How Often Should A French Bulldog Poop? (Explained)

French Bulldog Poop. Photo of a French Bulldog pooping.

French Bulldogs are adorable, but their poop can be a little unpredictable. Frenchies can have a variety of different bowel movements, and sometimes it can be hard to tell if they’re normal or not.

There are no rules when it comes to the number of times a French Bulldog should poop, it depends on a variety of factors. However, healthy adult French Bulldogs should poop at least once per day, on average twice per day, and a maximum of three times per day. If your Frenchie is not pooping at all or is pooping more than three times a day, then you should consult your veterinarian.

Below, we will go over the different signs of French Bulldogs’ bowel movements and what they mean. These are things to look for so you can determine if your Frenchies’ poop is normal or not.

Factors Affecting Your Frenchie Poop

There are a variety of factors that can affect French Bulldog bowel movements, such as age, diet, and overall health.

Age: As your French Bulldog gets older, he will have a lower digestive capacity. Adult dogs only poop around three times a day, while puppies can go up to six or seven times. This is because puppies are growing, and their bodies need extra nourishment from food along with energy from digestion.

Puppies usually have smaller bowel movements, especially when they are teething. You may begin to notice larger, looser stools once your Frenchie puppy starts getting teeth.

Younger dogs also tend to drink more water than older dogs, so their poop is also more watery.

Diet: Your dog’s diet plays a large role in their bowel movements. If your French Bulldog is on a high-quality diet with no gravy or anything added to the kibble. In that case, you should notice smaller stools that are brown in color and resemble small pebbles.

If your Frenchie is on low-quality food, their stools will be yellow and have a stronger odor that is cruder.

Overall Health: A healthy French Bulldog’s poop should be brown in color depending on their diet and will be medium to large in size. However, if your dog has diarrhea or is vomiting, some of the stools may resemble more of a pudding consistency.

Other signs such as excess gas and low stool output can indicate that your French Bulldog is not feeling well, and you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

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How long after a Frenchie eats do they poop?

French Bulldogs should have a bowel movement after every meal. Depending on the size of your French Bulldog, they should have a stool at least 30 minutes after each meal.

If your Frenchie is taking over an hour to have a bowel movement after eating. In that case, they’re probably constipated or eating too much at once.

It’s important to remember that most dogs poop after meals, no matter what breed they are. Some dogs may take longer to go than others depending on the size and age of the dog.

How many times should a French Bulldog puppy poop?

As mentioned before, Frenchie puppies will poop more often than an adult French Bulldog. A Frenchie puppy should have a bowel movement at least six times a day because they’re rapidly growing and need the extra energy from the food.

How To Know If My Frenchie’s Poop Looks Normal?

A healthy French Bulldog’s poop should look like small logs that resemble pebbles. The poop should be medium to dark brown in color depending on your dog’s diet, and the stool should resemble small balls inside of a mucous-like substance.

However, there can be other Frenchie poop problems you want to look out for.

French Bulldog Poop Color

French Bulldogs pooping yellow or green stool could indicate that they’re not getting the correct nutrients. If their poop is yellow, then their diet probably consists of low-quality food, or they might be eating too much.

Blood on Their Poop

If your Frenchie poops blood, this could indicate many problems. If the blood is just on their anal area, it’s probably due to hemorrhoids which are common in dogs as they age.

However, if there is dark brown or red blood, then your French Bulldog might be bleeding from their stomach or intestines, and you should take them to the vet as soon as possible.

French Bulldog Runny Poop

French Bulldogs with watery poop also means that they’re not getting the nutrients from their food. This could be because of parasites or worms, but in a worst-case scenario, it could also mean your dog has problems with its pancreas or liver.

Runny poops in French Bulldogs should be investigated by a vet to figure out the underlying cause.

Why does my French Bulldog puppy have loose stools?

A puppy French Bulldog with loose stools is actually pretty normal. Puppies are constantly growing and eating, which means their digestive system is working overtime to process all of their meals. This can cause the stool to be soft for a few days until the puppy gets used to having more food in its system.

What do you feed a puppy with loose stools??

To help your puppy get back to normal, you should give them rice or oatmeal. These foods are easy for their stomachs to digest, and they don’t contain any lactose, which can make the stool even softer.

Milk should be avoided altogether because it will make the stool softer and could also cause diarrhea. If your French Bulldog still has diarrhea, then you should take him to a vet.

How do I make my French Bulldog poop more solid?

Making your Frenchie’s poop harder can be quite a challenge. If your French Bulldog is eating low-quality food, their poop will be softer and have more odor.

Making sure that you’re feeding your Frenchie high-quality dog food can help with this problem, as well as changing how much you feed them at once.

You should also make sure to take your dog to the vet if they have diarrhea or their poop is extremely runny to figure out what’s going on under the hood.

Why does my French Bulldogs poop smell so bad?

If your dog’s poop has a powerful smell, then this is usually due to the food they’re eating. If you have been feeding your French Bulldog low-quality food for a long time, then their poop will probably have a very bad odor.

Changing them over to wet or dry high-quality food will most likely solve the problem.

French Bulldog Constipation

If you’re noticing that your Frenchie is struggling to poop and experiencing constipation symptoms. In that case, this means they probably aren’t getting enough water and fiber.

You should use a stool softener or give them canned pumpkin to help with their digestive system because dehydration can also cause constipation. If the problem continues, then you should take them to the vet.

Is It Normal For French Bulldogs to Get Excited After Pooping?

If your French Bulldog is getting excited after they poop, then this could indicate that they don’t have any digestive tract problems.

Excitement can also mean that your dog thinks you’re taking them to playtime after their hairy business is complete.

But if your Frenchie seems upset or uncomfortable after pooping, then that might be a sign of constipation or diarrhea. You should also take them to the vet if they’re unable to poop for a long time.

Why Is My Frenchie Eating Its Poop?

If your French Bulldog is eating his own poop, then this could mean he has a nutritional deficiency. If you’re feeding him low-quality food, then it makes sense that he’s trying to get whatever nutrients he can from the only source available to him.

The natural desire of your Frenchie to eat feces is not limited to just gastrointestinal disorders, as other factors such as malabsorption problems, diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome, thyroid disease, pancreatic insufficiency, intestinal parasites, and even medical therapies can all influence it.


Adult and healthy French Bulldogs should poop a maximum of three times per day and in normal consistency. If your Frenchie is struggling to poop and seems uncomfortable, then he probably has some kind of digestive problem that needs to be addressed by a vet.

It is important to watch your Frenchie when they are pooping, so you can monitor the color and amount of poop that is being passed. This way, if there’s a problem then you will notice and be able to call your veterinarian.

These signs and symptoms should serve as a guide when determining what type of bowel movement is normal for your Frenchie. If you can’t seem to get your pup to poop normally, then you should definitely take it to the vet because constipation can lead to serious problems.

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