How Many Hairs are On a Dog? (Solved)

How Many Hairs are On a Dog? Photo of a small dog with long hair.

This is a logical question, and it’s one that you need to be answered, right? Whether it’s a bet or just general interest that brought you here, below is what you’ll need to know on how many hairs are on a dog!

The number will vary depending on the size of your dog and coat type. However, most dogs will have anywhere from 600-60,000 hairs per square inch. To get an accurate number of hairs on your entire dog, you’ll need to use that number and multiply it by the square inch count approximate to your dog!

Below, we’ll dive into determining where our dog is on the sliding scale of hair count. And how to keep track of their fur and its loss, if you’re concerned about it! This is a really neat topic for a conversation starter, too!

How many hairs are on a dog?

Most dogs tend to sit between 15,000 to 60,000 hairs per square inch, though the number can lie outside of those norms fairly easily. That might be all well and good to know, but how are you going to know how to figure out your dog’s specific situation? There are a few focus areas to help you understand just what kinds of meals you will be dealing with. These include:

  • Fur packing
  • Size
  • Health

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Fur packing

Dogs can have loose-packed hair or tight-packed hair. The fur on dogs like pugs, for instance, is very tightly packed. It repels water, and they look the same wey or dry with their short and wiry fur. Experts agree that these dogs could have 600 hairs per square inch, whereas a terrier of the same size could have only 100 or 200.

When calculating how many hairs your dog has, you’ll need to focus on what type of fur your dog has! 

If you’re feeling confused, compare this to the explanation on human hair. Most humans have fewer than 1000 hairs per square inch. This helps you understand a bit better what those numbers look like! This is approximate too, however, as hair thickness varies from person to person.


If the surprisingly low count of fur per square inch in the example above surprised you, remember that size factors into hair count. After all, the same fur thickness in a tiny dog versus a big dog would look dramatically different.

Generally, small dogs will have 100-600 hairs per square inch. Medium dogs will have about 15,000 hairs per square inch. Big dogs will often start at 83,000 hairs per square inch. These are, of course, very general numbers, but they help you enjoy a starting point!


Your dog’s health is also going to factor into the amount of hair that your dog has. A malnourished dog, or a stressed-out dog, will have thin and balding hair. Their coat will also be lackluster and often brittle to the touch. A dog with a healthy diet and stress levels will have a more average count.

How many hair follicles do dogs have?

There’s no exact number for the number of hair follicles on dogs. However, we can use human data to help! Many experts agree that humans have approximately 5 million hair follicles on their bodies.

Since humans have approximately 1000 hairs per square inch as opposed to the range offered above for dogs, we can use that number to make an educated guess on what the final one would be. A lot more than 5 million, wouldn’t you agree?

How many layers of hair do dogs have?

Most, if not all, dogs have two distinct layers of hair. These include the undercoat and a topcoat. An undercoat is a soft and downy fur that acts as insulation. It will help your dog stay warm and cool, respectively. It allows fresh air to flow in and natural moisture to evaporate from your dog’s skin.

The topcoat is wiry and coarse. Its job is to protect your dog’s skin and fur. It repels water and weather, including damaging UV rays. It is still soft, but it does have a coarser texture compared directly to the undercoat.

It’s a common myth that only certain dogs have two coats, but most experts agree that virtually all dogs have two. Regardless of how long, short, soft, wiry, and thick or thin their coats are, most do still have two!

How many hairs does a dog shed a day?

Shedding is a common pet parent complaint since it takes a lot of time to clean up from! Dogs shed every single day of the year. Sometimes, it’s obvious, and other times it’s as subtle as what a human would lose in the run of a day. Simply, there is no set amount of hair that dogs lose per day. 

During shedding season, where dogs will shed their current seasonal coat and grow in a new one for the seasonal change, that number is going to be temporarily much, much higher than it would be for daily life. This is because they are in the process of essentially removing every old strand of hair from their body!

Outside of that coat-blowing season, however, you’ll be relieved to know that it is subtle enough that you won’t feel like you are drowning in it or constantly chasing around dust bunnies that are just giant clumps of hair.

In general

There is no set numeral when determining the number of hairs on a dog. It could be anywhere from 600-60,000 hairs per square inch of their body. You’ll need to factor in your dog’s size, fury type, nutrition and health, and more when looking at getting a firm final amount of hair count. It sure beats manually counting them, right?

Regardless of the main reason for you to learn all about the types of hair and how much is actually on your dog, there’s a lot more to it than most think! In both ways, actually.

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