How to give a dog a bath without water? 7 ways you Must know

How To Give A Dog A Bath Without Water? Photo of a dog after a bath without water.

How would you like to avoid the mess and hassle of bathing your pup in an awkward sink or tub, only to have them shake off all the soap and dirt before they can dry off?

There are many different ways that you could go about giving your dog a bath without water. One way is by using a waterless dog shampoo instead of regular liquid shampoos. Another way is by using baby or specific pet wipes.

But, there are many other different ways that you could go about giving your dog a bath without water, so it’s worth experimenting with the tips below to see which ones work best for you and your pet.

7 Ways to wash your dog without water

Washing your dog without water can be a fun and less messy alternative to giving your pup a regular bath. The best part is that most of the methods mentioned below can be done anywhere, so it’s easy to keep your dog clean.

1. Brush your furry friend

Regular brushing your dog will help to keep their coat clean and free of dirt, which is especially beneficial if your dog has long hair. Brushing also helps to remove any loose hair or dander that may be stuck in your pup’s coat, which can reduce the number of times you need to give them a bath.

2. Waterless shampoo

There are many different waterless dog shampoos on the market that you could use when washing your dog without water. A dry powdered shampoo will clean and rinse your dog’s fur in much the same way as regular dog shampoo would, but they don’t require any water to work.

3. Use wipes

Using baby wipes to clean your dog can be a convenient and easy alternative to giving them a traditional bath. Just make sure that you use unscented or sensitive baby wipes, as this type of wipe is the best option for your pup’s skin.

4. Baking soda

Baking soda can be used as a shampoo replacement when giving your dog a bath without water. Baking soda will remove the bad odors from your dog’s hair.

5. Cornstarch

Just like baking soda, cornstarch absorbs the bad odors and removes them from your dog’s coat. Cornstarch will also relieve your dogs itchy and dry skin.

6. Dog deodorizing Spray

A deodorizing spray is another good alternative to using traditional shampoo and can help to get rid of any odors or smells on your dog’s hair. This type of spray is especially beneficial if you’re unable to give your pup a full bath but just want their hair smelling fresh again.

But, remember. Never use human deodorant sprays, as this is bad for your dog’s skin. Only use dogs specific deodorizing sprays instead.

7. Use Lemon or Vinegar

Mixing lemon or vinegar with warm water can make a great alternative to dog shampoo for washing your dog. Just mix equal parts of each together in a spray bottle, then apply the mixture throughout your dog’s coat.

Once you’ve done this, just use a wet cloth to remove the solution from your dog’s hair, and it will eliminate any odors and leave their coat fresh and clean.

How do I give my dog a dry bath Step by Step

To give your dog a dry bath, you can use the same homemade solutions above on his coat. Here’s a step by step guide to give your dog a bath without wate:

Step 1 – Brush your dog first.

First, you should brush your furry friend as much as possible before giving them a waterless bath. Start at their head and work down until you’ve brushed off all of the mats and tangles.

Step 2 – Apply a waterless shampoo

Now that your dog’s fur is in good condition, you can start applying the waterless shampoo in the same way. Just flip your dog over and use it all over their body – but make sure to avoid getting any of the shampoo in their eyes or ears. Then, brush them again to really get rid of any dirt or debris that may have gotten trapped in their coat.

Step 3 – Clean your dog’s ears

If your dog’s ears are dirty, you can use a cotton ball or wet baby wipes to gently wipe the inside of his ear. But, make sure not to push anything down their ear canal.

You can use ear powder to clean your dog’s ears as well, helping to remove hair and debris from the inside. It will also help make your dog’s ears dry and control their odor. Just shake some ear powder over their ear and use a dry towel to wipe the excess away.

Step 4 – Clean Your Dog’s Eyes

Next, you should clean your dog’s eyes and face. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any debris or dirt from these areas.

With a baby wipe, you can clean the eyes surrounding area. You can also use a wet gauze or cotton for this purpose.

Step5 – Clean Your Dog’s Nose

A wet cloth can be used to wipe your dog’s nose. Be sure not to push anything down their nose, as this could cause future respiratory problems and infections.

Step 6 – Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

Your dog’s teeth should be brushed regularly to reduce tartar, plaque build up and any potential for gum disease. However, you can also use a wet gauze to help remove any gunk and debris from their teeth.

Step 7 – Clean Your Dog’s Paws

Use a damp cloth to wipe down your dog’s paws to finish the waterless bath. If they’re muddy, you can apply the waterless shampoo or any of the alternative options above to their paws instead.

Step 8 – Give your dog a treat!

Now that your pup is clean and fresh, all you have to do is reward them with a special treat for being so patient. You can use any type of treat that they really enjoy eating.

If you follow all of these steps for giving your dog bathe without water, you should be able to keep their coat fresh and clean. Remember to avoid wetting their

How do I wash my dog if he hates water?

If your doh hates water and you really want to bathe him, it can be tricky. Dog’s don’t need to bath very often, and most of the time, giving your pup a waterless bath is enough.

But if you still want to wash your dog that hates water, then here are a few tips:

  • Be patient and use treats;
  • Start by exercising your dog and giving him some food. This will help to tire him out, which means he will be less likely to fight you;
  • Try and get his mind off the water for a little while first by playing with him or giving him some treats;
  • Spray just a couple of inches of water on your dog’s coat at first;
  • Make sure that the water is warm and comfortable for your dog, or it could make him stressed out;
  • Let your pup get used to the water first, then reward him with a treat when he stands still or lets you touch him. Pushing your dog into the water may make things worse and result in a big fight;
  • Praise and reward your dog after the bath.

It will be tricky the first time around, but once your dog knows that a bath means a treat, he will be less stressed out.

If you’re still struggling to bathe your dog after all of this advice, maybe you need to look for a groomer or good pet center nearby and let them bathe him.

Can I bathe my dog in hydrogen peroxide?

You should never use hydrogen peroxide for bathing your dog. H2O2 can cause distress and damage your dog’s skin. The main side effects that can occur when bathing your dog with H2O2 are symptoms of chemical burns, which include redness, pain, and tender the skin.

There are other ways to get rid of bacteria on your dog’s coat without using hydrogen peroxide or regular shampoo.

One way is by simply mixing water with baking soda together in a spray bottle and spraying the solution onto your dog’s fur. This will help to eliminate any bad odor or bacteria without harming your furry friend’s skin.

Can I wash my dog with a towel?

A simple towel can take care of any small messes or dirt your dog may get into throughout the day. Just make sure to be gentle when patting away anything stuck in their fur, as this could irritate their skin and cause discomfort for them.

How do you give a dog a dry bath with baking soda?

Baking soda will help to remove any bad odors or bacteria that may be stuck on your dog’s hair.

You’ll have to sprinkle baking soda over your dog’s coat. Be careful around the ears and eyes.

Gently massage his fur with your hands and let it sit for a while. Then brush until you have removed all the baking soda from your dog.

You will notice the bad odors and dirt will be gone, and your dog’s hair will smell fresh and clean.

How to give my dog a bath with waterless shampoo?

To give your dog a waterless bath with a dry shampoo, brush your dog’s coat first to remove any tangles or matting before applying the dry shampoo.

Apply the powdered shampoo onto your dog’s hair. Rub it in with your hands until their fur feels soft, and then brush to remove excess shampoo. Your dog will smell great, feel clean and fresh!


Giving your dog a bath without water doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. As you can see, bathing your dog can be a breeze if you follow these simple steps – especially if your he is afraid of water!

There are many different ways to go about it, so the only thing you’ll need to do is figure out which one works best.

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