Chihuahua Great Dane Mix – All You Must Know (With Pictures)

Chihuahua Great Dane Mix. Photo os a Great Dane on top of a Chihuahua.

If you’re thinking about a dog that will be as gentle as a Great Dane and as fierce and protective as a Chihuahua, a mix of the two will be the best dog you can have! Here’s what you should know about it.

A puppy of a Great Dane and Chihuahua Mix is about double the size of your typical Chihuahua. They take on the fur color and markings of their parents. They often have short fur, but if their Chihuahua dad has long fur, they might, too! They are long, lean bodies with short legs. Their heads are shaped like a dachshund, and they often have large ears and expressive eyes.

Can a Great Dane and a Chihuahua breed?

We know what you’re thinking, “how do these two dogs possibly breed?” The size difference between them is ridiculous, even at a glance, and then there’s the concept of the actual puppies in the womb — how is size not an issue?

In short, it is! When looking at the Chihuahua Great Dane Mix, the only way that it is successful is through artificial insemination. There’s no way for the breeding process to happen naturally, regardless of the gender of the parents.

As far as actually breeding successfully, both dogs can produce a few puppies! There is a critical science behind it since the breeds are your most compatible options. Still, there are some mixed breed puppies out there that are nothing short of a breeding miracle.

While surviving puppies are few, they tend to be relatively healthy and low-maintenance, making them really appealing to those who love designer breeds (i.e., man-made breeds of two popular dog types), and a great story to go along with it!

Breeding process (Giant breed and a small breed)

As mentioned, it’s artificial insemination. This is the standard route for Chihuahua Great Dane Mix puppies to protect everyone’s health and safety.

Mom is the Great Dane because she has the space in her womb to hold the puppies, and Dad is the Chihuahua. In past experiments, the mother was the Chihuahua. She and her pup passed away due to the womb being too small for the mix puppies to grow to term without complications. Through artificial insemination, Mom is impregnated, and the puppies will grow to term in the larger womb.

There isn’t much information available on litter size, mostly because these mix-breeds are very rare. In some cases, some puppies were born with deformities. It’s not known what kind or how often, again, due to lack of data.

In any case where a big dog and a Chihuahua breed, the father (aka stud) is the Chi, and the mother is the large dog breed. It’s thought that this can increase the potential for litter size, too.

What’s the name of a Chihuahua Great Dane Mix? 

Like many designer breeds, this mix has an adorable and smile-worthy name that is gaining popularity: the Chi-Dane-Dane! Catchy and hilarious when you think about using it in conversation, especially to those who don’t expect it, it’s an excellent name for this unique mixed breed. A less popular name is the Great Mexican Dog, coming from the connection between the Great Dane and the Chihuahua being connected to Mexico.

How big does a Chi-Dane-Dane get?

You’ll be happy to learn that you aren’t going to be dealing with a full-sized Great Dane, as far as the adult result of this mix is concerned! The Chi-Dane-Dane tends to be about double the size of your standard Chihuahua. 

One of the best details about this breed is that it’s a great option for apartment living. It’s a relatively small dog and doesn’t need a massive backyard and an hour of exercise every single day. But more on that later!

What is the lifespan of a Chihuahua Great Dane Mix?

We all want our dogs to be immortal, right? Of course. However, the Chi-Dane-Dane will be just as mortal as the rest of the dogs out there. The actual age expectancy is going to depend greatly on the genetics of both parents. 

Generally, Great Danes live between 7-10 years. This is one of the shortest lifespans of dogs, earning it the name of “heartbreak breed”. All large dogs have shorter lifespans, however. Chihuahuas live anywhere from 12-16 years. You can expect, then, that your Chi-Dane-Dane puppy would live anywhere from 7-15 years.

What are the health concerns of a Chihuahua Great Dane Mix?

There are very few puppies to survive and thrive as Chi-Dane-Danes. This is simply because there is a lot of genes that don’t “agree” between the two breeds, and it makes successful breeding very challenging. This is paired with the reality that there isn’t much known about the mix because there are, well, so few of the puppies that make it. Many breeders won’t even touch the idea because they’re so high risk.

In the puppies that have made it, however, the main documented health issue would be dysplasia. In this case, either the elbow or the hip, or both. This comes from the Great Dane side of things, as this large breed is known for many bone and joint issues. 

To help prevent this, you’ll need to give your pup a balanced diet with a lot of oils and fatty acids that will help protect joint health for as long as possible. You’ll also need to protect his development as a puppy by limiting jumping, running, going up and down the stairs, etc.

The temperament of a Chihuahua Great Dane Mix

Now, the moment that you’ve been waiting for: what is this adorable yet unbelievable mix going to actually be like to own? A lot of it comes from the right blend of genetics, of course, as do all dog breeding considerations.

Great Danes are gentle, kind, goofy, and somewhat active. They love to be moving around and working away. They are one of the best breeds to have around kids because they’re so gentle. That being said, they’re also very strong by nature and are almost entirely muscle!

On the other side of the family tree, Chihuahuas are cuddly, protective, sweet, and rather lazy. They enjoy couch potato time and are great for when you want a dog that wants to be cuddled up with you every single moment.

When you blend both breeds, you’ll end up with a Chi-Dane-Dane that will be kind, quiet, gentle, and loving. You’ll also find your pup to be stubborn and protective, so you’ll need to be mindful of his or her temper. Chi-Dane-Dane puppies are also known for being strong and determined, yet also lazy.

Pros and cons of owning a Chi-Dane-Dane

If you’re seriously considering the idea of having one of these puppies, then there are some very real pros and cons about owning one: 

Pros of a Chi-Dane-Dane

  • Low maintenance, health-wise
  • Don’t need much exercise
  • Great for apartments or small homes
  • A great blend of breed-specific personalities

Cons of a Chi-Dane-Dane

  • There’s very little data about them, making long-term health a question mark
  • Many breeders charge a fortune or don’t offer guarantees 
  • Some vets won’t take them or may recommend you to a specialized vet

About the pros of a Chi-Dane-Dane

As you can see, there are quite a few pros to this admittedly adorable mixed breed puppy! They’re a great size for those that want something bigger than a lap dog, but not so big that there are control issues or picking them up.

The Chi-Dane-Dane is a great breed for seniors or those who want low-maintenance dogs, both according to health and exercise. Since they love to cuddle up with their favorite humans and require just a quick jaunt around the block for a daily bout of activity, they’re pretty easygoing.

Important considerations with the cons of a Chi-Dane-Dane

All of that being said, there is very little that is actually known about the Chi-Dane-Dane as a breed. This means that many breeders don’t offer them. If they do, they tend to be either sketchy or overpriced and reluctant to make any kind of guarantees on puppy quality or health. While this seems frustrating, the reality is that breeders just can’t know what to expect with a mixed puppy like this

For those that are apprehensive about expense vet bills and unknowns in the medical future, this is something to think about, too. Since there is so little data on this mix’s lifespan and health profile, you’ll need to accept the fact that there may be compilations in their health, many appearing as they reach their senior years.

Related to that is the fact that some vets may not be able to make recommendations or perform surgeries, etc., on a breed that is this “complicated”. They may refer you to either breed specialists, which often means a bigger price tag to go along with it.

The bottom line on pros and cons with a Chi-Dane-Dane

As a pet parent, it’s always your job to make whatever decision you want to, based on the information and facts. Some may read this and think, “I don’t care about the guarantees. I still want a Chi-Dane-Dane puppy”. Others may be reconsidering. Whatever you want, and whatever you decide, always keep your potential puppy in mind when making your decision, and make sure that you’re always ready to make the best decision for them if the time comes that you need to make it!

Chihuahua Great Dane Mix Pictures 

With so few out there, are you finding it hard to get great photos? There are so many options for how a Chi-Dane-Dane is going to look like, after all! The colors will vary, but here are some of the best characteristics to expect.

Large eyes and expressive ears

Both Great Danes and Chihuahuas have adorable large ears. You can expect your Chi-Dane-Dane puppy to have those, too. This is paired with the Chihuahua’s seemingly huge eyes that are always so expressive. 

Short fur and lean body

Thanks to the Great Dane genetics, these pups have a long, lean body with lots of muscle and very little fat. While their legs are short, noticeably, they have the muscle and strength of a Great Dane, otherwise. 

Huge head

Sounds silly, but it’s true! Proportionally, a Chi-Dane-Dane has a funny-looking head that often makes it look huge! It isn’t, actually, but it’s certainly unique. Many dog breed experts agree that it looks similar to a dachshund’s head, featuring a pronounced snout, large ears, and a bony vibe.

Below are a few examples of what you can expect when all of those features come together in a Chi-Dane-Dane puppy.

A Great Dane and Chihuahua Mix is undoubtedly going to be one of the most unique dog breeds you will ever come across, and if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting one at some point in your life, consider yourself lucky! They are undoubtedly miraculous, and they might just be the dog breed for you!

Know someone who loves both Great Danes and Chihuahuas that would love to learn about this mixed breed? Or, someone that doesn’t believe this kind of thing is even possible? You’ll want to share this with them to help them see just how possible it all is!

In Conclusion

The Great Dane and Chihuahua Mix, also known as the Chi-Dane-Dane, is a mid-sized dog with short fur, huge ears, and a long, strong, lean body. They are kind and low-maintenance but also strong and stubborn. They have many breeding-related issues that make long-term health very uncertain.

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