Can Dogs Eat Brussels Sprouts? (Raw Or Cooked)

Can Dogs Eat Brussels Sprouts

If you’ve got a thing for brussels sprouts, you might be thinking about giving your dog a few just to spice up their diet. If you’re wondering if dogs can eat them, here’s all you need to know! Dogs can eat brussels sprouts since they are full of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins that will help …

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Can Dogs Eat Mayonnaise? (How Safe Is Mayo For Dogs?)

Can Dogs Eat Mayonnaise

If you’re preparing your sandwich and your dog is begging for some mayonnaise, you may want to give him some. If you’re wondering about its safety implications, read on for every mayo-related! Dogs can eat mayonnaise, as most mayonnaise recipes don’t contain any ingredients that will cause your dog harm. However, mayonnaise is very high in …

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Can Dogs Eat Bacon Grease (On Their Food)?

Can Dogs Eat Bacon Grease

You’ve made up a pan of bacon and now you’re looking to give your dog a treat by adding bacon or carbon grease to his kibble. Looking to know if it’s safe and/or a bad idea for his long-term health? You’re in the right spot! Dogs should not eat bacon or bacon grease. Loaded with …

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Can Dogs Eat Pork Rinds? Are Chicharrones Good For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Pork Rinds

There are so many tasty foods out there that many of us want to share with our furry friends. But, not all of them are going to be well-received by your dog, including pork rinds. Below, here’s everything you need to know about pork rinds and the potential dangers they pose for your furry friend! …

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Can Dogs Eat Fish Bones (Raw or Cooked)?

Can Dogs Eat Fish Bones

There are certain human foods that dogs just love. One of them is fish! A staple part of the average dog diet, fish is loaded with nutrients and minerals that are critical to his overall quality of life. However, fish bones are a different story. In fact, just the opposite is true. A dog should …

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Can Dogs Eat Chicken Noodle Soup (Homemade or Canned)?

Most of us dog moms and dads love to give our furry children a taste of our meals from time to time, but not all foods are safe for our dogs. The human food in question for dog safety is classic chicken noodle soup! Dogs can eat homemade chicken noodle soup, but you should avoid …

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