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Best dog backpack carriers. Photo of a dog in a backpack carrier with its owner.

The best dog backpack carriers will vary depending on a few factors, including the size of your dog, the type of terrain you’ll be hiking on, the weather you’ll be facing, and your own personal preferences.

Apart from that, you might be wondering if dogs like being carried, if dog carriers are comfortable for dogs, or even if you can carry a 30-pound dog in a backpack.

But don’t worry. We’ve done the hard work for you, answered these questions, and compiled a list of the best backpacks for carrying dogs based on our extensive research. We’ll start by explaining a little more all about it.

Top Picks – Dog backpack carriers

  1. Best backpack carrier for small dogs
  2. Best backpack carrier for large dogs
  3. Best backpack carrier for for biking on rough terrain
  4. Best backpack carrier for hiking

Is it safe to carry your dog in a backpack?

The short answer is yes. It is safe to carry your dog in a backpack as long as you take some precautions.

If you are going to be carrying your dog in a backpack for an extended period of time, make sure that the backpack is comfortable for both you and your dog. It should have enough room for your dog to turn around and lie down, and it should have padding in all the right places.

You will also want to make sure that your dog is securely fastened inside the backpack. Most backpacks designed for carrying dogs have some kind of leash attachment or other safety feature built-in, but it’s always a good idea to double-check before putting your dog in the backpack.

Finally, keep an eye on your dog while you are carrying him or her in the backpack. If your dog seems uncomfortable or starts to pant excessively, stop and take a break.

What are the different types of dog carrier backpacks?

There are a few different types of dog carrier backpacks on the market, each with its own set of features.

Here are a few of the most popular options:

Standard dog backpack carriers

A standard backpack is a great option if you’re looking for something that’s easy to carry and doesn’t cost too much. These backpacks typically have one or two compartments for storing your dog’s food, water, toys, and other supplies. Some standard backpacks also have a built-in leash attachment point or other safety features.

Hiking dog backpack carriers

A hiking backpack is a good choice if you’ll be doing a lot of walking or hiking with your dog. These backpacks usually have more compartments and pockets than a standard backpack, which can be helpful for carrying all of your dog’s supplies. Hiking backpacks also typically have more padding and support, which is important if you’ll be carrying your dog for long periods of time.

Wheeled dog backpack carriers

A wheeled backpack is a great option if you have a large dog or if you’ll be doing a lot of walking on even terrain. These backpacks have wheels that make it easy to roll them around, and they often have extendable handles so you can pull them behind you like a suitcase. Wheeled backpacks typically have plenty of space for all of your dog’s supplies, and some even have built-in food and water bowls.

No matter which type of backpack you choose, make sure it’s comfortable for both you and your dog. And always take breaks on long hikes to check on your pup and make sure he or she is doing OK.

Now that you know what to look for in a backpack for carrying dogs check out our top picks below.

Which dog backpack carrier is best?

The best dog backpack carrier for you will depend on a few factors, including the size and weight of your dog, the environment in which you’ll be hiking, and your own taste.

1. Best small dog backpack carrier

If you’re looking for a lightweight option that’s easy to carry, we recommend the K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier. But Is K9 sport sack safe? Well, this backpack is made from water-resistant fabric and has plenty of ventilation to keep your dog cool, even on hot days.


  • FORWARD-FACING DESIGN – Your dog will love the forward-facing design that allows him to see where he’s going.
  • HIP BELT AND STERNUM STRAP – The hip belt and sternum strap keep you comfortable, while the adjustable straps allow for a custom fit on your pup.
  • STURDY INTERNAL FRAME – This carrier features a sturdy internal frame that keeps your pet safe and secure during travel.
  • BUILT-IN STORAGE – Built into the front of this carrier is storage for your keys and wallet, so you can grab them quickly when you get out of the car.

2. Best large dog backpack carrier

For a more heavy-duty option that’s still comfortable to wear, check out the Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack. This backpack is made from durable ripstop fabric and has padded shoulder straps to make it easier to carry.


  • DURABLE – Designed for the toughest of trails, this backpack will withstand all sorts of travel—from the most rugged terrain to your daily commute.
  • FOR DOGS UP TO 25 LBS – This versatile carrier has a ventilated air vent, roll-up top panel, and dual-side compression straps, ensuring maximum comfort for you and your dog. To give your back and shoulders a rest, tuck away the backpack’s straps to use as a hand carrier—perfect for toting your pup in enclosed or tight spaces.
  • INTERIOR FIBERGLASS RODS – The G-Train’s interior fiberglass rods add strength and rigidity to the bag’s sides, providing a sturdy structure for your pup.
  • WATERPROOF AND DIRT PROOF – A roll top design ensures that water can’t get into the bag while you’re on the go—perfect for rainy days or trips through muddy terrain!

3. Best dog backpack carrier for biking on rough terrain

If you’ll be biking on rugged trails or in inclement weather. In that case, we recommend the Outward Hound Kyjen PoochPouch Front Carrier. This backpack is made from water-resistant nylon and has a built-in rain cover to keep your dog dry.


  • KEEP YOUR PUPS SAFE – The PoochPouch Dog Carrier is perfect for keeping your pup safe on every new adventure! With padded straps and water-resistant fabric, this carrier will keep your pup comfortable and safe while you’re on the go.
  • EASY CARRYING – The PoochPouch makes it easy to carry your pup with padded shoulder straps and a safety harness attachment. With mesh sides for ventilation, your pup will stay cool and comfortable on every journey.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY ADVENTURE – Whether you’re hitting the trails or just taking a walk around the block, the PoochPouch is perfect for any adventure! Keep your pup safe, comfortable, and stylish with this high-

4. Best dog backpack carrier for hiking

If you’re planning on doing some serious hiking, we recommend the K9 Sport Sack Air 2 Forward Facing Dog Carrier Backpack. The backpacks listed above are perfect for carrying dogs on your adventures. The backpacks have a thick rest pad so your pet can sit comfortably while leaving his paws and head out to explore.


THICK REST PAD – The K9 Sport Sack Air 2 dog carrier backpack has a thick rest pad so your pal can “sit” comfortably while leaving his paws and head out to explore.

EASY TO PUT ON – Easy to put on with an adjustable chest strap for your pooch, adjustable shoulder straps with whistle clip for you, and an easy-pull zipper. Great for hiking, errands, long walks, rucking, and everything in between. Light-reflecting chest strip for added safety.

VETERINARIAN APPROVED DESIGN – Veterinarian approved design with built-in safety D-ring for collar hookup and fully ventilated sides.

How do I turn my backpack into a dog carrier?

If you already have a backpack that you love and don’t want to replace it with a dedicated dog carrier. In that case, there are a few ways you can turn it into a dog-friendly backpack.

First, make sure your backpack is big enough to comfortably fit your dog. He or she should be able to stand up and turn around inside the backpack.

Next, line the backpack with a soft towel or blanket. This will help protect your backpack from dirt and hair and will make it more comfortable for your dog.

Finally, add some ventilation. Cut holes in the sides of the backpack or open up the top so your dog can get some fresh air.

With a little bit of creativity, you can turn any backpack into a dog carrier. Just make sure it’s big enough, comfortable, and well-ventilated before putting your pup inside.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding the perfect backpack for carrying your dog, size is important. You need to make sure that the backpack you choose is big enough to comfortably hold your dog but not too big that it becomes cumbersome or difficult to carry.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that the backpack you choose has plenty of ventilation. This is important for both your dog’s comfort and safety, as it will help to prevent them from over-heating while they are inside the backpack. Look for backpacks that have mesh panels on all sides or offer some sort of airflow system.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the features offered by different backpacks. Some backpacks come with built-in water bowls or food storage, while others offer more basic features like a leash clip or reflective strips. Choose the most important features for you and your dog’s needs.

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