Why Do French Bulldogs Snore and How to Treat it?

Why Do French Bulldogs Snore? french bulldog sleeping in bed

Is your Frenchie’s snore keeping you up all night? Better know the reasons why and how you can treat it. Frenchies are known to be heavy and noisy sleepers which can be a big problem if your puppy’s already comfortable and used to sleeping in bed close to you. Perhaps you don’t wish to consider buying noise-canceling earbuds for yourself or disturbing your Frenchie’s peace as an option, there are still other ways and remedies to keep your fur baby quiet while resting. 

Frenchies are prone to snoring and can be normal for them given that they have a short and pushed in face, which makes their airway narrower and easily blocked. However, aside from that, it can also be from other sources such as being overweight, due to exposure to smoke and allergens.

Luckily, there are many simple remedies you can try to minimize your puppy’s snoring besides surgery, which is a big and costly one. Some of these remedies would include giving them the right amount of food and exercise, providing them a circular dog bed or pillow to rest on and keeping them away from smoke and toxic air. Without further ado, let’s now draw our attention to each cause and their following treatment!

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome

French Bulldogs’ face structure makes it uneasy for them to breathe. Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome is a condition which refers to a compromised air movement along the nose, mouth, voice box and trachea. If the snoring becomes unbearable, brachycephalic surgery is advised although it can be very expensive; costing around $500 to $1,500. For a more budget-friendly solution, you can also give your puppy a pillow to place its head on or a round bed. 

Alleviating your Frenchie’s head would help take off pressure on its airway.

Have you ever noticed your Frenchie’s favorite resting position? Most of the time, they would place their head and neck against the ground or on top of their front paws. It might be comfortable for them, but it can also be a reason why they snore.

Teaching them how to use the pillow can take a while if they’re not used to it, but getting them a circular dog bed can be another option. Circular dog beds would give your Frenchie the notion to curl up while it rests; in result, it would open its air passages and keep the pressure away from its esophagus. If your clingy fur baby’s still trying to adjust, have it close to you and you might even notice a more minimized snore. 

Reasons For Why Do French Bulldogs Snore

Overweight or Obesity 

Frenchies do look adorable especially when they turn fat, but that won’t do them good nor you either! If you’re Frenchie happens to be overweight or obese, this can be a reason why they snore so loud. When a dog is fat, excess tissue is formed in its neck and throat, obstructing its esophagus which then makes it produce snoring sounds. Keep your Frenchie healthy and feed it the right amount of food.

Stop feeding your dog off the table

No matter how cute it looks when it stares at you while you’re eating dinner! Letting your puppy eat the right portion of dog food in a bowl can be a good start, but if it prefers home-cooked food, then you can have a bit of it mixed in to add extra flavor and texture until they gradually learn to get used to it.

It would also be a great idea if you cut down giving treats too often, or if not, replace treats with food that’s healthier like carrots, celery, and green beans. It might take a while for your Frenchie to cut off some weight, but regularly keeping an eye on your dog and its diet would soon have it hushed while it sleeps at night

Exercise your French Bulldog

It is true that Frenchies are not at all sporty dogs and that they’re highly purposed for indoor living conditions and lifestyle, however, this doesn’t mean they’re excluded from getting enough exercise. If your Frenchie loves living its “fantastic” life of being hand-fed, belly-rubbed and usual days of getting cozed up in bed, it’s time to make some adjustments here and there.

You need to take your dog for a walk on a daily basis

Frenchies don’t have to go through intense exercises since their genes and body is not as athletic and hyperactive like a Greyhound’s or a Siberian Husky’s, so make sure you increase your pup’s exercise safely.

Be cautious of the heat especially when the weather is getting humid, take your Frenchie to shorter walks or let it exercise at home, otherwise, it can result in raspy breathing, fainting, or worst, heatstroke. To keep things fun, you can also play with your Frenchie and give them toys to excite them while exercising; a play date would keep them feeling active as well!

Snoring noises might not go away in an instant since losing weight can be a real long game, but you can try the remedies aforementioned (providing pillow or circular dog bed, bed with side support will also do) while having it shed off some weight during the day. 

Allergens and Toxic Air  

Your Frenchie’s snoring can be a symptom of irritation or reaction to dust, dirt, pollen and smoke. Check your little buddy’s condition, it might also be due to getting a bad cold, resulting in stuffy nose and frequent wheezes and snorting day and night. You can always visit a vet to have them checked and treated although prevention is always better than cure.

Bath your Frenchie and keep his space clean and breathable

For some reason, dust particles tend to have higher density inside bedrooms since they’re considered smaller than in other rooms. If you let your Frenchie stay to rest in the bedroom with you, make sure it’s cleaned regularly. The dog bed should also be cleaned at least once a week to prevent bacteria and allergens, some of which would be pet dandy and dirt coming from their paws and mouth.

Moreover, bathe your Frenchie properly and use certified hypoallergenic shampoo; wipe their face with a clean cloth and work through their folds to get rid of all the muck build-up! Your Frenchie might not react gleefully while you’re at it, but it will be mutually beneficial for their health and in granting you that peaceful sleep you’ve been craving for.

Do not smoke near your French Bulldog

Frenchies are sensitive dogs, so make sure you keep them out of toxic environments, polluted areas, and smoke. If you’re a smoker, don’t victimize your pup into secondhand smoking. Smoke outside the room, or better, stop smoking. Exposure to smoke would not only result in snoring but also other more serious conditions like respiratory issues including lung cancer and eye infections.

Keep your French Bulldog hydrated

Furthermore, your Frenchie’s snoring can be caused by a dry mouth and throat, keep your pet hydrated by leaving a bowl of fresh water in places inside your home, consider where your Frenchie usually stays. You can place one bowl beside its bed and another bowl on its eating area. Might as well provide an air humidifier near its sleeping zone; the air humidifier’s job is to add moisture into the air which is effective in preventing dryness that could cause your dog’s throat flaps to come in contact and produce a snore. 

Final Thoughts 

French Bulldogs snore for a number of reasons, and fortunately, all of which are treatable. Some simple remedies might not work for your dog, as to why when all else fails, you can opt for surgery which will permanently resolve the snoring issue. It can be pricey, but if it will make you appreciate your dog’s company a bit more, then it’s worth it. The surgery is designed to reconstruct narrow nostrils and short palate for much better airflow; not only will this stop the snoring but it would also keep them away from experiencing or even dying from sleep apnea.  

Keeping your place dog-friendly and clean is a must; try being a little more observant when it comes to detail and be reminded that your dog’s snoring is a condition that can be a result of its environment and physical health. If it’s not the environment, consider its hygiene, if it’s not the hygiene, it’s probably their physical fitness, or if not, it can be its sleeping position – Don’t be afraid of asking yourself if there are other factors you’ve disregarded or unintentionally missed out.

Being a dog owner, in general, can be a handful but your dog will thank you for your effort, you might even get yourself relieved and surprised after hearing fewer snores at night afterward. 

Take care of your puppy and be patient in finally getting its small snout to stop snoring, sometimes, it’s not totally their fault and if they only knew, they wouldn’t wish to disturb your sleeping hours too!

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