French Bulldog barking: Do French Bulldogs Bark A Lot?

Photo of a French Bulldog barking.

If you’re considering a Frenchie, you’re probably wondering if do French Bulldogs bark a lot and whether or not you will be able to live with a French Bulldog barking. In this post, we’ll discuss why do they bark, how much do they bark, and how to stop them from barking. Stay tuned!

Although French Bulldogs are not the quietest of breeds, French Bulldogs don’t bark a lot. They tend to only bark when they have something to say, which means that they are less likely to engage in unnecessary or excessive barking. This makes them an ideal breed for those who live in apartments or other close quarters.

So, if you’re looking for a dog that won’t drive your neighbors crazy with incessant barking, a French Bulldog might be the perfect choice for you.

Do French Bulldogs bark a lot?

As mentioned above, French Bulldogs don’t bark a lot and are not typically considered a noisy breed. However, French Bulldogs will bark if a strange person or animal approaches their home or if they feel like they need to communicate with their family.

Will your French Bulldog bark a lot?

While every dog is different, there are a few things that can help you predict how much your French Bulldog will bark.

One factor to consider is whether your dog will be living inside or outside. French Bulldogs that live inside are more likely to bark out of boredom or loneliness, while those that live outside are more likely to bark at passersby or other animals.

Another factor is whether your dog has been trained not to bark. Dogs that have been properly socialized and obedience trained are typically less likely to bark excessively.

Finally, consider your dog’s personality. Some French Bulldogs are simply more laid-back and easygoing than others, and these dogs are less likely to bark.

Why do French Bulldogs bark so weird?

French Bulldogs bark in a way that is distinctly different from other breeds. Many people find their barks to be amusing, and they often make different noises depending on what they are trying to say.

The main reason for the weird barking is because they are brachiocephalic dogs. This means they don’t have much space in their airways, so they make weird noises when they bark.

Reasons for French Bulldogs to bark

There are a few reasons for this. First, French Bulldogs tend to be very social creatures. They love attention and interaction, and barking is one way to get it.

Additionally, French Bulldogs are bred as companion dogs, which means that they’ve been selectively bred to be relatively small and docile. As a result, they may bark out of fear or insecurity when they feel threatened or uncomfortable.

Finally, French Bulldogs have a lot of energy and can be quite excitable, which can also lead to excessive barking. However, with proper training and socialization, most French Bulldogs can learn to control their barking.

There are a few other reasons why French Bulldogs might bark. Some of the most common reasons include:

Poor socialization

Poor socialization can cause French Bulldogs to bark excessively, as they may not have learned how to interact appropriately with other people or animals.


French Bulldogs can often be fearful of unfamiliar things, and this can lead to barking. It can be any type of fear, for being in the dark for example, and French Bulldogs will bark to try and scare away whatever it is that they are afraid of.

Loud sounds and street noises

French Bulldogs are sensitive to loud noises, and they can often be scared by the sound of sirens or other loud noises. This can lead to incessant barking, as they are trying to alert their family to the danger.

Presence of a stranger

If a French Bulldog sees or smells a stranger, they may bark as a way of communicating their uneasiness. This is particularly true if the stranger is coming towards them.

Territorial Behavior

French Bulldogs can be very territorial and may bark when someone or something enters their territory. This is usually only an issue if the French Bulldog is not properly socialized.

Seeking attention

French Bulldogs may also bark in order to get attention from their owners. This can be a particularly difficult habit to break, as French Bulldogs often become very attached to their human family.

Another dog barking

If a French Bulldog hears another dog barking, they may start barking as well. This is usually a sign of excitement or curiosity.


If a French Bulldog is bored, they may start barking out of boredom. This is often the case with French Bulldogs that live inside, as they don’t have as much to do as those that live outside.

Separation anxiety

French Bulldogs that are left alone for long periods of time may start barking out of separation anxiety. This is a sign that the dog is anxious and stressed when they are separated from their owner.

Health Issues

 Finally, French Bulldogs may bark if they are experiencing pain or discomfort. This is often a sign that the dog needs to see a vet.

How loud do French Bulldogs bark?

French Bulldogs are small dogs, but they can make a lot of noise when they bark. Some French Bulldogs are louder than others, and some may even startle people with their bark.

However, their loudness is nothing compared to other larger dog breeds, like Rottweilers or German Shepherds. Also, French Bulldogs typically only bark for short periods of time and are not known for being incessant barkers.

Do French Bulldogs bark when left alone?

French Bulldogs are prone to separation anxiety, so yes, they may bark when left alone. This is usually a sign that the dog is anxious and stressed when they are separated from their owner.  

Tips on how to stop French Bulldog barking?

If your French Bulldog is driving you crazy with his constant yapping, there are a few things you can do to help minimize excessive barking or even completely stop your French Bulldog from barking.

Physical and mental exercise your Frenchie

The first step is to make sure your French Bulldog is getting enough exercise. French Bulldogs need both physical and mental stimulation in order to keep them from getting bored, which can often lead to barking.

Take your French Bulldog for walks, play games with him, and give him plenty of toys to chew on. If your French Bulldog is getting enough exercise, he’ll be less likely to bark out of boredom.

Ignore their attention-seeking behavior

If your French Bulldog is barking for attention, the best thing you can do is ignore him. This may be difficult, but it’s the only way your French Bulldog will learn that barking won’t get him what he wants.

Make sure you are rewarding him when he is quiet and not barking.

Hire a pet sitter

If you’re French Bulldog is spending too much time alone, you may want to consider hiring a pet sitter or taking him to daycare a few days a week. This will help reduce his loneliness and boredom, which can often lead to barking.

Desensitize barking triggers with socialization

If your French Bulldog is barking at certain things, like people or other dogs, you can try to desensitize him to these triggers. Start by exposing your French Bulldog to these triggers in a safe and controlled environment.

For example, have a friend come over to your house while your French Bulldog is eating dinner. As your French Bulldog starts to get used to seeing people around while he’s eating, have your friend start to move around and make noise.

Eventually, you’ll want to take your French Bulldog out in public where he will be exposed to all sorts of different people and noises. This will help him learn that these things are not something to be afraid of or bark at.

Get professional help

 If you’re struggling to train your French Bulldog not to bark, you may want to consider getting professional help. A qualified dog trainer can help you identify the root of your French Bulldog’s barking and give you tips on how to curb it.

You’ll need to have some patience and be consistent with your training. Like all dogs, French Bulldogs need time to learn what is expected of them.

Why my French Bulldog doesn’t bark?

There are a few reasons why your French Bulldog may not bark. Some French Bulldogs simply don’t have a loud enough bark to be heard, while others may not bark because they are not experiencing any type of anxiety or stress.

If your French Bulldog is not barking, it’s important to take him to the vet to rule out any health issues. A French Bulldog that isn’t barking could be a sign of something more serious.

What does a French Bulldog bark sound like?

French Bulldogs typically have a very distinct bark that is easily recognizable. They may bark in a variety of different tones, from a grunt to a whine, and each one has a specific meaning.

Here’s a video compilation of several French Bulldogs barking:


French Bulldogs don’t bark a lot, but when they do, it’s usually for a good reason. French Bulldog barking problems are common, but they can be easily fixed with a little bit of patience and consistency.

French Bulldogs that are getting enough exercise and have their barking triggers properly desensitized will be much less likely to bark excessively. If you’re still struggling to train your French Bulldog, consider seeking professional help from a qualified dog trainer.

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