Can Border Collies Swim? (Border Collies Swimming Fun)

Can Border Collies Swim? Photo of a Border Collie swimming

For many dog owners, the summer season is a time for swimming fun. But what about Border Collies? Can they swim?

Yes, Border Collies can swim. Of course, just like any skill, swimming is something that can be improved over time and with practice.

Once you teach your furry friend how to swim enough, he will love doing it for hours on end.

But what if you don’t have much experience in teaching them how to do so? Well then… this article is here to be of service!

Do Border Collies Like Water?

In general, Border Collies do like water and love to get wet. But many of them can also be afraid to get into the water.

Reasons for this might vary. Maybe they are not used to it, or they are not comfortable with their body being wet, or perhaps water feels cold on their paws or face?

It is important for your dog to enjoy swimming because the training may be long and difficult if he doesn’t like it. You won’t make him do something that makes him uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, if you want your pet to love swimming continue reading.

Do Border Collies Like to Swim?

It’s in their genes to love to swim. Some dogs are scared of the waters, so slowly introduce it until they’re used to it.

If you have a pool, don’t be surprised if your little friend tries to jump in. And while he may get frightened or confused at first when he does not yet know how to swim, quickly show him the ropes, and he’ll soon be swimming for hours on end!

Are Border Collies Natural Swimmers?

Border Collies are good natural swimmers. Their paws are webbed, and that makes them natural swimmers.

So yes, Border Collies are amazing swimmers and can be great companions in pools and beaches. They take to the water naturally and just love spending time with their favorite people splashing about.

But remember: if you want to train your pet how to swim, be patient and take it slow. It may take a few sessions for them to get used to water or swimming itself.

Should I Let My Border Collie Swim?

It’s up to you! If you feel that your dog enjoys it and could benefit from swimming, do it by all means. It can be both fun and useful for your furry friend.

But if he has a natural fear of water or does not like doing so, don’t force him into the water. Teach him to swim slowly if at all, otherwise, he may never enjoy his time in the pool.

Can Border Collies Swim In Swimming Pools?

There is no known problem for your Border Collie to swim in a swimming pool. It’s no different than swimming in any other body of water.

Just be sure to keep an eye on your pet while he is enjoying his time in the pool. Eventually, you will both get used to this activity and start having hours of fun together!

Benefits of Swimming For Border Collies

Swimming is very beneficial for Border Collies. It is a great exercise and helps them to be happier and healthier.

It strengthens their muscles, increases muscle mass, improves heart function and blood circulation. In addition to that, swimming can also help in relieving arthritis symptoms or any other problems associated with joints.

Swimming does wonders for the emotional and physical well-being of Border Collies. If you are looking for an activity to help reduce your dog’s anxiety, in that case, swimming can certainly help with that as well!

How To Teach A Border Collie To Swim

To teach your Border Collie to swim, you need to start slowly learning up the idea in him. Take it slow to avoid any accidents or injuries.

You need to focus on his natural way of learning, so don’t rush anything. You may take longer than expected, but if he is having fun throughout the whole process, then you are doing well!

In The Beach Or Lake

The first thing you must do to train a Border Collie dog to swim is getting your furry friend used to the water slowly and carefully.

For instance, try taking him to the beach and let him play around at low tides where he can feel and hear the waves crashing against rocks and sand.

This should make your dog feel more comfortable about the water.

A Kiddie Pool

Next, you can try introducing him to a kiddie pool or something similar that’s filled with a little bit of water.

By slowly letting him get used to the feeling of it, he will realize there isn’t anything to be afraid of and eventually grow fond of swimming on his own.

Throw a Ball or a Stick

If you want to get your Border Collie to swim in deeper water, you can throw him or her a ball or a stick.

Border Collies have a natural instinct to want to follow moving things. This will be useful when you’re teaching your dog to swim by throwing a toy or stick into the pool, river, or seawater for him to fetch.

After some time, you will be able to start throwing the toy into deeper water, and eventually, your Border Collie will get used to swimming without any help.

Why My Border Collie Doesn’t Like Water

The most common reason for a Border Collie not to like water is a fear of the water. If your furry friend did not have a positive experience in his early life with water, he would be less likely to enjoy it later.

Be sure that your Border Collie is happy and safe when swimming before taking him into deeper water, especially after a negative experience with water at an early age.

How To Help Your Border Collie To Like Water (7 Tips)

Incentivizing Your Border Collie Into The Water is not the easiest task for some Border Collies. You need to slowly show him that there is nothing bad about water.

1 – Start with shallow water

Have his favorite toy ready on the edge of the pool, get him excited about having fun, and have him bring his toy out of the water. Then give him lots of treats and praise while he is enjoying his time in the pool.

Eventually, you will both get used to this activity and start having hours of fun together!

2 – Keep Your BC Safe

You should always be with your Border Collie whenever he’s around water as it could be dangerous for him if he falls in and making it a negative experience.

3 – Don’t force Your BC

If your Border Collie doesn’t like water, take things slowly!

Be sure that you never force your dog into the water and help out when needed! Forcing your BC into the water can cause trauma or injuries that can be avoided.

Just keep practicing every day while having fun together. You’ll be swimming with your Border Collie in no time and having a blast!

4 – Socialize With Other Swimming Dogs

By watching other dogs have fun around water, your Border Collie will want to be like them, and he’ll eventually start swimming on his own.

In this way, your Border Collie will love swimming quickly as he will have fun with other dogs who are experienced in the pool!

5 – Expose Your BC to Water

Exposing your Border Collie regularly to water can make him more comfortable around water and help him learn that there’s nothing to fear about it.

Be sure to take your Border Collie very slowly into the water at first, and then let him have fun in it daily!

6 – Take a Dip Yourself

Getting in the water yourself can help your Border Collie be more comfortable with the idea of going into the water.

You can start by taking a short swim yourself to show your dog that there’s nothing bad about it, and then get out of the pool and give him lots of praise.

Take small steps! Don’t expect your Border Collie to swim from day one. You need to work up slowly to that!

7 – Only Pleasant Experiences

It is important to give only pleasant experiences to your Border Collie puppy around water. By doing so, he’ll have positive feelings about being around the pool, the beach, or the lake.

If you made your Border Collie afraid of it with negative experiences, make sure to make up for them until he forgets about them!

Use games and playtime during or around the pool as a way to work towards swimming later on!

Fun Water Activities For A Border Collie

There are many fun activities you can do in the water with your dog, such as:

  • Play fetch in the water;
  • Chase him in the water;
  • Let him chase you in the water;
  • Paddleboard with your BC;
  • Dive with him from a higher spot;
  • Boating with your BC.

These fun activities can bring a lot of bonding time between you and your Border Collie and help him be more comfortable being near water.

You will have lots of fun with your Border Collie doing things he’s never done before! He’ll love it so much after a while that he’ll never want to leave the water.

In conclusion

Your Border Collie can learn how to swim, but it is up to you! Show him there’s nothing bad about water and make sure to take things slowly.

Expose your Border Collie to water as often as possible. Make sure that he has only good experiences around the pool by rewarding him with treats whenever he does something right.

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