Should I Feed My Dog Before Or After A Walk: What’s Best?

Dogs and food don’t always go hand in hand, especially if it has anything to do with exercise. If you’re looking for some support in figuring out how to work mealtimes around his walk times, here are some tips! Whenever it comes to food and exercise, the general rule is to make sure that you …

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Can Dogs Eat Cream Cheese? Will They Get Sick?

Imagine having an afternoon snack of wheat crackers with a spread of delicious cream cheese, then suddenly, your dog walks in your kitchen, sees what you’re eating, and begs for a little taste. Your dog may be hard to resist in this situation, but you’re a good master if you decide to do a bit …

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Can Dogs Eat Pizza Crust? How Safe Is It?

Can Dogs Eat Pizza Crust?

Most dogs aren’t picky eaters and would eat just about anything you give them, even your pizza leftovers. If you’re not a fan of pizza crusts and leave them uneaten every time you order out, it’s probably been your furry best friend’s job to finish it for you. But is it right to feed your …

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