Embrace Pet Insurance Review

Embrace offers some of the most comprehensive coverage on the market. Their flexible pet insurance plans, customizable coverage, and generous discounts make them a strong option for all pet owners.

Extremely comprehensive coverageDoes not offer a traditional Wellness Plan; only offers a reimbursement plan for Wellness coverage
Your deductible will decrease by $50 for each year you don’t make a claimA bit more expensive than some competitors
Offers a 10% multi-pet discountInsures pets of any age and will not drop pets after a certain age

Bottom Line: Embrace is an incredible pet insurance option for pet owners looking for extensive coverage.

Pet Insurance Plans Offered by Embrace

Embrace offers one simple pet insurance policy and an optional Wellness Rewards add-on. According to their website, they “cover pretty much everything,” including:

  • Dental illnesses (eg. extractions, gingivitis, and root canals) up to $1,000 per year
  • Breed-specific congenital and genetic conditions (eg. allergies and hip dysplasia)
  • Cancer, including all related testing and treatment
  • Chronic conditions (eg. arthritis and diabetes)
  • Preventable conditions (eg. lyme disease, parvo, and parasites)
  • Orthopedic conditions (eg. ligament tears and broken bones)
  • Behavioral treatment, when administered by a veterinarian for a covered condition
  • Vet exam fees
  • Rehabilitative treatments such as acupuncture and laser therapy
  • Emergency care
  • Hospitalization and surgery
  • Specialist care (eg. oncologists and behaviorists)
  • Diagnostic testing for any covered illness or condition
  • Prescription drugs
  • Prosthetics and mobility devices

If your pet is over age 15, they will only be eligible for an Accident-Only plan, which covers costs such as broken bones, bloat, dental trauma, and foreign object ingestion. Pets of all other ages are eligible for any Embrace policy you’d like, and once your pet is enrolled, they will not be dropped due to their age.

The Wellness Rewards add-on is not an insurance policy. Rather, it serves as a “budgeting tool” to help you stay proactive with your pet’s care. The plan reimburses policyholders for expenses such as:

  • Wellness exam fees
  • Flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives
  • Microchipping
  • Vaccinations
  • The cost to spay/neuter your pet
  • Fecal and routine blood tests
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Grooming
  • Medicated shampoos
  • Toenail trimming
  • Wearable pet activity monitors
  • Cremation or burial
  • Preventative teeth cleanings
  • Prescription diet food
  • Training
  • Routine chiropractic care
  • Reiki and acupuncture

While Embrace plans are offered in all 50 U.S. States, their Wellness Rewards is not available in Rhode Island.

Does Embrace Offer Wellness Plans?

Embrace offers Wellness Rewards, an optional add-on to an Accident and Illness policy. Wellness Rewards is not an insurance policy, but rather, a reimbursement amount you can opt into to help budget for routine costs.

Like human reimbursement plans, you’ll have the option to be reimbursed for qualified medical expenses up to a certain dollar amount each policy year. Embrace allows you to select between 3 levels of reimbursement: $250, $450, or $650.

If you use the entire reimbursement allowance, Embrace will give you an extra $25 in coverage. If you don’t spend the entire reimbursement allowance, it will not carry over to the following year, leaving you paying for coverage you didn’t need. Note that while you may increase your reimbursement amount mid-year, you cannot decrease it until your policy resets.

Because it is a separate product from Embrace’s standard policy, Wellness Rewards claims do not require a copayment, nor do they count toward your deductible.

What Isn’t Covered With Embrace Pet Insurance?

Like other pet insurance companies, Embrace does not cover pre-existing conditions. Their policies also don’t cover:

  • Breeding, whelping, or pregnancy
  • DNA testing and cloning
  • Deliberate injury by you or anyone in your household
  • Injury or illness from fighting, racing, cruelty, or neglect
  • Cosmetic procedures like ear cropping, tail docking, and declawing, unless medically necessary
  • Nuclear war and avian flu
  • Routine vet care

Coverage Levels and Reimbursement Options

When you purchase a standard Accident and Illness policy from Embrace, you’ll need to choose a deductible and reimbursement amount. Deductible amounts range from $200 to $1,000 per year, and reimbursement amounts are set at 70%, 80%, or 90%. Coverage limits range from $5,000 to $30,000 depending on your preference.

If you purchase an Accident-Only plan for a senior pet, you’ll be given a $100 deductible, 90% reimbursement rate, and a $5,000 reimbursement maximum.

How Much Does Embrace Pet Insurance Cost?

The cost of an Embrace policy will vary depending on your pet’s age, breed, and location. However, here are a few sample rates for a policy with a $15,000 annual limit, 90% reimbursement rate, and a $200 annual deductible for a male pet in Dallas, Texas.

BreedAge of PetCost for the Standard Accident + Illness PlanCost for an Accident + Illness Plan + Wellness Rewards Plan
Labrador Retriever8-week old puppy$69.53$88.28
French Bulldog8-week old puppy$106.69$125.44
Golden Retriever8-week old puppy$69.53$88.28
German Shepherd8-week old puppy$69.53$88.28
Poodle8-week old puppy$46.35$65.10
Exotic Shorthair Cats8-week-old kitten$33.57$52.32

If you plan to enroll multiple pets or are a member of the military, you can lower your premium by taking advantage of their generous discounts. Embrace offers a 10% multi-pet discount and a 5% military discount, although their applicability depends on your state. 

What Are The Waiting Periods For Coverage?

After purchasing a policy from Embrace, you’ll have a waiting period before your coverage kicks in. Embrace has the following waiting periods:

  • 2 days for accidents
  • 14 days for illnesses
  • 6 months for orthopedic conditions (or as early as 14 days after your policy start date if certain conditions are met)

Note that waiting periods begin after your policy start date, which is at 12:01 AM EST the day after you purchase your policy.

FAQs About Embrace Pet Insurance

The following are some of the most common questions about Embrace pet insurance.

Does Embrace Offer A Wellness Plan?

Embrace offers an optional Wellness Rewards add-on, although it is not an insurance policy, but rather, a reimbursement plan.

Does Embrace Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

No. Like most pet insurers, Embrace does not cover pre-existing conditions.

Does Embrace Cover Dental Cleaning?

Embrace’s standard plan does not cover dental cleaning. However, their Wellness Rewards plan will reimburse you for routine dental care.

Does Embrace Cover Spaying Or Neutering?

Embrace’s standard plan does not cover the cost to spay or neuter your pet. However, their Wellness Rewards plan will reimburse you for the expense.

Does Embrace Cover Hip Dysplasia?

Yes, Embrace covers hip dysplasia.

Does Embrace Cover Euthanasia?

Embrace will cover euthanasia as long as it is deemed medically necessary for a covered condition.

Does Embrace Have Any Coverage Limits?

Embrace covers up to 90% of eligible expenses.

Is Embrace Accepted By Every Vet?

Yes. Embrace can be used at any licensed vet.

Does Embrace Pay The Vet Directly?

No. With Embrace, you are expected to pay the entire vet bill upfront then submit a claim for reimbursement.

How Do I File A Claim With Embrace?

To file a claim with Embrace, submit your invoice through MyEmbrace online, through the Embrace Mobile App, or by email, fax, or mail. 

How Long Does It Embrace Take To Pay Out?

According to Embrace’s website, claims typically take 10-15 days to process. After it’s been processed, the funds will be sent directly to you based on your payout preferences. You can speed up the process by opting into direct deposit reimbursement.

How Do I Cancel A Policy From Embrace?

You can cancel your Embrace pet insurance policy at any time by calling or emailing them.

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