Are Border Collies Affectionate? 13 Signs Your BC Loves You

Are Border Collies Affectionate? Photo of an owner hugging her Border Collie.

You should know that Border Collies are not only intelligent and playful, but they’re also incredibly affectionate.

What many people don’t know is that part of their popularity stems from their affectionate nature. Border Collies enjoy human contact, and they crave it more than most other breeds. Here’s what to expect if you adopt one.

How do Border Collies show affection?

The most common way Border Collies show affection is by sitting in front of you, leaning against you, or nudging your arm with their nose. What’s more, if they really care about someone, they’ll jump up and put their paws on that person’s shoulders.

You may have heard the term “velcro dog” before when it comes to Border Collies. That’s because they’re always in the same room as you, and they love to cuddle up on your lap or beside you while taking naps.

Border collies like to spend time with the family, often following them from room to room or even lying down near where someone is sitting.

They can be very sensitive. For instance, if they sense something’s wrong (like an illness), they’ll display behaviors such as licking or nudging the person until they feel better.

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Do Border Collies Like To Cuddle?

Border Collies are very cuddly, and they’re happiest when they’re spending time with someone. That doesn’t mean you should expect to get lots of cuddles initially. However, it will probably happen after some time spent together. Eventually, you will see your Border Collie trying to snuggle up to you.

Why Do Border Collies Like To Cuddle?

Border Collies like to cuddle because they’re incredibly affectionate, and they crave human contact to show how much they care about you. It’s important to note that Border Collies are happiest when someone is around to whom they can attach themselves.

Border Collies are, by nature, pack animals and want to be a member of your family pack as well as the dog pack if there is one for them to be a part of.

Your Border Collie wants to be a part of the family and will do its best to make you happy.

If you want a cuddly dog who is happy to follow you around the house, this is the breed for you.


Warmth is a big deal to these dogs, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get near the hearth. That might start with warming your feet while you sit on the couch or following you into bed at night. Once there, expect them to cuddle up beside you for the rest of the night.


Border Collies want to feel like they are the protector of their pack. By cuddling with you and then falling asleep, they feel like they’re watching over you.


If your Border Collie is feeling restless, it may just be looking for a way to relieve that restlessness. Cuddling with you may provide just the solution.

Are Female Border Collies More Affectionate Than Males?

Surprisingly, when it comes to Border Collies, there’s not much difference between the affection levels of males and females. Both genders are equally as likely to be affectionate, and they’re just as cuddly.

If a Border Collie likes you, he or she will display the same behavior regardless of gender. That said, there are some small differences between males and females.

For instance, female Border Collies tend to spend the most time with the family. Another difference is that male Border Collies typically enjoy being in charge while females are more likely to offer their opinion about what’s going on.

However, these differences don’t mean that one gender is more affectionate than the other.

Are Border Collies Snugglers?

In general, yes, Border Collies are snugglers. These dogs not only enjoy being in your presence, but they also enjoy being as close to you as possible.

Border Collies are very affectionate. They enjoy human contact and crave it more than most other breeds out there. That means that they’ll be happy to snuggle with you any chance that they get.

If you have a Border Collie who likes to snuggle, then consider yourself lucky. Snuggle up with your Border Collie-they have plenty of affection to share.

How Clingy Are Border Collies?

Border Collies can be very clingy. They want to follow you from room to room and even lie down near where you’re sitting.

The reason that Border Collies are clingy has to do with their intelligence. Border Collies are very smart, and they want to be near you so that they can learn more about what’s going on around them.

This is another reason why Border Collies make such a great choice for families. These dogs want to be with the family, and they like to learn all about what’s going on during their time spent with you.

Do Border Collie Puppies Show Affection?

Border Collie puppies are just as affectionate as adult Border Collies. They’re always up for cuddles, and they enjoy spending time with the family.

They, too, will follow you around, jump up on your lap or shoulders, and be completely devoted to you. That said, keep in mind that puppies are more likely to act rambunctious than adults.

That’s okay, though. You just have to teach a puppy that it can’t be as rough with you as it is with its littermates.

How to get your Border Collie to enjoy cuddling more

Border Collies Like to be hugged and cuddled by you a lot. But if your dog is not comfortable with this, it may take some time for them to get used to the idea.

The “Nuzzle” Method

If your dog likes to be hugged for a short time, try using the “nuzzle” method. This is when you put your face close to theirs and gently sniff their head or neck.

They may not like it the first time, but if you keep doing this when your dog is feeling relaxed, they will enjoy it more and more.

Positive Reinforcement

If your dog is not a fan of cuddling, you can use positive reinforcement to encourage them to get closer.

This means that you will try offering treats every now and again while hugging or cuddling your pup to make them associate being touched with something positive.

Treat them whenever they come up to you and give you some physical affection, such as head nudges or sniffs. Over time they will associate being petted with getting treats, and then the cuddling will be even more enjoyable.

Go On Long Walks Together

Walking is beneficial for both you and your dog. This is also an excellent way to bond with your Border Collie and this way, you are rewarded with their happiness and more cuddles.

Have Fun Together

You don’t need to go on long walks to have fun with your fur friend. You can throw a ball or a frisbee in the backyard, play tug of war, try to teach your dog how to do cool tricks.

You can do many things together that will exercise your Border Collie and create a great bond between the two of you, increasing the chances for him to want to cuddle more with you.

Why Is My Border Collie Avoiding Affection?

If your Border Collie avoids affection, it may be because he doesn’t like to be touched, or there may be something else going on. There are many reasons why a dog might avoid affection, such as:


An older dog may not be able to handle much physical contact.

If you have an older Border Collie, try spending time with him and give him treats whenever he comes close to you or shows affection, this will keep your dog feeling loved despite their age.


Dogs can become anxious if they feel like they’re not in control of a given situation. This is especially true if they have been punished for misbehaving earlier on.

If your Border Collie is anxious, he may be more likely to be cautious with you and avoid affection as a result.


A depressive dog may also be more likely to avoid affection.

You may want to take your dog to the veterinarian if you notice signs of depression, he seems sad or is acting out in ways that are out of the ordinary for him.

You also might consider taking him for longer walks or giving him more attention in general, depending on the case.

Skin Conditions

If your Border Collie has dry skin, he may be uncomfortable when you touch his skin because it hurts.

If your dog is suffering from skin conditions, he may need special care or medication to help soothe his skin. This will make it easier for him to enjoy cuddles and other forms of affection with you.

Poor Training

A poorly trained dog may be wary of being touched because he doesn’t want to do the wrong thing.

If your Border Collie is afraid of doing something that will earn him a punishment, he might avoid you or lash out when you try to give affection.

For this reason, it is important for you to learn more about positive reinforcement training so that your pup knows that being affectionate with you will only earn him good things.

Needs More Socialization

Socialization is key for Border Collies. They need to be around other dogs and people regularly so that they learn the appropriate social skills.

Suppose your dog never spends time around people or other dogs. In that case, he may not know how to act when being touched by another creature, causing him to avoid affection at all costs.


Illness can limit your Border Collie’s energy, making it more difficult for him to enjoy cuddles.

If you notice that your dog is acting in ways that are out of character for him or seems lethargic after receiving affection, he might be sick and need to see a veterinarian.

13 Signs Your Border Collies Loves You

A Border Collie can show his love for you in several ways, some more obvious than others.

Some of the most common signs that your Border Collie loves you include:

1 – Constant Eye Contact With You

Eye contact is a way for Border Collies to express their feelings.

If your dog is staring at you, even when you are doing something else, it means you are very important in his life, and he loves being around you.

2 – He Licks You

This may seem like an obvious sign that your pup loves you. Still, it is actually very significant because dogs only lick others when they are very affectionate.

If your Border Collie licks you, it is actually a version of kissing you, showing that he cares deeply for you.

3 – He Jumps Into Your Lap, Sits next to you, or leans on you

If your pup jumps into your lap or sits next to you while you are resting or doing something else, it means that he loves being with you and cherishes the time that you spend together.

However, if he suddenly jumps into your lap and starts playing, it means that your dog loves you and is trying to show you his love by engaging in play with you.

4 – He Covers You With His Body

A Border Collie who wants to cuddle will sometimes use his body to block you from doing what you are trying to do.

For example, if you want to get up and grab something or even leave the house, he might try to stop you by standing in your way or putting his paws on your lap so that you stay put. While this can sometimes be annoying, it is actually a sign of affection because he loves spending time with you so much that he doesn’t want to let you go.

5 – He Acts Excited When You Return Home

If your Border Collie gets very excited when you get home, it shows that he loves being around you and enjoys the time that you spend together. 

Your dog may also jump up on you or lick your face to show his affection.

6 – He Brings You Gifts

Border Collies like to play with toys and other objects as both a means of entertainment and as a way to bond with their favorite people.

If your dog brings you things as a gift, it shows he loves you and wants to spend time with you. 

7 – He Acts Submissive When You Scold Him

Scolding a Border Collie is not always easy because they can be very stubborn dogs who don’t like being told what to do.

However, if your dog acts submissive when you scold him, cowering away from you with his tail between his legs and licking your hand or face, it means that he knows that he did something wrong and realizes that he might have upset you.

This is a sign of affection because while some dogs would lash out at their owners when being scolded, a loving Border Collie will show submission and try to appease you.

8 – Follows you everywhere

If your dog follows you around everywhere, even when it is time to rest, he loves being around you so much that he doesn’t want you to be alone.

This shows that not only does your pooch love spending time with you, but he also respects you and values your relationship with him.

9 – He Looks At You Like You Are His Whole World

When a dog looks at its owner, it is usually out of fear or respect, but when a Border Collie looks at you like you are the center of his universe, he really means it.

If your pup constantly stares into your eyes, it doesn’t mean he is scared of you, but that he loves you more than anything else.

10 – He Acts Submissive When You Pet Him

While most Border Collies are stubborn and don’t like being told what to do, they all love being petted because it shows them affection.

If your dog acts submissive when you pet him, it means that he loves you and appreciates the affection shown to him.

11 – Laying In Vulnerable Positions Around You

A Border Collie who loves his owner will lay down in vulnerable positions near the individual, sometimes even exposing his belly.

This shows that he trusts you and loves you enough to allow himself to be vulnerable around you because he knows that you won’t hurt him.

12 – He Relaxes When You Touch Him

If your dog becomes very relaxed when you touch him or pet him, it means that he loves being around you and being affectionate with you.

13 – Excited to See You in the Morning

If your Border Collie gets incredibly happy the moment he sees you in the morning, it means that he loves his owner and is excited to see him or her at the start of each day.

If your pooch is excited to see you in the morning, it means that he loves spending time with you and doesn’t want to be away from you.

In Conclusion

Your Border Collie will reward your affection with a lot of cuddles and a ton of love.

When you show your Border Collie that you care, he’ll want to spend more time with you and give back all the affection that you’re giving to him.

You should enjoy every moment spent with your fur friend, knowing that the feeling is mutual.

Border collies enjoy being with their human family, and this is especially the case if there are children in your household.

They’re always on the go, but they’ll be right there with you so long as you invite them.

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