Pitbull Muscle – How to Make a Pitbull Muscular? (What to Feed and Exercises)

How to make a pitbull muscular. Photo of a muscular pitbull

Pitbulls are naturally muscular dogs. If you want to add more muscle to take on the right look and feel, then here are some details to help you do that effectively and safely!

To make your Pitbull more muscular, you’ll need to adjust his diet to a lean protein-based, low-carb, moderate fat one. The source of all of these main ingredients matters, too.

You’ll also need to add more exercise focused on bulking up those muscles that don’t get used as often.

You’ll also need to consider his physical health and emotional state too. The better his health, the more likely he is to have excellent muscle mass.

What should I feed my Pitbull to help him bulk up?

While many people jump straight to the idea of exercise, you’ll be happy to know that diet will be a great starting point.

It will help the exercise go much further when it comes to the idea of your Pitbull building that extra muscle. The three things to focus on in diet are:

  • Protein
  • Carbs
  • Fat content

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Many know that dogs have diets loaded with protein. However, many dog foods either use unhealthy protein or don’t have it from reputable sources.

To make sure that your dog food is as protein-rich as it says it is, check the ingredients in the food.

Instead of saying “by-product,” it should say that it is the actual protein source. By-products are most often inferior protein and also in much smaller potencies than you’d expect.

Think of it as the human equivalent of eating fast food burgers rather than homemade burgers. You can easily see how one is better than the other for protein content!

You’ll also want to emphasize the lean part of the protein. Lean protein is healthy and much more nutritious for your dog’s body. It’ll give incredible energy and be easier to break down to put to use building muscle!

Your vet can provide great suggestions on brands and also help you learn how to recognize bad ones from good ones.


The carb content of many dog foods and treats is shockingly high. Dogs don’t need very much carb content in their daily diet, making it essential to limit.

Carbs are necessary for your Pitbull’s diet, of course, but they should be high-quality ones and in smaller amounts than the protein or fat.

Most high-end dog foods will already be doing this, meaning that you just need to find a low-carb treat option!

Fat content

One of the biggest mistakes that many well-intentioned pet parents make is to cut out fat from their Pitbull’s diet (more on that a little later).

While the fat content shouldn’t be high, you want a moderate amount of properly sourced fat. It will provide your dog with energy that the body can use to enjoy exercise, digest, etc.

Healthy fats will come from ingredients such as fish and chicken, rather than inferior sources, which will give the “bad fats” instead.

Can I give my Pitbull a homemade diet?

If you’re getting the feeling that you should look at the idea of doing your own diet for your dog, then you aren’t alone! Many who are focused on muscle building will look at a self-made diet.

It is a great idea, but you will need to have the consultation of an experienced expert in both homemade diets as well as Pitbulls! They can offer everything from feeding schedules to recipes and more. It will ensure that his health remains the priority!

Pitbull exercises to build muscle

Now that you have the diet all figured out, you’ll want to start looking at some of the actual exercises. You can look at these for your Pitbull to bulk up safely while enjoying quality time spent with his favorite human. Some of the leaders are:

  • Swimming
  • Stair-climbing
  • Tug of war
  • Longer walks

Swimming and stair-climbing

These are great ways for dogs to enjoy getting muscles on their legs and around their shoulders.

Swimming is a great full-body workout, and it can work quickly at helping your dog both enjoy the exercise as well as see the results from it. Aim for 10-minute vigorous sessions!

When it comes to stair-climbing, it’s as simple as it sounds. Encourage the dog to go up and down a flight of stairs a few times a day. Add in more rounds as they get more comfortable with it.  

Tug of war

A fun way to involve the whole family in play sessions, tug of war will be an excellent way for dogs to get strength in muscle mass. It forces the entire body to work out, and it’s also something that you can make challenging much easier.

Add more people, change the toy to something heavier, or attach it to a post or a tree for even more strength. Plus, Pitbulls tend to be mouthy, so they will enjoy the idea of playing with this toy!

Longer walks

Another great one to help them build muscle gradually, with it getting increasingly more challenging as time goes on, is walking. Most Pitbulls love walking, to begin with, and it’s great for humans, too!

Start with your regular walking schedule. Add in a hill or two to help increase the endurance. When that works well for you and your dog, look at adding in an extra five minutes. Then ten minutes, etc. Slowly add on more time, and you’ll notice his muscle mass doing the same thing.

How to build a Pitbull’s jaw muscle

If you’re looking for a set way to help build your Pitbull’s jaw muscle, you’ll find the best way is through carefully chosen, durable toys.

Pitbulls are mouthy, as mentioned, so you’ll want to go for solid and tough chewing toys that they can work on when relaxing. Tug of war is also going to help build even more strength too.

Do I need equipment for building muscle?

No, outside of toys, an anchor for a tug of war toy, or a swimming pool/lake.

You can get specialized toys that will be weighted and more convenient for muscle building, but they’re not required.

Always talk with your vet first before adding in something like weighted harnesses to add in more training.

What are health concerns should I keep in mind?

As we mentioned above, helping your Pitbull build more strength will be about just more and food and diet. You’ll need to focus on three other main details, including:

  • Genetics and hereditary considerations
  • Injuries and illnesses
  • Emotional health

Genetics and hereditary considerations

Pitbulls are naturally athletic and active, so you shouldn’t have too much of a problem encouraging exercise. They are also naturally muscular dogs; muscle-building will come naturally.

However, you need to be mindful of the genetics of your Pitbull’s parents and any hereditary considerations. For instance, weight gain and poor muscle mass can work against you if they run in the genetic line of the Pitbull.

Similarly, if the parent dogs were in poor health, your Pitbull may go down the same path, meaning that your best efforts won’t be as successful as a dog with healthy and fit parents.

Injuries and illnesses

Pitbulls can be predisposed to injuries or illnesses such as hip dysplasia and heart problems. Both of these will limit exercise since your dog’s recommended limits will be lower, as set by your vet.

Suppose your dog is injured, especially in commonly problematic knee joints. In that case, this may also mean that the dog’s exercise is limited short-term or long-term, depending.

Emotional health

Lastly, emotional health. Many dog owners may not think of this as relevant to a dog’s ability to grow muscle, but it is.

A dog who is stressed or anxious or depressed will divert the body’s energy elsewhere. It often means they’ll be fatigued, unwilling to exercise, and will put on weight.

When factoring in bodybuilding for your Pitbull, please take a moment to consider what they want and need for emotional support. A happy dog can much easier be a healthy dog, after all!

A word on muscle building

Like with any other dog, there is such a thing as having a too muscular dog. You should be aiming for a specific ratio when it comes to the fat versus muscle itself.

While there are ways to do it using breeder guidelines, the most accurate option is your vet. If you want to bulk up your Pitbull safely, ask your vet what muscles you should target and how to determine when he is at the right fat to muscle ratio.

Since Pitbulls are naturally muscular, taking a healthy approach to building muscle will quickly work in your favor.

Just make sure that you keep his fat content where it should be since this will help him stay healthy and feeling great even as his muscle builds!

In summary

You’ll be able to increase your Pitbull’s muscle mass by adjusting their diet to a high quality, high-protein, low-carb, and moderate-fat one.

Add in exercises such as swimming, tug of war, and long walks. Don’t forget to factor in emotional health and needs, too, to help him be at his best.

If you’ve got your heart set on helping your Pitbull bulk up on muscles, these tips and suggestions above will help you do it safely and enjoyably, both for you and your Pitbull!

Know someone who wants to help their Pitbull show off their muscles a bit more, too? Please share this with them!

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