Are Rottweilers Good Guard Dogs? (Differences Between Male And Female)

Are Rottweilers Good Guard Dogs?

Are you a proud parent of a Rottweiler? If so, you might be wondering about the breed and its common association with being a guard dog. There’s a lot to know about it! Rottweilers do, in fact, make good guard dogs. This is because they are naturally protective of their families. For the best results, you’ll …

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Are Rottweilers Dangerous Dogs? (To Owners and Other Dogs)

Are Rottweilers Dangerous Dogs

There are certain breeds out there that just present themselves as being dangerous in the dog world. One of them that often gets the label of “dangerous” is a Rottweiler. Are they actually dangerous? Read on to find out! Just any large, territorial dog, Rottweilers can be dangerous dogs without proper training and obedience. They are …

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Do Rottweilers Have Skin Issues? Exclusive Skincare Guide

Do Rottweilers Have Skin Issues? Photo of a Rottweiler bathing on a pond

As distinctive and stately as they are, Rottweilers can have skin issues that may be short-lived or even lifelong conditions. Learn about the potential variations in skin problems as well as how to avoid and treat them easily.  Do Rottweilers have skin issues? Yes, Rottweilers do have skin issues in a lot of cases. They …

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Life Expectancy of a Rottweiler and Common Causes of Death

Dog years to humans are pretty short, and this makes the life expectancy question a very pressing one. Why so? Because compared to other breeds in the same weight and size category, Rottweilers have a shorter lifespan. It’s, therefore, understandable why it’d be the most pressing question. Dogs become family, and losing a family member …

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German Rottweiler vs American Rottweiler – The Better choice

 Are you deciding to adopt a Rottweiler, but you’re unsure whether to get a German Rottweiler VS American Rottweiler one since you have no idea about their differences? Then it’s about time you do, although you might feel a bit surprised that they don’t have as many differences as you’d expect! The truth about all …

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