When Do Huskies Stop Growing? (In Height and Weight)

When Do Huskies Stop Growing

Do you feel like your husky is never going to stop getting bigger? Here’s what you need to know about his growth cycle and what happens at each stage! Your husky is considered to be fully grown, height-wise, when he is 18 months old. He will continue to grow muscle between then and his 3rd birthday …

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Are Huskies Good Guard Dogs? (How Protective Are Huskies?)

Are Huskies Good Guard Dogs

Huskies are tough and are going to be great guard dogs for your home, you think? Take a look below and find out just how well your husky ranks on the guard dog scale. Huskies do not make good guard dogs! They were initially bred as companion dogs, so they have a good-natured personality and love …

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Are Huskies Good With Kids? (Infants and Babies)

Are Huskies Good With Kids

If you’re wondering if your friendly and energetic husky is going to be good with your kids, regardless of age, it’s a great question! Huskies are good family dogs, including households with young children. However, it’s essential to make sure that your children know how to interact with dogs safely. You’ll also want to make sure …

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Why Do Huskies Talk So Much? (Huskies Weird Noises)

Why Do Huskies Talk

Husky parents will notice quickly that their dogs love to “talk” to them. From making conversation, to “answering” your commands or comments, they’re proper chatterboxes. We call it “talking” since it mimics our speech when huskies love to howl, yip, grumble and yell at other animals and humans. They’re a talkative breed because they have …

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Can Huskies Live in Hot Weather? (Dangerous Temperatures)

Can Huskies Live in Hot Weather?

If you’ve ever looked at a husky and thought, “how do they survive in heat like this?” you are not alone! So, what’s the answer to that question? Can huskies live in hot weather comfortably and safely? Take a look. Huskies can live in hot weather and adapt to living in hot and tropical climates …

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Are There Huskies with Brown Eyes? How Rare Is It?

Are There Huskies with Brown Eyes?

Huskies are well-known for having strange-colored eyes, especially compared to other dog breeds out there. Curious as to whether huskies have brown eyes? There are huskies with brown eyes, and it’s actually much more common than most people think. Our odd reaction to it happens since most of us have seen huskies with blue eyes, or …

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