How Many Eyelids Do Dogs Have? Find How Useful They Can Be

Dogs are overachievers as far as their body make-up is concerned. They have tails, four feet instead of two, and extra eyelids when compared to humans. Do you know exactly how many eyelids do dogs have? You’re about to learn about them, their use, and what you should know about them! All dogs actually have 3 eyelids. They have …

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Can You Cut Dog Whiskers? Are Whiskers Important For Dogs?

Can You Cut Dog Whiskers? Photo of a dog nose showing his whiskers.

Dogs have many quirks to their furry bodies, many of which breed-specific. One detail that dogs all have in common, though, is whiskers. Wondering what they are, why they’re necessary, and if can you cut them? Read on! Can You Cut Dog Whiskers? Technically, you can cut dog whiskers, but most experts in dog physiology …

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Why Is My Puppy Pooping So Much? Inside Scoop Of Puppy Poop

Puppies are either sleeping or pooping, right? Right. Puppies poop a lot and it may lead you to look for reasons as to why! If you’re feeling nervous at your puppy’s multiple poops, read on below to understand what’s going on in the round little tummy of his! Puppies poop a lot mostly because their …

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White Specks in Dog Poop: Is it a Problem? What Should I Do?

While you may not like the idea of talking about, seeing, or smelling — the worst — dog poop, understanding your dog’s poop is a crucial part of his health! Did you notice white specks in dog poop? Here’s what you should know about them.  A dog could have white specks in his poop due …

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Reasons Why My Dog is Losing Hair Around Eyes

Why My Dog is Losing Hair Around Eyes? Photo of a dog with hair loss around eyes

If you’re feeling concerned or confused at noticing that your dog is losing hair around eyes, get familiar with what it means and how to deal with it so that your pooch stays his healthy and happy self. If a dog is losing hair around his eyes, it is most likely he is dealing with …

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Dog Exercise – How Much Exercise Is Enough for Your Dog?

Dog Exercise - How Much Exercise Is Enough for Your Dog?

Taking proper care of your dog includes the right amount of exercise. Learn everything you need to know below about how much dog exercise, the best types of exercise, and how it connects with the rest of their day to day life. Different dog breeds require different amounts of exercise, and the same can be …

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