Do Dog Eyelashes Grow Back? (Explained)

Do Dog Eyelashes Grow Back? Photo of a closeup of dog eyelashes.

Is your dog suddenly missing their eyelashes? And you may be wondering if do dog eyelashes grow back. Don’t panic! All you need to know is below on all things to do with dog eyelashes.

You’ll be happy to learn that your dog’s eyelashes will grow back if they are accidentally or intentionally cut. However, they will grow back a little slower than hair or fur on other parts of their body, so don’t worry if it takes up to 7 weeks before they’re to their original length!

A dog’s genetics will determine how long their eyelashes will be, amongst other details.

Should you trim your dog’s eyelashes?

Many will trim their dog’s eyelashes when they appear to be too long. If you are going only from the “look too long” point of view, you shouldn’t necessarily trim your dog’s eyelashes. Your dog’s eyelashes are a specific length that their body adjusts as needed for safety and security.

While there is no harm in trimming your dog’s eyelashes, it’s not something that you should do unless there is a health risk in leaving them as long as they are.

Do dog groomers trim eyelashes?

If an experienced and dedicated dog groomer is grooming your dog with long eyelashes. In that case, they often will trim their eyelashes along with the rest of the fur. However, many will call you to ask first, just because it’s not required.

If this is something that concerns you, you can always ask them what their approach is and then let them know if you’re comfortable with them doing it or not.

Reasons for trimming dog eyelashes

So, if there’s no reason to trim a dog’s eyelashes, what are the reasons that someone would recommend specifically in favor of trimming them. Two main problems can be caused by a dog having eyelashes that are too long: distichiasis and trichiasis.

Distichiasis is when eyelashes grow in strange and unusual spots. In this case, their angle would make it more common for tearing in the eye, discharge, and pain. You or a specialist should trim them to minimize the potential for irritation.

Trichiasis is when your dog’s eyelashes are growing at a strange angle, and they are going inward on the eye. This puts them at more risk for infections and discomfort since the hair will be hitting the eye itself.

Should dogs have long eyelashes?

What’s the situation with dogs and long eyelashes? Why do some dogs seem to have really long lashes and others not? It’s normal for Maltese and Cocker Spaniels to have long eyelashes. Other dogs will have normal eyelashes. If your dog’s eyelashes seem abnormally long, you can talk to your vet about it.

Why are my dog’s eyelashes so long?

Even to us, a dog with long eyelashes will have noticeably long eyelashes! They will protect the eye, which is part of the body’s natural process. Unless your vet or groomer determines otherwise, it’s best not to mess with it. They are that way for a reason, after all!

Do missing dog eyelashes regrow?

Are you feeling apprehensive about your dog’s eyelashes and their growth? It’s okay! Your dog’s missing eyelashes will regrow. If they don’t, they might have an underlying health problem. 

Why do dogs lose their eyelashes?

As mentioned, there are some health-related reasons why dogs will lose their eyelashes. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Blepharitis
  • Skin infections
  • Pests
  • Allergies
  • Hormones
  • Malnutrition


This is a health condition where the eyelids can swell up abnormally. If left untreated, it can cause blindness in dogs. One of the symptoms is eyelashes falling out or not growing back since the growth hormone will be interrupted in that area.

Skin infections

The eye is a sensitive area, so any time that your dog has an infection from fungus, bacteria, or parasites, your dog may have noticeably short eyelashes, or they aren’t growing correctly or at all. Clearing up the infection will help with this.


Fleas, mange, and ticks can all cause hair to fall out. If your dog has an infestation around their eyes, it can cause an eyelash problem in growth, hair thickness, and length. You’ll notice pests elsewhere in this case, though!


From food or products, allergies in dogs often cause bald spots or hair thinning. This can include a change in eyelash growth.


Several hormone issues can cause baldness, thinning hair, and eyelash problems. These include hypothyroidism, Cushing’s Disease, and diabetes, amongst others. As the hormones fluctuate, hair loss will become noticeable. These can be easily treated, and eyelash growth should regulate along with it.


When a dog isn’t getting their nutrition needs met, hair loss will be a sign, amongst other ones. If you have recently adopted a malnourished dog, this might be something that you notice. As they start to recover, you’ll find that they will have their eyelashes grow back, too.

How long does it take for cut dog eyelashes to grow back?

Most experts agree that it can take anywhere from 5-7 weeks for eyelashes to grow back properly and entirely. If there is a differing rate, then you can talk to your vet or groomer if you wish.

What happens when you cut dog eyelashes?

If a dog’s long eyelashes are bothering you, you might be tempted to cut their eyelashes. After all, it won’t do much harm, right? Wrong, actually! 

Remember that you should only cut your dog’s eyelashes if there is a need to do so (such as irritation). Eyelashes are there to protect the eye from debris and damage. An eyelash that is too short won’t offer the protection that your dog needs and deserves.

A dog with eyelashes too short can be at risk for corneal scratches, general discomfort, and more. It may even increase their likelihood of having infections or injuries, causing them to lose their sight.

Can a dog have fake eyelashes?

You knew this question was coming, right? Humans can enjoy clip-on eyelashes, so why not dogs? Dogs can’t have fake eyelashes! Not only will they not offer protection, but they’ll also pull on your dog’s sensitive eye area and do nothing other than increase irritation. The glue can also be dangerous for your dog’s skin and fur health, not to mention their eye.

Avoid the temptation to glue fake eyelashes on your dog! It is nothing but a cosmetic thing and will cause your dog harm! 

All in all

Whether accidental or intentional, a dog’s cut eyelashes will grow back. They will grow back to their full length in 5-7 weeks unless an underlying health problem impacts growth.

A dog’s eyelashes are a selected length for a reason. Some dogs have short, and some have long natural eyelashes.

If you’re concerned about their eye health and eyelash length, before deciding what you want to do about length, talk to your vet or groomer and make sure that you are moving forward with the correct, accurate information!

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