Best Black Friday Deals for Dogs

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Black Friday Deals for Dogs. Photo of a French Bulldog with shopping bags.

Black Friday is a time for deals on electronics, clothes, and more. But don’t forget your four-legged friend! Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to spoil your pup with new toys or treats while saving money at the same time.

Below are some Black Friday deals for dogs that you and your pup will love!

Black Friday pet deals top picks

Black Friday pet deals don’t come around often, so make sure you take full advantage of them when they do!

Here are our top recommendations for pet deals this Black Friday.

iFetch Dog Ball Launcher
✔ iFetch is a dog ball launcher that automatically throws tennis balls for your dog to fetch.
✔ You can control the distance and speed of the throw, and it's great exercise for dogs of all sizes!
✔ The iFetch is a rechargeable dog ball launcher that automatically throws tennis balls for your dog to fetch.
✔ The iFetch will keep your pup entertained with hours of automatic play on its own or you can use it as a manual ball launcher.
✔ It's made from high quality materials and comes with three standard sized tennis balls.
MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner from Dexas
✔ Washing your dog's paws can be a messy and time-consuming task.
✔ The MudBuster makes it simple and easy to clean your dog's paws after playtime.
✔ Simply add just a little water, insert the muddy paw, do the twist, dab the paw dry, repeat for 3 more paws.
✔ The gentle silicone bristles will help remove dirt and mud from your dog's paws- keeping the mess in the MudBuster and not in your house.
✔ Keep the MudBuster handy after trips to the park, after walks or hikes, or by your back door.
✔ Simple and easy to use, the MudBuster is your new best friend when it comes to keeping your dog's paws clean.
Foldable Metal Exercise Playpen for dogs from New World Pet Products
✔ This portable dog playpen is ideal for any kind of dog who needs a safe place to play.
✔ The exercise pen has 8 connected panels to create a 16 sqft living area.
✔ This dog playpen is great for indoor and outdoor, it has a black rust-preventive e-coat that protects the dog playpen from the elements and includes ground stakes to keep the pen anchored to the ground.
✔ No tools are required.
✔ Simply unfold, shape, and connect the dog playpen together.
✔ The playpen can be set up in seconds & folds flat for easy storage or travel.

Black Friday dog toys deals

Toys are a Black Friday staple, and your dog is sure to be thrilled with the new toys you bring home this Black Friday. Most major toy retailers have Black Friday deals that will get you good prices on great toys.

Rope and Ball Dog Toy - Romp-n-Roll by Jolly Pets
✔ This Jolly Pet’s Romp-N-Roll toy is the perfect gift for your dog.
✔ It features a ball that measures 8 inches in diameter and is ideal for dogs weighing over 60 pounds.
✔ The ball will not deflate when punctured, making it a safe play toy that can be used indoors or outdoors.
✔ The Romp-N-Roll also comes with an Easy Grip rope that can be pulled back and forth through the ball, but never comes out so you don’t have to worry about your dog swallowing pieces of rope.
✔ This toy is designed to be durable and to keep your pet’s interest, as well as your own.
Wickedbone Smart and Interactive Remotely Controlled Dog Bone
✔ Tough, Durable and Interactive. It's a dog toy that you control with your phone!
✔The Wickedbone is an automatic dog bone toy to keep your doggies active and mentally stimulated.
✔With two main modes of operation - driving and interactive.
✔Pair it with your Bluetooth device, control it through the APP (for Android and iOS phones).
✔You can adjust the settings, keeping your dog close by.
✔It is safe and easy to clean and has a long battery life.
Treat dispensing Bob-A-Lot from StarMark (2 Pack)
✔ The Bob-A-Lot is the perfect toy for your dog to play with while eating.
✔ It's an interactive feeding system that encourages your pet to eat at the same time while having fun.
✔ The large bottom chamber holds up to 3 cups of dry food or treats, which you can fill through the adjustable openings on top and bottom.
✔ The weighted anti-slip bottom makes the toy wobble erratically enticing your dog to play. Dogs love it!

Black Friday dog beds deals

Pups need a comfy place to sleep, and Black Friday is the perfect time for a new bed. You can find deals on memory foam beds, orthopedic dog beds, and even luxury dog beds this Black Friday.

Ultimate Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed from PetFusion

✔ The Ultimate Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed from PetFusion provides a unique combination of comfort and health benefits for your dog.
✔ This bed is made with a 2.5 inch layer of high density memory foam that will conform to the shape of your pet's body, providing superior support for your dog's joints and muscles, as well as reducing stress on their vertebrae.
✔ The orthopedic dog bed is also designed to help keep your pet cool by wicking away moisture from their bodies, making it ideal for use in warm weather or during hot flashes.
✔ The waterproof pet bed liner works seamlessly with the water resistant & tear resistant cover work to keep your pet dry and comfortable while blending in seamlessly with your home.
✔ The non-skid bottom keeps the dog bed from moving around during use.
✔ PetFusion memory foam dog beds are available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.
Luxury Faux Fur Extra Plush Dog Bed from Bessie and Barnie
✔ Bessie and Barnie’s Luxury Faux Fur Extra Plush Dog Bed is the perfect choice for your pup! Available in several sizes, it features a reversible cover that can be used on both sides.
✔ The extra plush fabric makes this bed soft and comfortable and provides support for joints, while the water-resistant pillow liner will help keep it clean and dry.
✔ Its 360-degree zipper makes assembly and cleaning easy, and its machine washable/dryer-friendly cover helps you maintain your pet’s bed with ease.
Memory Foam Dog Bed from Casper
✔ The bed that loves your dog back.
✔ The Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed is a mattress made with pressure-relieving memory foam and durable support foam to create a bed that loves Fido back.
✔ With an excess of material on top, the Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed is perfect for dogs that like to dig and scratch to make the perfect sleeping spot.
✔ Supportive foam bolsters on the mattress create a safe space for dogs to lay their heads while providing a sturdy foundation.
✔ It comes with a removable yet machine-washable cover that protects against fur, slobber, and more.
✔ The extra material on top is great for dogs who love to dig and scratch.

Black Friday dog food deals

Dogs can be pretty particular about their food – they want it to taste good, they want the right nutrients, and they don’t want to eat it too quickly. Black Friday is a great time to check out food deals as pet stores will have sales on foods of all brands, flavors, and price ranges.

Dried Dog Food Grain-Free, Healthy and Hypoallergenic Limited Ingredients for All Dog Types from K9 Natural
✔ It is important to give your dog the right nutrition.
✔ The best way to do this is by adding an easy-to-use, healthy, natural supplement that can be added to your dog’s food in seconds.
✔ This dried lamb dog food or topper contains no fillers or gelling agents and is perfectly safe for your pet.
✔ It contains all-natural New Zealand lamb and has been produced without artificial preservatives, flavorings or colorings.
✔ This product will add great taste and nutritional value to your dog's diet in just a few seconds!
Dried Dog Food with Real Meat from Merrick
✔ This dog food offers the ideal combination of protein and healthy fats to help a dog maintain optimal weight and increased energy.
✔ This formula is crafted with real deboned salmon as the first ingredient, along with sweet potatoes for fiber, antioxidants, and natural vitamins.
✔ It features whole food nutrition with added probiotics and prebiotic fiber for healthy digestion, so it's great for dogs who have allergies

Black Friday dog treats deals

Dogs love to chew, and Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on delicious chew treats for your pup. You can find great prices on dental chews, bully sticks, pig ears, and lots of other tasty treats for your pup.

Healthy Dog Treats Value Pack - Wild-Caught Salmon Protein Rich for Training from Whole Life Pet
✔ These healthy dog treats from are a great way to reward and treat your pet.
✔ The healthy dog treats value pack is a great addition to your pet's diet.
✔ Made with pure human-grade wild-caught salmon, these protein-rich dog treats are sourced in the USA and are great as a treat or meal topper.
✔ Ideal for all dogs, and especially designed for training, to help finicky eaters, and with stomach sensitivity, or for pets who are overweight.
Bully Slices for Dogs - Highly Palatable Long-Lasting Natural Dental Treats with Functional Ingredients from Redbarn
✔ Bully Slices for Dogs are a delicious high-quality, long-lasting natural dental chew treat for dogs of all ages.
✔ The unique shape and texture of this natural chew will keep your dog entertained for hours, while the healthy ingredients promote dental health by cleaning teeth and gums as they chew.
✔ This all-natural cow ear and hide is coated in Redbarn's secret bully gravy and then slow roasted to lock in all that irresistible flavor.
✔ Made from 100% natural beef pizzle sourced from free-range grass-fed cattle in Argentina.
✔ They are made with natural ingredients that you can feel good about giving to your dog, and they taste great!
✔ Bully Slices are available in three different flavors: Apple-Blueberry, Cran-Raspberry, and Peanut Butter.
Chicken Wrapped Rawhide Chews with Real Chicken Breast, All Natural Gluten-Free from Lucky Premium Treats
✔ These treats are made with only 2 natural ingredients; chicken and beef skin.
✔ Long-lasting dog chews made from real chicken breast they're 100% digestible and will keep your dog busy for hours.
✔ The rawhide chews are locally sourced using natural restaurant-quality ingredients.
✔ Each rawhide chew is wrapped with 98% fat-free chicken breast that will give your dog a delicious, long-lasting dog chew. Comes with 250 chews in a resealable bag.
✔ These rawhide chews contain 98% fat-free chicken breast and real chicken flavor.
✔ They also have no chemicals, no preservatives, no additives, no enhancers, no fillers, and are hormone-free!

Black Friday dog grooming deals

Grooming is a must for all dogs, whether they have long hair or short hair, and Black Friday is a great time to find deals on brushes, shampoos, conditioners, hairdryers, nail trimmers, ear cleaners, and more to keep your pup looking great. Many stores offer extra savings on grooming kits as well.

Dog Shaver Clippers Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Electric from Oneisall
✔ High-Quality Dog Grooming Clippers for Professional Pet Groomers and Dog Owners.
✔ Perfect for all coat types, including thick coats, double coats, long coats, and curly coats.
✔ The dog clippers are made of high-quality stainless steel blades and ceramic moving blades which can provide excellent cutting performance.
✔ The blade is sharp enough for a long time using. Detachable blades, easy to change and clean.
✔ This dog hair trimmer is designed with low vibration and low noise, and the dog grooming clippers are waterproof for easy cleaning.
✔ It has a rechargeable battery allowing you to use it cordless.
✔ This cordless pet hair trimmer is lightweight and ergonomic in design, making it comfortable to hold while trimming your pet's hair.
Dog Grooming Table Height Adjustable with Clamp Restraint for Small & Medium Dogs from Breeze Touch
✔ Dog grooming table is a must-have for pet owners who want to keep their pets in perfect shape.
✔ It is adjustable and foldable, which makes it easy to set up and store.
✔ The height of the table can be adjusted from 18 inches to 35 inches with clamp knobs, suitable for small & medium dogs under 30 lbs.
✔ The dog grooming arm features an innovative foldable design that breaks down to less than 20 inches in height, making it simple to carry and setup, and it saves a lot space for storage.
✔ This dog grooming table will help you groom your pet at home.
Dematting Brush Easily Removes Mats, Tangles, and Loose Fur - Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs Gooming from Hertzko
✔ Hertzko’s Slicker Brush is the perfect brush to get all nasty mats out of your pet’s fur!
✔ This shedding brush works great on dogs of all sizes and hair types, gently removing loose hair and eliminating tangles, knots, dander, and trapped dirt.
✔ Get rid of tangles without hurting your pet – Hertzko’s Slicker Brush is made with fine bent wires designed to penetrate deep into the coat grooming the undercoat well without scratching your pet's skin.
✔ Great brush for dematting shedding dogs.

Black Friday dog apparel deals

You want your pup to look good this holiday season, and Black Friday is a great time to find deals on pet apparel. You can find good discounts on sweaters, coats, boots, hats, and other items for your dog this Black Friday.

Dog Hoodie - Sweaters with Hat from Kooltail
✔ Dog Hoodie is a kind of clothes for your pet, it can keep warm in cold weather.
✔ It has a hole on the back, you can put the leash through and take your dog out to walk with you.
✔ This sweater with Hat is made of high-quality materials of 100% polyester which is soft and comfortable.
✔ It's machine washable and easy to clean. It has a kangaroo pocket that can hold some small items like treats or toys for your pets.
✔ This dog sweater comes in classic plaid pattern which makes your pet cooler and cuter.
Dog Anxiety Jacket from Thundershirt
✔ The Thundershirt helps calm your dog’s anxiety, fear, and over-excitement due to a variety of environmental triggers such as thunderstorms, fireworks, separation anxiety, and more.
✔ When dogs are anxious, they can experience symptoms of stress such as excessive barking or panting.
✔ The ThunderShirt applies gentle pressure on your dog’s torso which has proven to be effective for dealing with these symptoms.
✔ This pressure has a calming effect on most canines making them feel safe and secure. The result: reduced stress and anxiety for both you and your pet!
✔ The ThunderShirt is easy to use and comfortable for your pet to wear.
✔ It is made out of soft fabric that will not restrict movement or cause chafing.
Winter Soft Knitwear Dog Sweater from Jecikelon
✔ Winter Soft Knitwear Dog Sweater from Jecikelon is made of 100% woolen material, which provides warmth and comfort for your pet dog.
✔ It is perfect for keeping your pet dog warmer and cuter during the cold winter days.
✔ The sweaters are small in size and are not suitable for large dogs.
✔ This soft knitwear dog sweater is available in 6 different colors.

Black Friday dog training deals

Training is a great way to bond with your dog and Black Friday is a great time to find deals on training products. You can find discounts for collars, leashes, bags of treats, and more that will help you train your pup in no time.

50 Foot Nylon Dog Leash - Long Training Lead with Handle from Leash boss
✔ The Leashboss is a training leash that will last for years.
✔ It has an extra-long length of 50 feet and the clip is nickel plated to resist rusting.
✔ The handle is rubber molded for comfort and durability, and it's flexible enough to prevent leash-burn on your hands.
✔ This dog leash is great for training, walking, hiking, camping, backyard play, or any outdoor activity.
✔ The Leashboss Free Range Dog Leash is perfect for medium and large dogs that love the outdoors!
Rechargeable Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent DeviceWith 3 Frequency No Bark Modes (With Dog Whistle and Clicker)
✔ ELOPAW is a safe and effective way to stop your dog from barking.
✔ This dog barking deterrent device is a humane and effective way to stop your dogs unwanted behaviors like digging, barking, and fighting.
✔ This dog bark control device emits ultrasonic sound at 25khz which is above the hearing range of humans but will easily grab dogs attention and make them feel uncomfortable.
✔ It has an adjustable volume control that allows you to set the volume level at which it emits an ultrasonic sound.
✔ This dog barking deterrent devices can be used as a training tool for puppies or adult dogs to correct bad behaviors like digging, fighting, jumping on people.
✔ It comes with a whistle and a clicker

Black Friday dog crate deals

Crates are great tools for teaching your dog to stay in one place or to relax when the two of you are at home. Many pet stores offer Black Friday deals on wire crates, soft-sided crates, and more.

Metal Dog Crate Folding Single and Double Doors from MidWest
✔ These dog crates feature a divider panel that allows your pet’s crate to grow as they do.
✔ Use the divider panel to adjust the size of the space according to your dog’s needs at any given time, allowing them room to stretch out or have their own private space in case you need some quiet time.
✔ It's ideal for dogs with an adult weight of 41-70 pounds, this dog crate from Midwest makes it easy to give your pet plenty of space while keeping them secure.
✔ Two heavy-duty slide-bolt latches firmly lock the dog crate door in place keeping Your dog safely inside.
✔ Portable design sets up in seconds w/ no tools required for assembly & folds flat for convenient storage or travel, roller feet protect hardwoods, making repositioning easier.
✔ This metal dog crate assembles in seconds; no tools are required!
Luxury Dog Crate from Ecoflex
✔ The EcoFLEX luxury dog crate is a sturdy, stylish and comfortable dog crate that you can use for all life stages.
✔ It is made with ecoFLEX, an eco-friendly and durable composite material.
✔ The crate features a removable tray that makes it easy to clean up after your pet.
✔ It also has a convenient carrying handle so you can easily transport your pet from one location to another.
✔ This dog crate is easy to assemble without the need for any tools.
✔ Once assembled, it requires no maintenance and will not rust, chip or peel.
Strong Metal Dog Crate and Kennel with Four Wheels from LuckUp
✔ This crate is made from corrosion-resistant steel, durable and indestructible.
✔ It has a nontoxic finished surface to keep your dog healthy.
✔ Two locks with the safety buckles to prevent the high anxiety dogs from opening the door and escaping.
✔ The front door is suitable to let your dog in and out, the top door also can be opened for you to interact with your dog.
✔ 360 degree rotated locking casters can help you move the crate anywhere easily and lock the wheels to keep the crate in place, while the slide-out plastic tray helps you clean up after your pet quickly and easily.

Black Friday dog safety deals

Finally, you should take some time to check out Black Friday specials for pet-related safety products. These include LED collars, flashing lights for the collar, toys that improve dental health and reduce plaque buildup, pet-safe pest control products, and more.

Safety LED Dog Collar – Water Resistant USB Rechargeable Flashing Light from Blazin
✔ Blazin’ Safety LED dog collar is a water-resistant, rechargeable, USB light for dogs.
✔ It’s the perfect way to keep your pet safe and visible at all times.
✔ This LED dog collar has outstanding visibility of 350 yards. Be seen by traffic. Save your pet's life.
✔ Track your dog when camping, in the backyard, on evening hikes. Runs over 8 hours and charges from any USB device!
✔ It has 3 modes, on, strobe, and blink.
✔ The durable nylon collar has a quick-release buckle and is available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.
2 Pack Nylon Dog Safety Adjustable Seatbelts - Durable Elastic and Heavy Duty from UrPower
✔ A pet car seat belt is a must for every dog owner.
✔ It can provide the safest and relaxing driving experience for you, and also it can protect your lovely dog from wandering around in the car.
✔ The seatbelt is made of durable elastic and heavy-duty nylon, which can protect your pet from a sudden brake or sharp turns and prevent the driver from getting distracted while driving.
✔ With an elastic buffer design, the seat belt will absorb the impact when the car suddenly stops or turns sharply.
✔ The dog car seat belt has a length of 24.8 to 35.4 inches, which is suitable for dogs from 12 lbs to 80 lbs or dogs up to 33 inches in height.
✔ With adjustable straps and high-quality metal buckles, this dog seat belt is designed to fit dogs of all sizes.
✔ The elastic nylon material with heavy-duty stitching makes it durable enough to use for years.
✔ This pet car safety belt is absolutely a great choice for your beloved dog!
Reflective No Pull Dog Vest Harness with 2 Leash Attachments and Easy Control Handle from PoyPet
✔ This is a great harness for all dogs, it has reflective stitching that makes it perfect for safe night walks.
✔ It is made of high-quality materials and is very durable.
✔ The handle on this harness provides you with extra control when needed to guide your dog, or help them up.
✔ The No-Pull design makes it easy to walk your dog without pulling, choking, or another discomfort.
✔ It features a front leash attachment point and a back leash attachment point that can be used separately or together.
✔ This allows you to use the front clip for discouraging pulling and the back clip for relaxed walks.
✔ The ergonomic design evenly distributes pulling pressure to the body, preventing Choking.
✔ The soft breathable non-toxic mesh padded vest provides optimal comfort while exercising.


No matter what your budget is this Black Friday, you’ll be able to find something that’s perfect for you and your pup.

With just a few clicks of the mouse or a quick drive to your local pet store, you can save money and spoil your pup with something new.

So take this opportunity to treat them to some great Black Friday deals!

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