Why Do French Bulldogs Fart So Much? How Can You Help

French Bulldogs and farts go hand in hand, but getting to the bottom of it with the reason, symptoms and treatments can help make it a whole lot more bearable!

In a nutshell, French Bulldogs fart as much as they do because they have extremely sensitive stomachs and they are much more prone to having digestion issues, causing flatulence as a symptom, than most dog breeds. This sensitive stomach is a common problem across the breed. While this is a not-so-pleasant part of being a Frenchie Mom or Dad, it also means there you have lots of opportunities to learn about the reason for the flatulence, the symptoms that your pooch is dealing with it, and some natural and medicine-based treatment options to get it under control.

Reasons for my French Bulldog’s flatulence

Maybe you’ve resigned yourself to simply dealing with your Frenchie’s farting problem. It’s just one more detail to try to love about him, right?  Well, taking an active approach to understanding why do French Bulldogs Fart So Much is actually really important!

Frenchie flatulence is actually a symptom that something is off in his adorable tumtum, so you’re going to keep an eye on it and take note of whether it’s worse or better than usual so that you can start figuring out the reasons for it!  Some of the most common causes of Frenchie flatulence are below for you to start from. 

Eating too fast

Frenchies love food so much that they practically inhale their food. Sounds familiar, right?  In fact, the rate at which Frenchies eat is often similar to inhaling. Since they are brachycephalic, they often can quite literally inhale their food. It also keeps them from eating slowly since they only have so much space in their heads to eat and breathe. This is very similar to them humans eat too fast and then get the hiccups!


Similarly, Frenchies are also prone to swallowing air while they eat, mostly because they are a brachycephalic dog breed. This swallowing of air causes them to be much more flatulent than most dogs because that air has to come out somewhere!  

This is similar to when humans drink carbonated drinks. Since it is filled with air bubbles, it will cause us to gassy, either in form of burping or farting. 

A change in diet 

Since Frenchies have a sensitive stomach, this means that a change in diet will also be enough to set off their stomachs. One if you are switching to a good and healthy diet from a poor and unhealthy diet, the shift itself is often enough to cause their stomach to be upset, and this causes more flatulence. 

Bad diet

Many people make the assumption that dogs can eat basically anything — how many of us see our doggos as furry vacuum cleaners, right? — but that doesn’t mean that we should actually feed them just anything. This is especially-so since Frenchies have sensitive stomachs, to begin with.

A bad diet for your Frenchie includes foods that are rich in dairy, grains or anything that is carb-rich. Dogs need a diet that is carefully low in all of those things. Also on the list of no-nos for diet is any kind of spicy food (or human food of any kind, for that matter) or cheap dog food/treats. These are all examples of a bad diet. 


Frenchies are prone to allergies and intolerances. If your Frenchie is dealing with an allergy or intolerance, their tummy will start to protect in the form of flatulence and its many symptoms.

Parasites or infection/sickness

While it’s much more common for French Bulldogs to have a problem with flatulence due to day to day life and its food-related woes, you may also find that our Frenchie has an infection or sickness such as a parasite problem. If all of the others have been eliminated, this will help you settle in on the cause. 

Common symptoms of flatulence

Did you know that flatulence can come out in a few forms?  Farting is, of course, the most common symptom of flatulence itself, but flatulence also comes in a few different variations in your Frenchie.

Excessive farting

Farting is awful in and of itself, but if you notice that your Frenchie is having a lot of farting throughout the day, it could be a sign that something is wrong. This is especially if it comes in spells and groupings. You’ll also find that flatulent doggos also deal with particularly….fragrant farts. As if the toots weren’t enough, right?

Discomfort in his tummy

A doggo dealing with flatulence will also be dealing with an upset stomach. This often comes in the form of being restless, especially if he’s trying to lie down and settle in for a nap. The discomfort may feel uncomfortable for him. This also means that he won’t want to be touched around his tummy, either, even for a good round of belly rubs!

Bloating and rumbling

You may also notice that he is dealing with a problem such as bloating that is mild to moderate. This makes the tummy feel hard and less squishy than normal. His stomach will also be making rumbling, chatting sounds, too, as the food tries to digest. 

Does flatulence cause pain to my French Bulldog?

In most cases, you’ll be relieved to learn that flatulence isn’t painful for your dog. Just like in humans, it can be slightly uncomfortable and maybe even be a source of confusion or fear for your Frenchie to figure out where the toots are coming from. 

In stronger cases, though, your Frenchie’s flatulence may be painful. When their stomach is especially upset, the symptoms that he’s dealing with can be painful when left untreated. You’ll also find that the farting will get more frequent and even smellier, too!

How to prevent my French Bulldog from farting

If you’re looking for some relief from those smelly farts other than a clothespin over your nose, find some relief in knowing that you can help keep your Frenchie’s farts to a minimum by following some great life-long advice for Frenchie health. Here are some shoulds and should nots to help guide you!

SHOULD: exercise

As much as your pooch loves to lounge on the couch with you, you’ll want to make sure that you keep him trim by making sure he walks enough. Exercise is crucial to his health and also keeping his weight down. This will help with flatulence, too. 

SHOULD: watch for symptoms and possible triggers

You can often catch symptoms in your Frenchie if you know what to look for. So, do what you can to watch for those problems and then keep notes on what the possible triggers could be. Was it eating too fast?  Was it a change in food brands?

SHOULD: feed a good, healthy diet

Your doggo needs to eat well to feel well!  Do your part to feed him a good, healthy and balanced diet so that he is going to be in his best nutritional shape possible.

SHOULD: limit their eating speed

If your doggo eats too quickly, you can consider investing in something like a puzzle bowl to help physically slow him down. Or, you can consider adjusting his eating schedule so that he has less food coming in. The speed he eats really will determine his gassiness. 

SHOULDN’T: feed human food at all, ever

As much as your Frenchie may beg for scraps — Frenchies love food more than anything, after all — you’ll want to make sure that you don’t give him any. They will only hurt his tumtum and cause some ridiculously smelly farts that will make everyone miserable. 

SHOULDN’T: feed poor quality food or treats

While poorly made food and treats may be cheaper than the organic, high-end ones, you’ll want to remember that the cheap options are the equivalent of take-out for humans!  Sure, it’ll taste great, but it will cause you nothing but problems in the long-run. 

SHOULDN’T change diet quickly

You’ll want to make sure that you gradually change your pooch from one diet to another. Since his stomach needs time to adjust, you can gradually shift from one brand to another to minimize his tummy upset (not to mention his tastebud confusion, too).

Can I give my French Bulldog flatulence medication?

Many may still find their Frenchie too smelly. If this is the case, you can consider the idea of a medication or a supplement for his flatulence. This is often a last resort choice, but they are out there to take the edge off for your Frenchie. Below are some great options.


This is a herb that can really help minimize farting as well as bloating in your Frenchie. It’s easy to add to food as needed. 

Dry activated charcoal

Seem strange to feed your pooch charcoal, but it’s actually used whenever your dog eats poison food. The charcoal prevents him from absorbing those toxins and it can also help with those foods that cause flatulence and keep them from absorbing.


Perhaps the most common option for flatulent Frenchies, this is a foaming medication that will reduce the discomfort as well as bloating and pain that is caused by flatulence. 

It’s important to note that you should never give your Frenchie any kind of supplement or medication without the consent and proper approval of his vet. Between dosage as well as possible complications, you’ll want a vet to know what you’re looking to do so that they can confirm that it’s the right choice for your Frenchie.

As smelly as they may be at times, Frenchies are amazing family dogs. If you want to minimize their toots, these tips and guidelines will help you do just that for everyone’s relief!

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