Why is My Dog Suddenly Eating Grass Like Crazy?

Dog Suddenly Eating Grass Like Crazy

Dogs do some really strange things, and one of the ones that many dog moms and dads have seen before is chowing down on grass! Wondering why your dog he’s suddenly made grass his main diet staple? Here’s what you should know! Your dog is most likely eating grass because he’s not feeling well, and …

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Can Dogs Eat Bacon Grease (On Their Food)?

Can Dogs Eat Bacon Grease

You’ve made up a pan of bacon and now you’re looking to give your dog a treat by adding bacon or carbon grease to his kibble. Looking to know if it’s safe and/or a bad idea for his long-term health? You’re in the right spot! Dogs should not eat bacon or bacon grease. Loaded with …

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How Many Nipples Do Dogs Have (Male and Female)?

How Many Nipples Do Dogs Have

Curious about your dogs and their nipples? A lot of people are, actually, and it’s a very interesting topic when you are looking at understanding your dog’s body in all of its fascinating little details. Both male and female dogs have nipples, and the numbers range from 8-10. The number varies depending on breed, size, …

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My Dog Stepped On a Nail – What should I do now?

My Dog Stepped On a Nail

“My dog walked on a nail: what should I do?” This is one question that we hear quite often and with good reason. Dogs can hurt themselves when they walk on things like nails and depending on the severity of the injury; they can require surgery to correct. An injury from a nail is called …

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