Why Do Huskies Talk So Much? (Huskies Weird Noises)

Why Do Huskies Talk? Photo of a Husky dog talking.

Husky parents will notice quickly that their dogs love to “talk” to them. From making conversation, to “answering” your commands or comments, they’re proper chatterboxes.

We call it “talking” since it mimics our speech when huskies love to howl, yip, grumble and yell at other animals and humans.

They’re a talkative breed because they have strong pack instincts. So, when you say something to them, they’ll talk back!

Some think that this talkativeness also has to do with huskies being energetic and excitable dog breeds too.

Can huskies really talk?

Unfortunately, there is no way to make their noises and translate them into an understandable human language. While huskies can mimic certain words (more on that later), it isn’t something they’re doing to actually be understood. 

Huskies generally enjoy talking, so they’ll chat and jabber away to their humans, not really caring that you both are technically speaking different languages. They’ll use different kinds of noises throughout their conversations, and these will mean many things.

What kinds of noises do huskies make?

There are all kinds of noises that dog owners have heard coming out of their Husky’s mouth! The most common ones include grumbling, yipping, howling, and screaming. These are all used to communicate different things. 


Grumbling is often one of the funniest options for most pet parents, even if they don’t want to admit it! Why? Because it’s so much like human noises! When we ask a husky to do something he doesn’t want to do (like getting off the couch, for example), he’ll grumble as he does it.

He may even complain when he lies down on his dog bed instead. Similar to how humans mutter under their breath and glare, huskies mimic that with a very potent glare and out-loud grumbling!


These quick little “peppy” sounds. The human equivalent is something like “yay” or “woohoo” or even “wee.” These are happy little noises as your husky plays with his toys, humans, or dog companions.

Sometimes they’ll make these noises if they’re excited about supper or treat time and are on the move toward their food bowl/treat location. 


If you’ve ever heard a husky howl, you might get a bit of the creeps. It’s a persistent, long, and often mournful tone that will immediately make you stop what you’re doing and see what’s going on.

Huskies use howling to help show their location. Since it’s often the primary way they communicate with other pack members, howling is an easy-to-hear sound that can be heard at a longer distance than barking, and it will help their pack members know where to go to get to them. 

Sometimes huskies will howl at noises that make them think pack members are searching for them, even if we know it’s just the TV. Common examples include emergency vehicle sirens, wolves or other dogs barking or howling, etc. Your Husky is just trying to be helpful!


These noises are often the most hated noises by husky parents simply because they’re so, well, loud. Known as screaming or yelling, your husky will just open their mouth and attack you with noise.

It’s often high-pitched, drawn-out, and can even be broken up into various syllables and blended with other noises like howling. As you can imagine, it’s not a joyful sound to hear, and your huskies do that knowingly.

Your Husky uses this kind of sound when upset and intends on letting you know that. Similar to how a toddler shrieks and screams, a husky will scream and yell, too. It could be combined with refusing to do something (again, like getting off the couch) or done as he’s actually doing the action “under protest.”

Not all huskies will make all of these sounds. A lot of it is personality blended with breed-specific characteristics. There is no need to worry if your Husky doesn’t scream. You’ll most likely be glad!

Why do huskies throw tantrums?

For some huskies, a tantrum is just some screaming and yelling. It could be short-lived or long and drawn out. For others, it’s the screaming session in combination with actively having a tantrum!

For example, if you are telling your Husky to get off the couch. They’ll scream and yell and avidly shake their heads back and forth. They may bury themselves deeper in the cushions or beat their paws on the couch as they yell. The more you try to tell your dog off, the harder and more that they’ll protest. 

Huskies throw tantrums simply because they can. They’re very expressive dogs, and they have no problem telling you what they’re feeling as loudly as they choose. They’re basically furry toddlers.

Why do huskies scream so much? 

As mentioned, huskies like to express themselves. When it comes to being unhappy, they do tend to be a little dramatic about it. Think of huskies as the dog version of drama queens. They enjoy being loud, persistent, and — often — embarrassing if it happens in public.

Why do huskies make weird noises?

If you’ve never had a husky before now and you suddenly realize that huskies make all sorts of noises, you’re going to be in for a treat! They love to vocalize and try new sounds to get a better reaction from their humans. Often, they’re just copying what they hear you or someone else does, too!

Are huskies the most talkative dog?

There’s not really one set winner of being talkative, but huskies are certainly among the highest-ranked dogs for overall talkativeness.

Of course, it depends on the dog’s personality. If you have more than one husky, you might find that both are talkative together but quiet when just on their own with their humans, too. 

Why do huskies talk more than other dogs?

Huskies are amongst some of the oldest breeds. Bred as companions, they are very social dogs and love to have their “pack” around, be it human or canine. They enjoy interacting with the pack, and that includes talking.

Huskies will pick up our different tonal patterns over time and will start to imitate those. They’ll sometimes even properly match tones with situations where they appear to be mimicking you. Huskies just want to add their voices to the conversation and be one of the pack.

As well, huskies are naturally very intelligent dogs. They understand that humans use talking to communicate, so they’ll study our language and try to join in using similar tones, sounds, and more.

While it still might be gibberish to them, it’s fascinating to see just how huskies use their natural smarts to pitch in! 

What does it sound like when huskies talk to each other?

Huskies are chatty with each other as much as they chat with their humans. Ready for a treat? Take a look at this video and see for yourself just how vocal (and funny) huskies can be when they talk!

Admit it: you smiled at least once! It’s even funnier with the subtitles, no matter what these dogs were actually talking about!

How can I quiet my husky’s talking?

If you’re finding it hard to deal with your husky’s talking and you need some support in, at the very least, turning the volume down, then there are some things that you can do to help!

Understand what your Husky wants you to know

If you notice that your husky uses loud or sharp noises and always appears to be at a specific time of day or when asked to do something specific, addressing it helps.

Understanding that they’re trying to let you know that it’s supper time or that he doesn’t WANT to get off the couch enables you to calm him down faster. After all, huskies are talking because they want to be heard!

Acknowledging them can help them quiet down more quickly, especially if they know that it won’t get them what they want.

Give them a lot of playtime, exercise, and attention

Huskies are intelligent and hyperactive dogs. It means they need a lot of engaging playtime, exercise, and dedicated attention.

If your Husky is constantly talking to you without reason, it could be that he misses time with you and wants more. By giving him plenty of attention and care, he’ll relax and settle down easier and faster.

Huskies can be prone to separation anxiety since they are pack animals. You’ll need to spend lots of time with him when you come home from work to meet his needs, or consider getting a playmate for him, or possibly even doggy daycare.

Remember that talking is a part of a husky’s nature

While it’s understandable that you want to get some peace and quiet, you’ll also have to remember that huskies are naturally talkative. They enjoy being vocal and will continue to be chatty even if all of their needs are cared for!

If this bothers you, it may be important to consider whether or not the Husky is the right breed for you!

In Conclusion

Huskies talk to communicate with other dogs and humans, even if humans aren’t able to quite understand what they’re saying. It’s just part of the reason that we love them.

Their noises can include grumbling, whining, yelling, and more. Understanding when each is used is essential to meeting their needs.

Consider sharing this with someone who needs a good laugh and/or reminder of husky nature!

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