Stop Growing

Do you feel like your husky is never going to stop getting bigger? Here’s what you need to know about his growth cycle and what happens at each stage! Your husky is considered to be fully grown, height-wise, when he is 18 months old. He will continue to grow muscle between then and his 3rd birthday …

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