Why Is My Puppy Pooping So Much? Inside Scoop Of Puppy Poop

Why Is My Puppy Pooping So Much? Photo of a Jack Russel puppy pooping

Puppies are either sleeping or pooping, right? Right. Puppies poop a lot and it may lead you to look for reasons as to why! If you’re feeling nervous at your puppy’s multiple poops, read on below to understand what’s going on in the round little tummy of his!

Puppies poop a lot mostly because their bodies are so small that it doesn’t take long for food to get from one end to the other. Puppies can’t hold it in to go one or two times a day. If a puppy starts pooping a lot all of a sudden, it also can be a sign that he is going through a growth spurt.

Sometimes, frequent poops in your little puppy can be a sign of something more serious going on, though. This could include diet problems, illnesses or medications, or even an upset stomach. Below, you’ll get up close and personal with reasons why your puppy may be pooping so much, signs of an upset stomach to watch for, and what to do about it all.

Is it normal for puppies to poop a lot?

Yes, it’s normal for puppies to poop a lot. Just one of the perks of being a puppy parent! As mentioned, these little guys only have so much room in their bodies to hold their business, so it doesn’t take long for food to need to come out of them. In fact, it could be something as wild as pooping every 30 minutes! This is considered healthy and totally normal when dealing with puppies.

Another main reason for frequent puppy poops is that, much like human babies, they have no control over their intestines and this means that waste making its way through their bodies will just…come right on out. Disgusting, maybe. But completely true.

Another perfectly normal reason for puppies to poop a lot is because they’re going through a growth spurt! As their bodies start to develop and grow, they use more energy, faster, and this results in more need for a bathroom break. You’ll also notice that they tend to eat more, too! 

Even if your puppy is pooping once an hour for 12 hours a day, you can relax as far as the timing goes. You should only worry if your puppy’s poops start to turn a strange color and/or they are extremely loose or just, otherwise, seem off (more on that later).

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Why is my puppy pooping so much all of a sudden?

One thing that you may notice, even all that being said, is that your puppy’s poops are speeding up all of a sudden. It is most likely because he’s going through a growth spurt, but there are some other reasons they may be picking up the pace. These include:

  • Lots of fiber
  • Too much food
  • Eating kitchen scraps (or other bad food)
  • There’s been a change in his diet and/or environment
  • He’s got a medical condition
  • He’s on medications or has had immunizations

Lots of fiber

Just like humans, fiber is crucial for keeping a puppy’s tummy healthy and happy, the same with the digestive tract. If their diet and treats are filled with fiber, this will cause them to have to go number 2 pretty much all the time. If it’s sudden and especially frequent you may want to check with your vet to see if your chosen food actually has too much fiber in it!

Too much food

If you are giving your dog too much food (no matter how much he asks you for more), it also may cause him to have to go to the bathroom more often. Yet another reason to check with your vet on the food type and portion sizes!

Eating kitchen scraps (or other bad food)

Human food is no good for dogs. It doesn’t matter how much he may LOVE your pizza crusts, it’s never a good idea to feed him food that isn’t designed specifically for your dog. It’s bad for his tummy and will result in some especially smelly poops.

There’s been a change in his diet and/or environment

Any time there’s a shift in his food or his environment, you can expect his schedule to go off, too, including his bathroom schedule. This will settle back into his normal cycle — his poop cycle, if you will — once he adjusts to the changes.

He’s got a medical condition

While less common with puppies, excessive poop can be caused by worms, parasites, infections, and more. This is especially so if it’s a strange color and/or consistency. Getting up close and personal with his poop regularly is going to help you know what is normal and what isn’t for your particular puppy.

If you notice poop that is pink, orange, red, black, white, or green, it’s time to take your puppy in to get him checked over by his vet. It could be possible that he’s got an issue with an organ such as his pancreas or liver, or that he’s dealing with internal bleeding. Or he just has a parasite that needs to be flushed out.

He’s on medications or has had immunizations

Sometimes his puppy immunizations, a booster shot, or antibiotics or medications for his infection or illness can cause diarrhea or colored, frequent poops, too! These side effects can all be forewarned by your vet and, if you’re worried, give them a call to double-check! Better safe than sorry, right?

How many times a day does a puppy poop?

As you know by now, there is no set amount of times your puppy poop frequency in the run of the day or night, because it depends on the dog food they eat and their bowel movements. But, as a dog owner you can put a  timer to it, you can set his poop alarm to be every 30 minutes! That’s why taking him out first thing in the morning, 15-30 minutes after each meal, and the last thing at night is going to be so important!

Some puppies poop 5 or 10 times a day and it’s totally normal and nothing to be concerned about even though it seems like a lot! That’s why keeping an eye on his poop color and type is so important, though. Just another one of the perks of being a pet parent!

Once he reaches the grown-up stage, your dog should be expected to go anywhere from 1-5 times a day. It really does depend on his diet, exercise level, and his own personal needs.

Why does my puppy poop so much at night?

You’re used to running outside with your pup at various times, but if you notice that your puppy is having to go a lot at night, it may be time to shift your schedule! If your pup is needing to go poop at night a lot, it’s because he’s on a different schedule than you. 

Perhaps shift his eating times to earlier in the day. Make sure you take him out a little later at night before you settle into bed. Make sure he gets plenty of exercise (this helps get his digestive system moving so that he relieves himself faster and easier).

Make sure he’s eating the right diet, too. Sometimes, puppies will have an upset stomach from the wrong diet and this could be causing excessive pooping as his stomach struggles to digest.

How to know my puppy has an upset tummy

The good news is that seeing if he has an upset stomach is relatively simple! He could be dealing with excessive drooling and licking his lips. He may also be swallowing convulsively and frequently to keep the bile down (yuck). This is often paired with a tenderness in his tummy and lots of grass eating

If you notice a lot of this happening, especially 15-30 minutes after he’s eaten his meal, you’ll want to check in with your vet and see what’s going on.

How to help a puppy when he is pooping too much

There are some things that you can do to help your poopy puppy (try saying that 5 times fast!) if you want. However, it’s important to note that you’ll need to check with a vet before you do anything with changing his diet or giving him something special to eat. A vet is a professional and can often detect things that not even the most dedicated pet parent would know to look for. Before you do anything at all, check with them!

Consider giving him some tummy-settling foods

If your pup is nauseous or even vomiting, you can look into giving him food to settle his stomach. Examples include baby food, shredded rice or chicken, pumpkin, and even bone broth. Again, don’t do this without a vet’s consent and guidance! It could be masking a symptom of a bigger problem, as it might be an indicator that your puppy is sick or has an allergy, etc.

Take a look at the poop location

When puppies are potty trained properly, they know to go to a certain location to poop. If your puppy suddenly starts pooping in the house, after being successfully trained, or they start pooping in other strange locations outside, this can be an indicator that something’s going on. Think of a new poop location like a stinky neon flashing light saying “Mom/Dad, pay attention!”. This is especially likely if his poop is a strange color, too.

While cleaning up poop is no one’s idea of a good time, it’s a messy part of being a responsible pet parent. This will help you understand your puppy’s poop schedule and what to do if you notice it going off track!

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