Pitbull Razor Edge Bloodline – All You Need To Know

Pitbull Razor Edge Bloodline. Photo of a Pitbull Razor Edge laying on the ground on a white backgroun smiling.

This bloodline sounds somewhat intimidating, often making many feel as though the dog itself will be aggressive. So, what’s the actual situation about these peculiarly named dogs?

The term Razor Edge came from Dave Willson and Carlos Barksdale’s idea to create a dog kennel and dog breeder business.

This creation resulted in a specific bloodline that combines the classic Pitbull with the English Bulldog and four other breeds in varying combinations per litter.

Razors Edge Pitbulls are friendly, goofy, excitable, and love to talk. They measure to be 16-20 inches (40-51 cm) and weigh 65-85 pounds (29-38kg).

They are often brindled or blue but can be black or white. They live between 6-10 years and have relatively few health concerns.

What is a Razor Edge Pitbull?

It is a particular kind of bloodline. It is even more specific now since it is a formally recognized bloodline by those who manage all reputable breeds of dogs.

It is primarily a mix between American Pitbull, English Bulldogs, and Mastiffs, as mentioned.

However, the actual list of the different bloodlines that go into creating a modern-day Razor Edge Pitbull is rumored to be up to 5 different types!

The existing complete list is often a hush-hush secret that is known by certification boards and breeders.

One of the really unique traits of this kind of Pitbull is that it has a particular bloodline.

For instance, you can’t just breed any sort of Pitbull and cross it with any type of bloodline from within these kinds of dog breeds. It would be a careful selection of bloodline options within those approved breeds.

It means that the puppy is pretty predictable as far as its features! This is rare even in modern-day breeders with carefully curated lines of parents for puppies.

What does the Pitbull Razor Edge Bloodline look like?

A Razor Edge Pitbull is most often blue or brindled as far as their coat’s color. While there are some blue fawn or black or white Pits, the most common is blue and/or brindle for coloring.

They have a unique body type that makes them special to look at, especially if you are interested in dog breeding.

They’re a bit larger than your average Pit, and they have relatively large heads and broad, wide chests. They are stoat and bulky, with short back legs. They are very muscular and have little body fat.

Sizing-wise, they tend to be 16-20 inches (40-51 cm). You can expect this bloodline to weigh 65-85 pounds (29-38kg) at full size.

There are XL and XXL variants of this bloodline that can be taller and heavier. Still, these aren’t as popular due to the many health risks associated with giant dogs.

What is the lifespan of a Razor Edge Pitbull?

When kept in good health and sourced from proper breeders to ensure healthy parents, most Razor Edge Pitbulls will live between 6 and 10 years.

They don’t have as many complications as other kinds of dogs, so many of those years will be healthy and happy ones, too. More on that later, though.

What is the Razor Edge Pitbull temperament?

As we mentioned, just the overall look of this dog breed is pretty intimidating. They are big, wide, heavy, and serious-looking dogs.

They also look enough like a Pitbull that those familiar with the potential “downsides” of a Pitbull’s personality will be wary.

Then you combine the name with it, and it’s a pretty terrifying concept.

Thankfully, their personality is a beautiful contrast to the name of the bloodline! They are amiable dogs that love being around people and enjoy meeting as many new people and animals as possible.

They’re great with kids, new people, and household pets in general. Excitable and social, they’ll be great playmates for the little ones or the house cat, if you have one!

They make great alert dogs, too, since they tend to bark at anything that moves. It can be great to expect a parcel or company, but it does get a bit noisy at times.  

These dogs are pretty low-maintenance as far as exercise is concerned.

They are mostly muscle, so they will need to go for a walk or have some playtime, but they aren’t going to need to move all day, every single day. 

Some people find that these dogs are stubborn, whereas others find that they are easy to train.

The general agreement is that Razor Edge Pitbulls are going to be strong “selective hearing” dogs. They’ll understand what you want them to do, but they may conveniently pretend not to hear you until they feel like it.

One thing to think about is that they aren’t great guard dogs, however. They will alert you that there is a problem. Still, they aren’t going to be excellent options for actually doing anything about a potential threat. They’re too friendly!

Another consideration factor to keep in mind is that Razors don’t tend to be great at understanding the whole concept of “don’t stray too far.”

If there is no fence around their yard, they will wander endlessly and often have no idea how they got there or how to get back home. They also have no street sense and don’t understand cars.

Pitbull Razor Edge Bloodline. Photo od a Razor Edge Pitbull looking down.

Razor Edge pitbull health issues

Pitbulls can be prone to health issues, like a lot of breeds. Still, you’ll be happy to learn that Razor Edge Pitbulls tend to be pretty simple when it comes to any potential health issue. The main concern points will be

  • Hip/elbow dysplasia
  • Brachycephalic complications
  • Cone Rod Dystrophy 1 

Hip/elbow dysplasia

Hip and elbow dysplasia is common in many breeds, and so to this specific bloodline.

Hip dysplasia does seem to be the most common, but elbow dysplasia is also found in some dog families.

In both cases, the joints will no longer align properly in their sockets and can cause painful movement for the dog.

Massages can help deal with it, and less exercise and pain medication in some cases.

This risk gets worse as the dog ages. It is often compared to arthritis in humans! It’s relatively common with this dog breed and is both hereditary and random on-set.

Brachycephalic complications

Brachycephalic complications could be anything from infections to a lot of nose discharge to sneezing, etc.

While Razors aren’t as brachycephalic as other dogs that you may think of, they are considered on the spectrum. This means breathing issues will be more common than those dog breeds who aren’t at all brachycephalic.

A specialized vet with experience in these kinds of dogs can be a massive help in managing any type of symptoms.

Cone Rod Dystrophy 1 

This health concern is essentially a degenerative concern for dogs. Their eyes are more prone to degradation, which means they could be prone to blindness very quickly. This is not often treatable, making proper understanding of it also tricky.

Since this is a common concern with Pitbulls, it’s also helpful to have a vet who knows what to look for in terms of early signs and how to help. It is hereditary, so many dealing with this can have to do with the breeder you choose!

Pros and cons of Razor Edge Pitbulls

There are some serious advantages and disadvantages to consider when looking at this fascinating bloodline. Pros include:

  • Great with kids
  • Social and friendly
  • Relatively healthy breeds

Before you decide on whether these are good dogs for you, though, you’ll need to factor in details that could be considered cons. Such as:

  • They are expensive
  • They can be perceived as intimidating and “dangerous”
  • They love to wander aimlessly

Considerations to keep in mind

If you are looking for a dog that will be great with kids and friends, then a Razor Edge Pitbull is a great choice, especially if you love Pitbulls.

These tend to be more sociable and chattier than Pitbulls as purebreds, so it’s an excellent consideration.

Knowing that the breed tends to be mostly healthy is another perfect tick in the “pro” box since many of these dogs have severe and simultaneous health problems!

The cons should also be considered seriously, though. These are amongst some of the most expensive out there, mainly because their breeding is so specific. It means that those who want to get all of the details worked out “just right” from the proper breeder are going to have to pay for it — literally.

Another thing is that they do look somewhat similar to a Pitbull, especially to the novice eye.

So, suppose your Razor is running around and chasing a toy in a dog park, for instance, and decides he wants to play with another dog. In that case, an inexperienced dog owner may see him as a threat. 

Lastly, you’ll need to always keep your Razor on a leash or in a fenced-in space because they generally don’t understand the street or cars.

Training your new pup will be essential to keep everyone safe and happy since you will have difficulty controlling him from running onto the road or simply wandering off without knowing how to get home.

Black and white photo of a Razor Edge Pitbull

Where to buy a Razor Edge Pitbull

If you love the idea of having one of these unique kinds of dogs, remember that you’re doing it with a particular, hush-hush bloodline.

You’ll need a specialized breeder for this kind of bloodline, and they should have all of the certifications that you’d expect to find.

You can always check with certification boards on where to look for adequately bred, above-board breeders!

There are always adoption centers, too, when you want to look at rescuing a Razor.

However, these don’t have the same pedigree in the dog itself just because they don’t often have the proper paperwork. It could be owner abandonment or even just a seizure of dogs from a breeder that was inspected and failed.

How much do Razor Edge Pitbulls cost?

As you can probably guess, you’ll pay a pretty penny for a bloodline this specific.

Most puppies will range anywhere from $2 000 – $5 500. This is because they are very particular in breeding.

It takes a lot of effort to produce the puppies to get all of those characteristics just right!

The rarer a puppy’s color, the more it will cost!

This price will include all of the proper certifications and paperwork, though, which is often what people want when looking for a bloodline this specific.

Summing up

Razor Edge Pitbulls are a specific bloodline of dogs that mix a Pitbull with an English Bulldog, a Mastiff, and other kinds of breeds. Razors are social, loving, and don’t require much exercise.

They can be expensive due to their particular breeding process. They are great family dogs but do have some considerations to keep in mind before purchasing or adopting.

The Razor Edge Pitbull is a unique bloodline with a lot of secrecy around what actually goes into it. It’s a mystery wrapped up in a goofy and friendly dog.

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