French Bulldog Red Eyes – Why Does It Happens?

French Bulldog Red Eyes. Photo of a French Bulldog with red eyes.

French bulldogs can develop swollen, red or bloodshot eyes due to a cherry eye condition. Still, it can also be dry eye syndrome, corneal ulcers, or simply allergies.

A French Bulldog with red eyes symptoms will need veterinary care if they don’t get better in a few days. Let’s explore what you ought to know about french bulldog red eyes!

What Causes Your French Bulldog To Have Red Eyes?


Allergies on your French Bulldog eyes can cause bloodshot like eyes as well as excessive tearing and pawing at the eyes.

Itching, discharge, and crusty skin around the eyes are also common symptoms of allergies.

The most common allergen is pollen, but a French Bulldog can also be allergic to dust, mites, fleas, and foods. And, all that can cause your French Bulldog’s eyes to become red.

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Eye injury

If your French Bulldog has a tear in its cornea, it can affect the inner surface of the eye, causing blood vessels to grow over the affected area. This will make your French Bulldog’s eyes look red as well.

Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (Dry Eye Syndrome)

If your French Bulldog has dry eye syndrome, its eyes will be red and irritated due to a lack of tears.

A French Bulldog with this problem will blink excessively and may develop a secondary bacterial or yeast infection.


Glaucoma is a condition that causes an increase in pressure within the eye, which can damage the optic nerve. This can lead to blindness, and one of its symptoms is a red eye.


Uveitis is an inflammation of the uvea, which is the eye’s middle layer. A French Bulldog with uveitis may have red eyes as well as other symptoms such as excessive tearing, pain, and light sensitivity.

Corneal ulceration

A French Bulldog with a corneal ulcer will have eye pain, red eyes due to blood in the vessels, squinting because it hurts to look, and excessive tearing.

The most common cause of corneal ulcers in Frenchies is trauma caused by a foreign object or a scratch from another dog or cat.


Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is the thin membrane that lines the inside of the eyelid and coats the eyeball. A French Bulldog with conjunctivitis may have red eyes, discharge, and crusting on the eyelashes.

Cherry eye

If your French Bulldog has cherry eye, he’ll have red, swollen eyes with clear discharge and possible tearing.

Cherry eye occurs when the tear gland of the third eyelid becomes enlarged and pops out, protruding from underneath the nictitating membrane.

It is possible to treat cherry eye but it will likely recur in some French Bulldogs. It may require surgical intervention.

cherry eye needs to be corrected surgically to prevent complications such as eyelid deformities and cornea damage.


If your French Bulldog has cataracts, his eyes will become cloudy and may look red. A Frenchie can’t develop cataracts until they’re 6 to 7 years old, so early detection is important.


Distichiasis is a condition where extra eyelashes on the edge of the eyelid rub against the cornea. A French Bulldog with distichiasis will have red, itchy eyes and may squint because it’s painful to open them.


In French Bulldogs with entropion, the eyelid rolls inward toward the cornea, leading to damage from lashes and inflammation. Entropion may cause red eyes and other symptoms such as excessive tearing and sensitivity.

French Bulldogs Eye Problem Signs

If your French Bulldog is showing one or more of these symptoms, make an appointment with your vet right away.

  • Its eyes are red;
  • Exhibits sensitivity to light;
  • Has clear discharge from the eyes and does not go away after a few days;
  • Squints or closes eye often;
  • Eyes are tearing;
  • Has crusting around the eyes;
  • Is constantly pawing at the eyes.

These are some of the most common symptoms of French Bulldog eye problems.

If you’re concerned about your Frenchie’s eyes, please make an appointment with your veterinarian. They will be able to diagnose the problem and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Protect and Prevent French Bulldog Red Eyes Problems

Protecting, preventing, and reducing French Bulldog’s eye problems is not only smart but also the healthiest choice for your French Bulldog.

Here are some things you can do to reduce or prevent French Bulldog’s red eyes:

Do Regular Check-Ups

Your French Bulldog’s eyes should be examined by your veterinarian at least annually or as recommended.

Regular eye exams can identify potential blinding genetic conditions before they cause permanent damage to French Bulldogs’ vision.

The sooner these conditions are identified, the more options for treatment your veterinarian will have.

Clean Their Eyes Regularly

Most people ask themselves how often a French Bulldog’s eyes should be cleaned? Well, you should have their eyes cleaned regularly, especially if they have a lot of discharge.

Use a warm, damp cloth to gently clean the area around the eyes. Remove any crusts that may have formed and allow the area to dry naturally.

Give Them a Balanced Diet

A French Bulldog’s diet should be complete, well-balanced, and meet their nutritional needs throughout life.

Proper nutrition is important for French Bulldogs because it can help prevent or reduce the risk of eye problems throughout French Bulldog’s lifetime.

Supplementing French Bulldogs’ diets with omega-3 fatty acids may help reduce the risk of developing some types of French Bulldog eye problems.

Look for a supplement containing DHA and EPA, which are the two main omega-3 fatty acids found in the retina.

Protect Their Eyes from Hazards

A Frenchie can be injured by many different things, such as splinters, sharp edges, or even other pet friends.

Be sure to protect your French Bulldogs’ eyes from these types of injuries by taking the necessary precautions.

This may include using a Frenchie eye guard when they’re playing with other dogs, keeping hazardous items out of their reach.

How to remove something from your Frenchie’s eyes

French Bulldogs will get something in their eyes from time to time, just like any other breed of dog.

If there is something stuck superficially in his/her eyes, you can try to remove it at home if you are comfortable doing so.

To do this, first, try to flush the object out with water. If that doesn’t work, you can try eye drops for dogs (never use human eye drops). Before taking action, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly.

If it is something stuck deep in your French Bulldog’s eyes, don’t try to remove it by yourself. This can cause further injury and should only be done by a veterinarian. They will be able to remove the object safely and without causing any additional damage.

My French Bulldog has red eyes when tired

Just like in humans, Frenchies can get red eyes when they’re tired.

This is because the blood vessels in the eyes become more visible when they are tired.

It’s nothing to worry about and doesn’t indicate any type of health problem. In fact, it’s also a very common occurrence in other dog breeds.

Eye cleaning products for your French Bulldog

There are a few different products on the market that can be used to clean your French Bulldog’s eyes.

Some people prefer to use a warm, damp cloth, while others may use an over-the-counter eye cleaning product specifically designed for dogs.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully and use them as directed. Improper use of these products can cause further irritation to French Bulldogs’ eyes.

  • Wipes can be used to clean away dirt, dust, and debris that French Bulldogs pick up around the house or outside.
  • Eye drops for dogs can help to keep their eyes moist and free of discharge.
  • Use an eye gel or ointment if there is a lot of discharge in his/her eyes. This can help to keep the area lubricated and free from infection.

Remember, only use products that are designed for dogs, and never use human eye drops on your dog.

When should I get my Frenchie to the vet?

If your French Bulldog’s eyes are red, go see the vet immediately! French Bulldog eyes are prone to certain conditions that can be pretty painful or even life-threatening if not treated.

Frenchies also have tiny tear ducts that can cause excess tearing or watering problems. Your French Bulldog needs to see the vet immediately if it is having trouble opening their French Bulldog’s eyes or appear to be in pain when trying to open them.


French Bulldogs are bred with a number of genetic conditions that can affect their eyes. They are also prone to developing certain types of eye infections.

Many of these conditions can be treated if caught early. A French Bulldog should have a yearly eye exam to ensure that there are no problems.

If your Frenchie’s eyes are red, take action as soon as possible. Your French Bulldog can also develop allergies or other types of infections that cause the eyes to become red and inflamed.

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