Can Dogs Eat Nutmeg? (How Much Is Too Much)

Can Dogs Eat Nutmeg

A lot of seemingly harmless human foods are actually dangerous for dogs, even in small quantities. Is nutmeg one of them that you should add to the “no” list? Read on to find out! Nutmeg is a dangerous spice for dogs since it contains an active chemical called myristicin, which can be toxic. In most …

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Can Dogs Eat Mayonnaise? (How Safe Is Mayo For Dogs?)

Can Dogs Eat Mayonnaise

If you’re preparing your sandwich and your dog is begging for some mayonnaise, you may want to give him some. If you’re wondering about its safety implications, read on for every mayo-related! Dogs can eat mayonnaise, as most mayonnaise recipes don’t contain any ingredients that will cause your dog harm. However, mayonnaise is very high in …

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My Dog Ate Charcoal – Symptoms You Should Watch

My Dog Ate Charcoal

Dogs always have a knack for finding the strangest and most dangerous things to eat, right? If you’ve discovered that your dog’s eaten charcoal from your barbecue or your fire pit, you’ll want to give this a read to keep him safe. If your dog eats charcoal, he may end up with slight burns in …

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Can Dogs Eat Ants? How Safe Is It?

Can dogs eat ants

Dogs can have moments where their behavior is just strange. Eating ants might be one of those for you, the concerned pet parent. Here is what you should do about it! In the majority of cases, dogs can eat ants and, unless you saw him doing it, you’d never know! Ants are harmless in most cases and …

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My Dog Ate A Candle – Can Dogs Eat Candle Wax?

Can Dogs Eat Candle Wax

If you’ve got a dog who likes to eat anything in sight that smells great, you may find yourself in a situation where he’s eaten a candle—worried about what it might do? Here’s what you should know! In most cases, traditional household wax candles are made from either paraffin, beeswax, soy, or a combination of …

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Can You Track Your Dog With A Microchip? (5 Ways to Track)

Can You Track Your Dog With A Microchip

Tracking systems for dogs are becoming increasingly popular with people wanting to know more about their dog’s habits and whereabouts. A GPS tracking device can also help you find your pet if they ever get lost. But most dog owners still wonder: can you track your dog with a microchip? No, you cannot track your …

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