Australian Shepherd St Bernard Mix – What You Should Know

Australian Shepherd St Bernard Mix. Photo of a Australian Shepherd and a Saint Bernard side by side.

There are so many designer dog breeds out there. Are you familiar with an Australian Shepherd St Bernard mix? If not, we wouldn’t be surprised! Here’s what you need to know about this rare mix.

As the name tells you, this is a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Saint Bernard. They are beautiful and varied dogs as far as their looks.

They are considered large and are often between 20-30 inches (50.8-76 cm) tall and weigh anywhere from 75-200 pounds (34-90.7 kg).

They are kind, intelligent, insightful, and energetic dogs. You will need to prioritize their grooming, diet, and more when taking proper care of them!

What is an Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard mix called?

If you’re expecting some sort of cutesy designer name, you’re going to be disappointed! This particular mix doesn’t have a mashed-up name because there aren’t enough of them out there to earn one.

They are considered one of the rarest mix-breeds mostly because both parent dogs themselves are not amongst the most popular dog breeds.

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What does an Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard mix look like?

They are typically large dogs and are stalky, thanks to their Saint Bernard heritage. They can sometimes take after their Australian Shepherd parent, though they might be thinner and lighter. Most people think of this mix as a smaller and slightly more agile version of a Saint Bernard in their build.

As far as their actual looks, it varies. Some can have Saint Bernard markings in light brown on a shaggy white coat. Others mirror their varied and spotted Australian Shepherd genetics instead. Most puppies will have some red and white in their coats but various amounts and locations. They have a thick coat due to both parent breeds having thick coats as well.

Size details of a Saint Bernard Australian Shepherd mix

As mentioned briefly above, it depends on how strong each parent’s genes are in each puppy when it comes to the overall size. Every puppy in the litter can look different and have a different build.

Generally speaking, an Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard mix will be between 20-30 inches (50.8-76 cm) tall since both are large dogs and weigh anywhere from 75-200 pounds (34-90.7 kg). The more Shepherd they have, the less they’ll weigh. The more Saint Bernard they have in them, the more they’ll weigh!

What is the lifespan of an Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard mix?

There isn’t much data on what the actual mix puppy’s life span can be. However, the best guess is that it will be somewhere between 8-15 years.

If your dog is in good health (more on that in a bit), they can enjoy more years. However, large dogs like Saint Bernards commonly live only ten years. Lifespan depends on a combination of genetics and lifestyle.

The temperament of an Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard mix

These are thought to be lovely and kind dogs all around. Since both parent breeds are friendly and loving, the puppies are as well.

They are very intelligent, have a great overall outlook and attitude, and are very motivated to do their best no matter what. This is mainly because the Australian Shepherd St Bernard mix is both working dogs!

Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard mix puppies are thought to be brave, loyal, loving, and protective. This can be great for those looking for a dog to add to their family (more on that in a little bit too). 

You’ll find that these dogs will be giant fluffy bundles of energy. They will want to go and go and go, so these are best suited for families who want to be out and going a lot, too!

They play well with kids and other pets, especially when it is through games of fetch or tug of war where they can work out some of their energy.

Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard mix health issues

There isn’t much data on these puppies because they are so rare. However, many can extrapolate some potential health problems based on common ones with their parent breeds.

Most of these are what experts call “big dog problems”:

  • Elbow and hip dysplasia
  • Eye degeneration and issues
  • Allergies

Elbow and hip dysplasia

A degenerative condition that is basically arthritis, big dogs commonly struggle with uncomfortable movement in their hips and elbow joints that no longer fit or move correctly.

It often requires pain medication to help relieve the pain for your dog and often progresses as they get older. A vet can offer some advice on therapies to try, however.

Eye degeneration and issues

Just like humans, eyes start to struggle with age, too. The most common condition is cataracts. The milky film that clouds the eye and limits vision will have to be removed by a vet in surgery.

While drops can help, cataracts can eventually lead to blindness, and it will mean that you’ll need to consider surgery or adjusting to having a mostly blind or totally blind dog.


Saint Bernards are prone to allergies to common ingredients in dog food. If you notice allergic reactions in your Australian Shepherd St Bernard mix, then you’ll need to have our vet perform an allergy test to determine the allergen. From there, you can work together to eliminate that food ingredient from their diet and treats so that they’ll be safe.

Is the Australian Shepherd St Bernard mix a good family dog?

Yes, these mixes are thought to be great family dogs. Since they are smaller than a classic Saint Bernard, they’ll be easier to care for in a house.

However, you’ll still need yard access since they’ll need to exercise a lot. They love other animals and also enjoy kids because they make great playmates!

They’ll be more than happy to join the gang on a trip to the beach, on a hike, or on a camping trip. For the active family that wants a dog that is all about exploring and joining in on the adventure, you can’t go wrong with an Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard mix!

How to take care of an Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard mix

The care for your rare mix breed is going to focus on three main focuses when it comes to their quality of life:

  • Fur and grooming
  • Diet
  • Exercise

Fur and grooming

These mixes are considered to be moderate shedders. Some would call them heavy shedders, too. They will need to be groomed professionally, preferably by a groomer with experience with either an Australian Shepherd or a Saint Bernard (or both).

You’ll also want to get familiar with a grooming brush at home, too, since you’ll need to brush them every other day and even every single day during shedding season!


Since they are prone to joint issues, you’ll need to ensure that your Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard mix gets a diet rich in omega-3s.

You might even want to talk to your vet about a supplement, too, just to help. You may not need them right from puppyhood, but you’ll want to consider them from ages 7+.

As well, your dog should be on a “big dog food diet.” As in, a specially formulated kind of food for big dogs. This will give them the protein and other nutrients in the proper portions to help them stay healthy and strong for a while to come!

You can also consider something like the raw food diet for your dog. This kind of diet feeds them, surprise, surprise, raw meats, and other foods. Since these are such hard-working dogs, they’d enjoy this kind of diet.


This is a focus point for an Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard mix because many people don’t realize just how much exercise they need.

A healthy 2 hours tend to be the verdict at the end of the day. This can be a blend of walking or hiking, interactive play, and even puzzle mats and toys. The more stimulation you give their brain as they exercise, the better, too.

What is the price of a Saint Bernard Australian Shepherd mix?

This is hard to find as far as a specific number. Since many rare mixed breeds tend to be priced upwards of $2 500, you can expect this price, too, if not more.

Remember that these are rare breeds. Like, really rare. You’ll have a hard time finding either a rescue organization or a professional, certified breeder that will be able to offer them to you. There will not be much room for negotiation on pricing.

Pros and cons of an Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard mix

As with any furry friend, there are some serious pros and cons to think about when adding this mixed puppy to your life. We’ve talked about them already, but let’s go more into detail. Take a look.


  • Intelligent
  • Good attitude
  • Good with kids
  • Good watchdog

Pros like these are excellent when looking at something like a classic family dog that just wants to be one of the gang. They also can help you keep an eye on your kids since they’re both intended to keep watch over some sort of livestock, etc. Since they’re so big, you’ll want to be watchful when they are playing together, though!


  • Stubborn
  • Need a lot of space

While they are great dogs, they can be prone to being stubborn. This means that while they are intelligent and train well, they may not always, you know, listen to what they’re told. You’ll need to be firm with them sometimes, especially when coming inside after a play session or a walk if they’re not tired. 

These dogs also need a lot of space, even if they are smaller than classic Saint Bernards. They aren’t recommended for apartment living or even small houses. They’ll also need outdoor access so that they can burn some of that energy off. This is something to think about seriously!

In review

A mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Saint Bernard, an Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard mix is a rare crossbreed.

They are large dogs, often 20-30 inches (50.8-76 cm) tall and weighing anywhere from 75-200 pounds (34-90.7 kg).

They are great family dogs and are protective, fun, loyal, and great companions for road trips and more. They are prone to big dog health problems and require a specialized diet to help keep them strong and healthy overall.

An Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard mix is a great dog to consider seriously as a family dog because they are so energetic and loving. However, they have strict exercise requirements that need to be accommodated for their overall quality of life!

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