What Is the Difference Between Labradoodle and Goldendoodle?

Difference Between Labradoodle and Goldendoodle. Photo of a Goldendoodle and a labradoodle.

Both Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are springy, and energetic dogs are excellent choices for adding to your family. But, what’s the difference between Labradoodle and Goldendoodle? Take a look below at the important distinctions between these Doodles.

A Labradoodle is a Labrador Retriever mixed with a Poodle. A Goldendoodle is a Golden Retriever with a Poodle. Similar in look and overall attitude, there are differences in their physical appearance, personality, approach to life, and comfort in family life.

Understanding which of these you want will help you choose which path to take on your journey to the right kind of Doodle.

Goldendoodle and Labradoodle origins

As mentioned in the introduction above, both breeds have Poodle as one-half of their genetics. The other half is the Golden and Labrador Retriever, respectively. 

Both Doodles were designed to help create a dog that would bring on the calm and practical features of a Poodle with the unique addition of the Golden and Labrador Retrievers.

Poodles are intelligent, calm, and regal dogs. Golden Retrievers are goofy, excitable, and enthusiastic. Labrador Retrievers are friendly, shy, and attentive. Doodle breeders wanted to blend together into a low-maintenance, family-friendly dog.

Both types of Doodles are intended for family dogs, service dogs, and more. They’re amongst some of the most popular dog breeds today.

The Differences between Goldendoodle and Labradoodle

Other than the breeding lineage, which we’ve already talked about, there are quite a few differences between a Goldendoodle and a Labradoodle. Those differences are organized into the following areas:

  • Appearance
  • Coat color and type
  • Temperament
  • Exercise needs
  • Grooming
  • Training

There are similarities between them, too, that we’ll go over! These are their approximate size and their cost.


If you were to compare a Labradoodle and a Goldendoodle side by side, there would be some differences visible. Labradoodles have shorter fur, and Goldendoodles have longer fur.

There is also quite a difference in coat color options as well. If they weren’t side by side, they are easy to mix up to those who are still getting used to their look and breed! Once you get to know them, you can often tell the differences by their personalities.

Coat color and type

Labradoodles have shorter and wirier fur than Goldendoodles. It has a defined curl to it in most cases. Their coats are black, chocolate, red, white, yellow, and partial-colored.

Goldendoodles have wavy fur in comparison, and it’s longer. The waves can be tight or loose, depending on the amount of Golden Retriever genes. Their colors stay redder, including apricot, true red, or golden.


Labradoodles tend to be the more reserved or shy dogs of the two. They are confident, dependable, relatively calm, and happy. While they are still sociable, they are slower to approach new people and animals. They’ll want to watch from afar first.

Goldendoodles, on the other hand, are all about excitability. They are energetic, enthusiastic, and want to be your very best friend — even if you just met. They are constantly on the move and always curious about everything. They’re known for being goofy at times, too.

Exercise needs

Both of these dogs will need a fair amount of exercise. Due to their excitable temperament, Goldendoodles do require slightly more exercise than Labradoodles.

Goldendoodles should get 2 hours of exercise per day, whereas Labradoodles are okay with 1 hour. The time should combine vigorous exercise like running and playing and more relaxed exercise like walking.


Training either dog breed is relatively easy, as both will be smart and eager to please. However, both have stubborn tendencies, which is something to think about.

Labradoodles are often trained as service dogs since they’re quick to learn, patient, and good at assessing situations. You can finetune their skills much easier as a service dog. They are good to train socially, too, though you will need to be firm with them at first since the stubborn streak can come out!

Goldendoodles are good for training but more in a generalized approach. For this reason, they’re often used as support dogs or therapy dogs. Their energetic and friendly attitude makes it easy for them to make friends with everyone. That goofy side makes it easy for them to find a way to make people smile and laugh.


Both dogs will need proper grooming at home and also grooming at a vet regularly. Labradoodles need regular brushing during their first year especially. At this point, their adult fur will grow, and this will be easier to maintain with weekly brushing. 

Goldendoodles will require more trips to the groomer since their fur needs to be trimmed blades rather than clippers. A groomer can ruin their wavy texture if it’s cut incorrectly, so always try to find a groomer experienced in Goldendoodles!

Both of these dogs soul be brushed at home, but you won’t want to skip on going to the professional groomer either.


Both Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are similar in size! You can expect them to be 21-24” (53-60 cm) on average. 

You can also look at mini Doodles, which blend a miniature Poodle with the two parent breeds. Many of the same features come through physically and emotionally. You’ll probably only spot a difference in their exercise needs.


These popular mixed breeds will cost about the same, too. This can range from $1 500-$3 000 and even more for those color combinations that are especially rare!

The differences and the similarities of these breeds mean that you should think seriously about what you most want to have in your household.

Photo of a yellow Goldendoodle laying on the ground.

Which is better: a Goldendoodle or Labradoodle?

Both breeds are kind, energetic, smart, and family-oriented. It can feel hard to choose which one is better. The considerations to think about in deciding what “better” means to you are:

  • Energy level
  • Age of your kids
  • Exercise requirements

Energy level

Both dogs are energetic, but you’ll find that a Goldendoodle is the breed that pretty much just never stops. They constantly have to do something and play with something or watch something. Or all of the above. If they are bored, they’ll quickly turn to destructive behaviors.

Labradoodles are energetic but then will rest and recharge. They’ll follow your schedule and learn to be active when you are and rest when you do. While you still need to play with them and exercise then, as you would any other dog, it’s easier to handle than a Goldendoodle when comparing them directly.

Depending on what you want and have the energy to match yourself, this distinction is important!

Age of your kids

Both Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are great with kids. They enjoy being around mini-humans and will make for great playmates. However, Goldendoodles and their enthusiasm can often be a bit…over the top. They get so excited to play that they’ll knock little children right ve,r bark loudly, and bite a bit too hard while playing.

This is not to say that they can’t be around kids or shouldn’t be around kids. However, you should always supervise playtime.

Exercise requirements

As you know, Goldendoodles require twice the exercise that Labradoodles do. If you are someone who hikes and camps and is active as much as possible, that’s fine. However, if you have a classic lifestyle with classic activity levels. In that case, it can be challenging to make time for a Goldendoodle. 

You can do it, but it is something that you’ll need to think about carefully since it can be overwhelming at times! 

Which is calmer, Labradoodle or Goldendoodle?

Directly comparing them, you’ll find that a Labradoodle will be calmer than a Goldendoodle. Labradoodles will be happy to hang out with you and do whatever you’re doing. They’re happy in many environments and will blend in just about everywhere. Yet, they still have plenty of energy and attitude to enjoy.

Much more exuberant and simply “on,” a Goldendoodle is a dog with a lot of personality to them! This is a joy for those that want a dog who has a love of life and all of its benefits, but it is something to think about. They’ll require a lot of intense care and time dedicated just o helping them calm down. 

Do Goldendoodles or Labradoodles bark the most?

A Labradoodle is thought to bark more than a Goldendoodle. Labradoodles are more watchful and cautious when it comes to new people or situations. They’ll bark to signal something to you so that you can go and check it out. In that situation, a Goldendoodle would be more likely to run up and simply greet the newcomer.

Both dogs will bark quite a bit since it’s their way to signal a need to humans! From anxiety to getting your attention to something more like signaling hunger or thirst, Doodles like to bark!

Do Goldendoodles or Labradoodles shed more?

Many people will go after a Doodle because they’re known for being low shedders! This is due to their Poodle genes, of course. The main difference for shedding is going to be the generation differences.

First-generation Labradoodles especially will shed quite a bit since their parent would as well. Second-generation of both Doodles would be low shedders once they grow into their adult coat!

Photo of a brown Labradoodle on a grass field.

Goldendoodle VS Labradoodle PROS and CONS

Pros of Goldendoodles

  • Happy and enthusiastic dogs
  • Intuitive to emotions
  • Loving and sweet

Cons of Goldendoodles

  • Need a lot of exercise
  • Can be hard to care for all of their energy needs
  • A bit tricky to train

Considerations for Goldendoodles

When you see the pros and cons listed like that, it’s easy to see a Goldendoodle in a snapshot. They are happy dogs, and they will want to show that happiness by playing and hanging around with you and playing with you (and anyone else who will play with them). They’ll be your very best friend and will also want to meet every person they can, everywhere, all the time. 

You’ll need to be ready to take on the exercise requirements and make sure that you can dedicate time and energy to that daily. It’s a good idea to look at something like a dog walking service if you think that you need it.

You’ll need to focus on training for your Goldendoodle, too, especially because they get distracted easily while training. Focus on social training, too, where they wait for your command to go up and greet a new dog. The same thing goes for when you want them to listen when you tell them to “take it easy” when playing with children.

Pros of Labradoodles

  • Great with kids
  • Smart and easy to train
  • Energetic without being over the top

Cons of Labradoodles

  • Can be a bit reserved
  • Tendency to bark

Considerations for Labradoodles

Labradoodles are like a quieter and more restrained version of a Goldendoodle. They will still give you plenty of exercise and energy, and personality. You’ll enjoy having a classic family dog with excellent social skills and an interest in doing whatever you’re doing.

But, compared directly to the Goldendoodle, they’ll be calmer. You’ll find that they understand when to be gentle with kids and when to wait for you to tell them to go greet a new animal. Training these dogs will be easier, and you can also work on specialized training, be it agility training or service dog training.

These dogs tend to be easier to manage regarding exercise needs and expectations. They can quickly adapt to the 9-5 lifestyle, as long as you add in exercise and playtime before and after work hours. They are great playmates for kids, too, which helps in this!

In sum

Both Labradoodles and Goldendoodles have some serious distinguishing factors, though many think they are alike. The differences between these breeds start in the name. One blends a Labrador Retriever with a Poodle, and one blends a Golden Retriever with a Poodle.

When you are trying to choose the right addition to your home and your family, it’s essential to think about the pros and cons of each Doodle and make your decision wisely. Labradoodles are kind, sophisticated, and observant. Goldendoodles are fun, goofy, and energetic. Both Doodles are low shedders and have a variety of coat colors.

Understanding what you’re most looking for in a Doodle will help you figure out which of these adorable mixed breeds will be right for your family!

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