Spot Pet Insurance Review

Finding the right pet insurance for your pet is key to protecting your dog’s health and well-being. Below, we’ll take a deep dive into Spot pet insurance so that you can determine whether these policies are a good fit for your furball.

Spot Pet Insurance Overview

Spot pet insurance is well-regarded and offers flexible policies, with the option to add on preventative care. Accident and illness policies tend to cover certain costs other companies may avoid like expenses related to behavioral modification and exam fees related to an illness. 

Coverage for prescription food, behavioral modification, microchips, etc. with the option to add additional preventative care through wellness packagesCustomer support team is slim on the weekends 
Widespread coverage across the United States with an accessible mobile app Accident coverage has a longer 14-day waiting period 
Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee trial period for new customers Does not pay your vet directly 

The Benefits of Spot Pet Insurance

Spot pet insurance is fortunately available in all 50 states, including Washington D.C, so the coverage is widespread. It also tends to cover some expenses that other pet insurance companies may neglect including costs relating to microchips, behavioral modification, prescription food, exam fees, and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your initial level of care. 

While accident and illness policies do not include any wellness coverage, there are two preventative coverage add-ons owners can invest in for additional care. Spot insurance also offers coverage for some curable diseases so long as your pet has been treated and is symptom-free for at least 180 days. 

What Coverage Is Provided With Spot Pet Insurance? 

Pets can be insured as early as 8 weeks old with a waiting period of 14 days for both accident and illness coverage. Spot offers three main plan types:

  • Accident: This plan covers exclusive expenses caused by sudden injury, accidents, or physical trauma such as a broken bone. Note that any pet must complete the waiting period before being covered by an insurance policy. 
  • Accident and Illness: Accident and Illness plans include accident coverage along with coverage relating to any illness or sickness diagnosed by a veterinarian. This does not include pre-existing conditions. 
  • Accident and Illness + Wellness: This coverage includes coverage from the accident and illness package, along with some preventative care coverage like dental cleanings or routine visit expenses. 

The deductible, or the amount of money you need to pay your vet before your coverage kicks in, varies based on your plan. Wellness or preventative care packages do not have a deductible with Spot. Accident and Accident and Illness plans have deductibles ranging from $100 to $1,000 per year. The percentage of reimbursement after you pay your deductible also varies by plan, ranging from 70% to 90%. 

What Isn’t Covered By Spot Pet Insurance?

Like other pet insurance policies, Spot does not cover pre-existing conditions. Policies also do not traditionally cover costs associated with spaying, neutering, breeding, cosmetics procedures, or preventative care under accident and illness coverage. 

However, you do have the option to add on gold or platinum wellness plans at an additional cost to your policy. These two preventative care packages can cover partial reimbursement for wellness visits, dental cleanings, deworming, or flea and tick medication. 

The gold preventative coverage package covers up to $250 of eligible expenses while platinum covers up to $450 for preventative services. 

The Cost of Spot Pet Insurance

Like all pet insurance policies, the cost of pet insurance varies greatly based on your pet’s breed, age, health, and scope of coverage. That being said, we dug up some of the most common pet policyholders for your convenience, demonstrating coverage costs of a male pet in Dallas, Texas. 

In these sample plans, the annual plan is set to a limit of $2500 with a reimbursement rate of 70% and annual deductible of $250. Note that pet parents receive a discount for multiple pets, with the second pet rating at 10% off the lower premium between the two pets. 

Each cost represents the policy holder’s monthly payment based on the factors mentioned above:

Type of Pet Age Accident OnlyAccident + IllnessAccident + Illness + Wellness plan
Labrador Retriever8-week-old puppy$22.53$40.95$50.90
French Bulldog8-week-old puppy$22.53$55.58$65.53
Golden Retriever8-week-old puppy$22.53$40.95$50.90
German Shepherd8-week-old puppy$22.53$34.41$44.36
Poodle8-week-old puppy$22.53$30.06$40.01
Exotic Shorthair Cats8-week-old kitten$12.72$22.72$32.67

Spot Pet Insurance FAQs 

Still trying to determine whether Spot insurance is a good pick for your pet? Check out these frequently asked questions and answers to help expand your understanding: 

Does Spot offer a wellness plan?

Yes! Spot insurance offers a wellness plan as an add-on to accident and illness coverage. 

Does Spot cover pre-existing conditions?

Unfortunately, like most pet insurance companies, Spot pet insurance does not cover pre-exisiting conditions. That being said, Spot insurance may consider covering curable ailments like a urinary tract infection, for example, so long as the illness has been cured without signs of symptoms for at least 180 days since the prior diagnosis. 

Does Spot cover dental cleaning?

Spot’s typical accident and illness policy will not cover dental cleanings. However, you can add on the gold or platinum preventative care package to cover routine care like dental cleanings and wellness exams. 

Does Spot have any coverage limits?

Coverage limits vary based on your insurance policy, however, Spot does offer an unlimited annual coverage option. Policies with limited coverage range from $2,500 to $10,000 annually. 

How do I file a claim with Spot?

To submit a claim with Spot, you’ll need to submit an invoice and medical records to From there, you can fax in or upload documents directly. Claims can be submitted within 180 days of the service. 

How long does it Spot take to pay out?

Claim processing is usually completed within 10-14 days. Reimbursements are typically paid out through direct deposit or by check. 

How do I cancel a policy from Spot?

Spot policy terms can be canceled by calling directly at 1-888-501-7768.  

Does Spot cover spaying or neutering?

Base-level Spot insurance plans do not cover spaying or neutering. However, the Platinum Preventative Care add-on can reimburse up to $150 for spaying or neutering procedures without a deductible. 

Does Spot cover euthanasia?

Spot pet insurance does cover certain end-of-life expenses like euthanasia along with cremation and burial services. 

Does Spot cover hip dysplasia?

Spot’s accident and illness plans cover eligible hereditary conditions, including hip dysplasia. 

Is Spot accepted by every vet?

Yes! Spot pet insurance is accepted by any licensed veterinarian in the United States. 

Does Spot pay the vet directly?

With Spot insurance, you pay your vet bills upfront. From there, you submit a claim to insurance and receive reimbursement for eligible expenses. 

Hopefully, this guide makes it easier for you to evaluate Spot pet insurance for your furry family member. Check out our additional pet insurance articles to keep learning.  

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