Do Chow Chows Shed a lot? (How Often) Minimizing Shedding

Do Chow Chows Shed a lot? Photo of a Chow Chow with his hair on the ground

If you are the loving pet parent of a Chow Chow, then you’re familiar with the fact they tend to leave fur, like, everywhere.

Chow Chows do shed, like virtually every dog breed out there. They also shed a lot, even when compared to larger breed dogs! They shed daily, but they also will “blow their coat” twice a year, which leads to a lot of fur loss. You can address this by factoring in diet, stress health, and grooming.

Are Chow Chows heavy shedders?

Yes, without question. Did you know that they’re rated as one of the heaviest shedders as far as dog breeds are concerned? They are in the top 5 and can shed more than even the largest dog breeds out there.

So, Chow Chows are definitely going to be a very “sheddy” dog, even in the best-case scenario.

From puppyhood to seniorhood, Chows have thick coats. They are fluffy, and you can feel how thick their coats are by simply giving them a scratching session. This helps them stay cool (or warm, depending on the season), and it is a crucial detail to the dog breed itself.

Twice a year, they’ll also further complicate things by blowing their coat.

This process doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen over 3-6 weeks. They’ll lose an entire coat’s worth of fur and grow in new fur. This combines their average fur loss with triple or quadruple their fur amount, too.

No matter how you choose to look at it, Chow Chows are certainly heavy shedders, and it will be a factor to consider in the proper care of your dog.

How much do Chow Chows shed?

There’s no set amount as far as shedding in Chow Chows. It depends on your dog’s genetics, size, and other factors like health and stress.

When they reach their golden years, pet parents may notice a reduction in natural shedding.

Are you feeling apprehensive about the shedding? The best thing that you can do is take proper care of your Chow. The healthier they are, the easier their shedding will be to deal with, after all. Staying on top of it will be crucial. But, more on that in a bit.

How often do Chow Chows shed?

Every single day. Literally. Chow Chows will shed fur daily, and it will happen no matter how well you care for them, or how much you groom them, etc.

Shedding will be a daily focus for any responsible dog parent. Twice a year, you’ll notice that your Chow’s daily rate will double or triple, as well.

Time of the year Chow Chows shed the most?

Regardless of climate, your Chow Chow will blow their coat twice a year. This is triggered by a change in sunlight rather than temperature, so it will happen even if you were to hypothetically keep your dog locked up inside year-round (not recommended.) 

The spring season is when most people notice their dog shedding the most. Letting go of their thick, coarse winter coat, they’ll have to make room for the lighter spring coat that will help them stay cool in the warmer months to come. This longer, thicker, and coarser fur comes out all over the place and will create daily dust bunnies!

Fall brings another session of blowing their coat, and it will cause them to drop their spring coat and replace it with the thicker winter coat to keep them warm as the season changes.

While you’ll notice that it won’t be quite as heavy and more light to skitter around the floor, it won’t be any less than in the spring. They still need to blow their entire coat of fur!

How do I stop my Chow Chow from shedding?

It’s a common question for sure, even from the most dedicated and attentive loving Chow Chow parents. Getting to the bottom of the shedding problem is going to be about being realistic and compassionate.

Firstly, it’s impossible to stop your Chow Chow from shedding. As in, actually impossible. No matter how well you do with grooming and more, your Chow Chow will always shed every moment of every day of the year.

Shedding is more about temperature regulating and protecting their skin, too. A Chow has long fur, and it will mat and cause painful skin problems if left untreated. Shedding helps prevent that.

However, you can really help minimize the shedding by taking proper care of your Chow’s fur and health. The healthier they are, the better the shedding situation will be, as mentioned.

A note on promises against shedding

If you are talking to a supposed professional ChowChow breeder or other “professional” who says that it’s possible to stop a dog from shedding, then you can take this as a serious red flag. All dogs will shed, and there is no way to stop this biological process.

Never, ever give your dog any kind of medication, or use any type of lotion/topical option that supposedly stops shedding.

Not only will it not work, but it can also cause serious harm to your Chow, leading to expensive vet bills, or worse.

If you are feeling concerned about your Chow’s shedding, the best people to talk to about it include a groomer and your Chow’s vet!

Dealing with Chow Chow shedding

So, now that you’ve accepted that shedding will be part of life for Chows, you’ll want to make sure that you prepare for this critical part of dog life by being adequately prepared for it.

Preparation makes it much easier to deal with, after all. This include:

  • Regular bathing
  • A good relationship with a groomer
  • Getting used to grooming daily at home
  • Finding a fur-friendly vacuum cleaner

With the right tools and techniques in place, shedding won’t be near the chore that you think it will be, even in those shed-heavy coat-blowing seasons that appear twice a year.

Photo showing how thick is the Chow Chow coat and how to deal with Chow Chow shedding.

Minimizing Chow Chow shedding

There are quite a few ways that you can minimize shedding your Chow Chow safely.

Since shedding can be uncomfortable for your Chow and your cleaning habits, this will benefit both your dog and you! Here are the priorities.

Diet and health

If your dog is in bad health, he will lose more fur than usual (much like humans will lose hair).

Make sure your Chow is enjoying a healthy vet-approved diet, is getting plenty of exercise sessions, and is stress-free as much as possible.

The more focus you put on his health, the better the fur situation will be, to start with.

Prioritize regular grooming

You can do this at home, but professional grooming is a great option, too.

Get a well-experienced groomer with Chows so that you can always make sure that they are getting the best care.

Professional groomers can help thin out their fur without compromising their health.

They’ll also minimize stress from tugs or snags and can spot a serious problem (such as skin concerns or mats) before they become chronic. 

Brush every day during season changes

When your Chow starts to blow their coat, you’ll seriously want to look at the idea of brushing them every single day.

You’ll need a proper grooming brush that won’t harm their skin. You can practice it with your Chow before shedding season kicks in, and then kick it up to every day when the fur gets to be bad.

To help keep the mess down, consider brushing them outside your home, too, as loose fur is bound to skitter away and hide under furniture, etc. Just make sure that you have a bag or garbage can to clean the fur from the brush.

Daily or regular groomings at home is a great way t help increase bonding with your dog, too, which can really tug on the heartstrings.

Bathe your dog regularly

It’s no secret that a lot of people find bathing their dogs stressful. For them and their dog, of course.

However, proper bathing helps keep the skin properly cleaned and hydrated, so it’s something to prioritize once a month.

You can do this with a Chow-intended shampoo and a showerhead, or you can look at bringing them to a professional groomer. 

You’ll want to do this twice a month during heavy shedding season and once a month or once every two months regularly. He’ll no doubt enjoy a little extra pampering, too, so it’s something to consider for more than one reason!

Should I worry about my Chow Chow’s shedding?

If you’ve read all of this and still feel like your Chow is shedding a lot, you might be dealing with something outside of “normal” shedding.

Curious as to whether it’s normal shedding or something more serious? Take a look at the following symptoms that something more serious is going on:

  • Bald patches
  • Fur feeling greasy or oily
  • Sensitive skin/sores

Bald patches

While it is normal for the fur to come out in clumps, especially during coat-blowing seasons, you may notice bald patches in your dog’s coat while grooming him one evening (another reason to prioritize grooming!)

This could be a sign of a skin issue or a general health issue, including stress-induced fur loss and malnutrition. You’ll want to consider a trip to the vet so that you can get to the bottom of the problem sooner rather than later.

Fur feeling greasy or oily

Dogs naturally secrete oils to help keep their skin and fur healthy. If you notice that your dog’s fur is greasy, however, even when shedding, you’ll want to consider a trip to the vet. It could be an issue with dog shampoo or too much of something in their diet, etc.

Remember that it isn’t uncommon for senior dogs to start having oily fur as they age.

Sensitive skin/sores

Notice that your dog has sensitive skin or even stores or hives? This isn’t normal at all, be it from shedding season or shampooing.

You’ll want to take your dog to a vet if you notice this, as it could be an allergic reaction to food, shampoo, or something else entirely.

In General

Chow Chows shed a lot, even compared with large and fur-heavy dogs. Daily shedding can worsen when they blow their coats twice a year.

Excessive shedding can sometimes be a sign of health concerns, so make sure that you know the signs of healthy and unhealthy shedding — and the difference between them.

Chow Chow shedding is just a normal part of life for any dog of this breed, and it can be handled with proper care and by loving pet parents!

If you know someone who feels as though they are drowning in fur, be kind and send this along!

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