Can Dogs Eat Nutmeg? (How Much Is Too Much)

Can Dogs Eat Nutmeg

A lot of seemingly harmless human foods are actually dangerous for dogs, even in small quantities. Is nutmeg one of them that you should add to the “no” list? Read on to find out! Nutmeg is a dangerous spice for dogs since it contains an active chemical called myristicin, which can be toxic. In most …

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How Long is One Day for a Dog? (A Month And A Year)

How Long is One Day for a Dog

If you’ve ever had an overly excited dog greet you at the door even though you were only gone for, like, 15 minutes, you may start to wonder: “how does time pass for dogs?” We’re here to answer that as accurately as possible! A day for a dog, according to our human calculations, would be …

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Can Dogs Eat Brussels Sprouts? (Raw Or Cooked)

Can Dogs Eat Brussels Sprouts

If you’ve got a thing for brussels sprouts, you might be thinking about giving your dog a few just to spice up their diet. If you’re wondering if dogs can eat them, here’s all you need to know! Dogs can eat brussels sprouts since they are full of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins that will help …

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Can Dogs Eat Mayonnaise? (How Safe Is Mayo For Dogs?)

Can Dogs Eat Mayonnaise

If you’re preparing your sandwich and your dog is begging for some mayonnaise, you may want to give him some. If you’re wondering about its safety implications, read on for every mayo-related! Dogs can eat mayonnaise, as most mayonnaise recipes don’t contain any ingredients that will cause your dog harm. However, mayonnaise is very high in …

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How Long Can A Dog Bark Before It Gets Tired (How To Stop It)

How long can a dog bark before it gets tired

If you’ve noticed that our dog can bark seemingly forever, you might be curious about how long he can actually bark for! Here’s everything you should know about a dog’s need for noise. The amount of time a dog can bark before he gets tired will depend on his size, the volume of his bark, …

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My Dog Ate Charcoal – Symptoms You Should Watch

My Dog Ate Charcoal

Dogs always have a knack for finding the strangest and most dangerous things to eat, right? If you’ve discovered that your dog’s eaten charcoal from your barbecue or your fire pit, you’ll want to give this a read to keep him safe. If your dog eats charcoal, he may end up with slight burns in …

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