Do French Bulldogs Like to Cuddle? 7 Reasons To Cuddle

Do French Bulldogs Like to Cuddle? Photo of a French Bulldog cuddling with his owner in bed.

Do French Bulldogs love to snuggle with you on the couch, curl up in your lap for a quick nap or follow you around the house looking for some extra attention?

Do they prefer to sleep alone and would never dream of getting too close to anyone but themselves?

The answer is YES. Most French Bulldogs love to snuggle with their masters, especially when the weather starts getting cold!

But wait… there’s a fine line between a Frenchie who likes to cuddle and one that doesn’t. Let’s explore what it looks like when a Frenchie is snuggling up to you until we figure out which category your furry French Bulldog falls into!

Are Frenchies A Cuddly Breed?

Most French Bulldogs enjoy snuggling up with their masters and will often curl up in a lap or under the covers when they sleep. They feel warmer and more secure when they can find a spot near you, and most Frenchies love to be where you are if possible.

A Frenchie that doesn’t like to cuddle with you is actually the exception, not the rule.

If your Frenchie is used to being alone during the day when you’re at work or school, he may be more comfortable resting by himself when you are home.

Naturally, every pup is different, and some do prefer their own company while others have no problem snuggling up to anyone who will let them.

Is My Frenchie A Snuggler?

A Frenchie who likes to snuggle will often find a spot right next to you and use any available body part as a pillow. If you’re sitting, they’ll place their head on your leg or lap. If you’re sleeping, they may choose your chest or shoulder. Some Frenchies even like to curl up between your legs for added warmth!

A snuggler may follow you around the house while you’re doing chores or moving from room to room. If you sit down, they’ll be right by your side in a flash. Some Frenchies will even wiggle their way into your lap if you are sitting on the couch or in bed.

Your Frenchie might take a nap with you if you let them, or they could find a special blanket that smells like you and cuddle up with that instead.

If you find that your Frenchie has some of these traits, then you may have a snuggler on your hands!

Are French Bulldogs affectionate?

Yes, most French Bulldogs love to give kisses and snuggle if their master is nearby. They aren’t the type of pup who sits in their own space all day and never comes near you. Instead, they like to hop up close for some extra attention or curl up right next to your feet if possible.

Do French Bulldogs Like To Be Picked Up?

Yes, most French Bulldogs will not mind being picked up and held up and snuggled when they are in the mood.

Of course, there are exceptions, every dog is different, and the best way to figure out if your Frenchie is okay with it is to try.

Give him some treats when you pick him up, and he’ll most likely let you do so without too much protest.

7 Reasons why Your Frenchie wants to Cuddle

Like I said earlier, every Frenchie is different, but there are some reasons why they might want to cuddle, so let’s explore them!

1. To reduce stress and anxiety

French Bulldogs suffer from a lot of stress and anxiety, especially if their masters are going through a rough time.

They may curl up next to you so that they can feel more at ease and try to help by comforting you as well with some kisses or affectionate licks.

If your Frenchie is suffering from anxiety, he might prefer snuggling with you to reduce it. He may enjoy curling up in your lap or under the covers of your bed for some extra comfort and security.

2. To feel safe

Most Frenchies are very protective of their masters and will happily curl up close to you if they think you might be in danger. They’ll snuggle with you when the weather is bad or when they notice that you’re feeling off because they want to make sure everything is okay.

3. Genetics

It is the breed genetics that makes French Bulldogs so cuddly and affectionate. They naturally want to please their masters, which is why they are such lapdogs.

Sometimes dogs inherit certain traits and behaviors from their parents. Some French Bulldogs are naturally more affectionate than others and show it by giving lots of kisses or always wanting to be cuddled up with you.

4. To show affection

If your Frenchie likes to cuddle, he probably shows his love by giving kisses and licking you on the face. This is a common behavior among French Bulldogs who are very close to their humans.

It is part of the breed personality, so if your Frenchie does it, he’s not doing anything wrong or strange. He just likes to show you how much he loves you!

5. To get attention

Some French Bulldogs need lots of affection and will snuggle with their owners if they want some attention. They know that sometimes their master needs to take a break and relax, so they’ll happily curl up next to them for some quality time.

6. For warmth

All mammals need warmth and affection during the winter. By snuggling with you, your Frenchie is trying to get some of this from you so he can stay warm.

7. To thank you

Silly as it sounds, if your Frenchie snuggles up with you, he may be trying to thank you. He knows how much he means to you and wants to do something nice for you in return.

It’s not often that dogs show their appreciation, so the fact that your Frenchie does should make you feel really good about yourself!

Health Benefits of Cuddling

Snuggling with your Frenchie is good for both of you. It’ll make both of you feel better and more relaxed, reduce any stress or anxiety he might be feeling, and it can even strengthen the bond between the two of you.

Better heart health

Just like humans, dogs also benefit from hugs and cuddles. This type of physical contact reduces stress levels, which helps your dog improve his heart health.

Highly therapeutic

Since hugs and cuddles release endorphins, they are extremely therapeutic to both humans and dogs. They reduce stress levels while also causing happiness which is never a bad thing!

It protects against cognitive decline

Growing older is inevitable, but cuddling with your Frenchie can help your senior canine to age gracefully and prevent cognitive decline.

Reduction in cortisol levels

Cortisol is a hormone released when the body feels stressed, and although it has many functions, it is also responsible for weight gain and lethargy, so if you want to avoid these things, reducing cortisol levels is a must.

Helps strengthen immunity

Being close with your Frenchie helps strengthen the bond between you, which in turn strengthens his immune system. The more time you spend together, the stronger he will be against diseases!

Eases pain/tension

Cuddles has been proven to reduce pain and tension in the body due to their therapeutic benefits. If your dog needs some extra cuddle time, don’t hesitate to give him what he wants!

The physical contact that hugs and cuddles offer helps reduce stress levels, reducing the amount of pain and tension felt by you and your French Bulldog.

Cuddling with your French Bulldog will reduce his stress levels and, in turn, help him to avoid weight gain, lethargy, and cognitive decline. It also helps keep his heartbeat healthy!

When Not To Cuddle with your French Bulldog

Although cuddling with your Frenchie is healthy and beneficial behavior, there are some instances when you should refrain from doing so.

If he doesn’t want it

Some Frenchies are more affectionate than others, but if yours doesn’t seem to care about being cuddled, respect his wishes! There’s no need to force him into something he doesn’t want to do.

If your Frenchie is sick

Cuddling can make you both feel better, but if your pup is sick, the best thing you can do is keep him warm and away from you. Hugging or cuddling will not help him recover any faster, so don’t try it!

If you have allergies

You should avoid cuddling if you have allergies. His dander can get onto your skin and cause an allergic reaction, so it’s best to just give him a little pat instead.

Places a French Bulldog does not Like Being Touched

If your Frenchie grew up in a neglectful household or was abused before you got him, he might not like to be touched very much at all. If this is the case, try to respect his wishes and avoid touching him as much as possible.

If he shows any signs of aggression, such as snarling or snapping, or if he growls when you go to touch him, stop doing it immediately. This is never a behavior that should be encouraged or accepted!

Some places a French Bulldog doesn’t like being touched:

On his head (besides his muzzle and ears)

Frenchies have been known to be a little sensitive when it comes to being touched on their head, especially just above their eyes.

His backend (his tail and bum)

Some Frenchies hate having their butts or tails touched, and some don’t care at all. It’s best to avoid touching this area altogether.

His paws

Some Frenchies don’t like being touched on their paws, especially their back paws. If you notice that your dog is sensitive about this, just avoid touching him there entirely.

10 Ways to tell your French Bulldog loves you

How your French Bulldog shows love towards you is different for every dog and it really depends on his personality. But some of the ways your dog show he or she loves you include:

1. Wiggle Butt and Waggin Tail

If your Frenchie wiggles his butt and wags his tail when you are around him, this means he loves you! All dogs love to be loved on, so if yours is acting like this, it’s a clear sign that he adores you.

2. Following you around everywhere

Some Frenchies are very clingy, and they will follow their owners everywhere. If your Frenchie is always by your side, it’s a sign that he loves you very much!

3. Doesn’t like when other people get too close to you

Not every dog is the same when it comes to this behavior, but some French Bulldogs don’t like it when people get too close to their owner. If your Frenchie doesn’t want anyone else touching his person, he loves you a lot!

4. Licking your face

Some French Bulldogs love to give kisses, and they will even lick your face when you are sleeping! If your Frenchie does this, it’s a sign that he adores you.

5. Bringing you presents

Frenchies love to play, and a lot of them will bring you something as a gift. If your Frenchie comes back from playing with a toy or a bone, it’s because he wants to share his happiness with you.

6. Jumping up to you

If your Frenchie gets excited when you come home and he jumps up to greet you, it’s because he missed you. He loves hanging out with you, so when he sees that he has the chance to do so again, he will be elated!

7. Leaning the head in your lap

Some Frenchies love to lean their heads on top of people’s knees or laps when they are sitting down. If your Frenchie does this, it is a sign he loves you!

8. Gently pushing you

If your French Bulldog gently pushes you with his nose, it means he loves you and wants to be as close as possible.

9. Closing his eyes when you pet him

Some French Bulldogs love to be pet on the head, and they will even close their eyes while you do so! If this is something your Frenchie does, it is a sign that he adores you and your touch.

10. Sleeping on your feet

If your Frenchie sleeps on top of your feet, it’s probably because he loves his person. He is getting as close to you as possible, and the warmth from your feet makes him feel safe and happy.

How can you make your Frenchie love you?

There are a few things you can do to make your Frenchie love you more!

1. Be Patient

Some Frenchies are picky about who they let in their lives, so it is important to be patient. If he seems nervous or scared, give him some space and time before trying to build a relationship with him.

2. Take the Time to Look at Them

Try looking your Frenchie right in his eyes when you are trying to interact with him. Make eye contact and then move on to touching him if he lets you do it. If he is scared or nervous, just give him time before trying again.

3. Play a Game of Fetch

Frenchies love to play fetch, and some of them really enjoy it when you do this with them. Playing a game of fetch with your Frenchie is a great way to bond with them and to help them feel closer to you.

It will also help him get rid of some excess energy, so you should do it regularly.

4. Treat Time

Bringing out the treat jar is an excellent way to start if you want to make your dog like you. If he loves treats, he will be much happier when you are around.

Many French Bulldogs have very strong appetites, so if you treat them often, they will definitely want to spend more time with you!


French Bulldogs love to cuddle and will often curl up with you, rest their head on your lap, your chest, or even between your legs!

French Bulldogs make great companions, and they do tend to like human contact. You may find that yours is a snuggler who enjoys curling up next to you whenever possible. A Frenchie that likes to cuddle is a great way to express their love and affection.

It can be very rewarding for both you and your French Bulldog if you make sure to spend quality time with him each day. If he seems anxious, nervous, or scared when he first meets you, it’s essential to give him some space until he gets more comfortable around you.

Remember that not all dogs who like to cuddle are the same with their human companionship. Some Frenchies love their owners right from the start and express this affection every chance they get!

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