Do Border Collies Have Webbed Feet? 4 Must-Know Benefits

Do Border Collies Have Webbed Feet? Photo showing the webs on the feet of a Border Collie

Every dog breed has its own set of physical characteristics, and the Border Collie is no exception. One trait that sets them apart from other breeds is their feet.

Yes, Border Collies have webbed feet! A Border Collie’s paws are different from any other type of paw because they are webbed in between the toes.

Why do Border Collies have webbed feet?

Border collies have webbed feet because they help them in day-to-day activities, specifically for swimming, herding, digging, and maintaining balance, especially in the snow. This is why it’s common for border collies to have webbed feet.

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Benefits of webbed feet on Border Collies

There are many benefits of webbed feet on Border Collies. Greater control and less energy consumption are the main benefits that webbed feet can have.

Here are some other benefits of webbed feet on Border Collies:

For Swimming

For one thing, webbed paws make swimming easier. They work to propel the dog through the water when he swims by allowing him to use less energy in the water.

For Agility on Different Surfaces

Another benefit of webbed paws is that it gives Border Collies more agility and greater control consuming less energy when walking on different surfaces. Some types of agility competitions, like the Steeplechase, involve running through muddy water and over obstacles.

The webbed paws give the dog greater control to run on all sorts of unpredictable terrain like rocks or mud without slipping or losing traction.

In addition, webbed feet give the dog greater control over the sheep as he herds them from one place to another.

For Digging

Digging is an instinctive thing for dogs, and Border Collies are no exception. They love to dig, and their webbed paws help them when they’re in the mood for digging. Webbed feet make it easier for dogs to dig in loose dirt like sand or in soft snow.

During the Winter

Snow is another thing that Border Collies love to play in, especially when it snows during the winter.

The webbed paws on Border Collies make it easier for them to run on the snow without getting stuck.

Do purebred Border Collies have webbed feet?

Purebred Border Collies have webbed feet, but it is possible that their paws may not be as “webby” or noticeable as the paws of a crossbred Border Collie.

Crossbreeding leads to more variation in physical characteristics among dogs within a breed. Generally speaking, purebred dogs tend to have similar physical features.

Also, some breeds are known for their webbed paws, whereas other breeds are not. Border Collies are known for their webbed feet, but this is not the case with all herding dogs.

How Do I Care For My Border Collies’ Webbed Feet?

Taking of your BC’s webbed feet is not difficult. You should regularly inspect your dog’s paws, webbed or not, for any potential problems.

Some common problems that can affect your BC’s paws are burrs, cactus spines, bee stings, ice balls (a build-up of ice between the toes), or other injuries.

For serious cases like deep cuts, infections, or other injuries, you should consult your veterinarian.

1 – Clean

Cleaning the paws of your Border Collie is a great way to make sure that they stay in good condition.

The webbed paws on your dog can get very dirty because dirt and debris can get stuck there. Sometimes, the fur between the toes on these feet has a tendency to grow long, which makes it difficult to clean the paws properly.

2 – Dry

Drying the paws of your Border Collie is extremely important. After they’re done playing in the water, you need to make sure their paws are completely dry.

It is still a good idea to clean and dry your dog’s paws even if they aren’t wet when he gets home. If not, they are prone to yeast or bacterial infections. This is especially important for dogs with long fur in between their toes since this is an easy place for bacteria to grow.

3 – Protect

Protecting your BC’s paws is also important. Just like with all the other body parts, you need to protect your Border Collie’s feet from becoming dry and chapped by using paw protection ointments.

There are many different types of ointments that you can use to moisturize his paws or treat them if they get damaged.

You should also protect his feet from snow and ice during winter. If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors playing in the snow. Snow boots can be a great way to protect his paws from the cold and the snow.

4 – Inspect

Make sure nothing is stuck in their webbing or their paw fur to avoid infection.

If you see any redness, swelling, or discharge under the webbing of your dog’s feet, it will be best if you take him to the vet right away.

Also, regularly check between his toes for dirt or foreign objects that can cause damage or injury to his paws.

By regularly inspecting your Border Collie’s paws, you’re not only just protecting them from injury – you’re also making sure that he stays healthy!

Can Border Collie not have webbed feet?

No, all Border Collies have webbed feet. Because they are bred to work on farms, they should be able to run through different surfaces, including wet surfaces, and sometimes even swim to get to their destination, so they need webbed feet to be able to do that.

They also need their paws to be webbed because it helps them with herding to maintain balance while controlling the sheep.

Also, even if their paws are not as “webby” or noticeable as the paws of a crossbred Border Collie, all Border Collies have webbed feet.

All in all

All border collies have webbed feet because this is what makes them good at their job! The webbed feet help the dog swim and saving energy while helping him go faster.

The webbed paws also help the dog in many other ways, like keeping his balance on mud, helping him dig in loose dirt like sand, and helps him stay stable in snow.

Border Collie’s webbed feet are helpful, and that’s why every border collie has them!

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