Why Does My Border Collie Lick Me So Much? Stop Dog Obsessive Licking

Why Does My Border Collie Lick Me So Much? Photo of a Border Collie with his tongue out.

There are a few reasons why your Border Collie might be licking you so much, and they’re all pretty simple to understand.

It can be frustrating, but it’s usually just because your Border Collie is trying to show affection in their own way.

Obsessive licking is a common canine behavior. The good news is that you can stop the licking with just a few simple steps.

9 Reasons Why Your Border Collie Licks You

There are many reasons for this behavior, and they vary depending on how long you’ve had your dog and his age.

Licking is a way that your Border Collie communicates. In addition to communication, licking also brings you closer together and helps strengthen the bond between the two of you.

Your dog might lick you because of the following reasons:

1 – Showing Affection

One of the ways Border Collies show affection is by licking. It is his way to say he loves you and wants to show affection. This breed is very people-oriented, and these dogs love nothing more than giving and receiving affection from their owners.

If you’ve had your dog for any length of time, then there’s a good chance he will try to communicate with you by licking for affection.

2 – Submissive to You

Some Border Collies lick to show submission. Submissive licking is usually directed at you, but sometimes this dog will also lick other dogs in the family as well.

If your dog licks to show submissiveness, he may also display other submissive behaviors like tucking his tail between his legs or crouching.

3 – Wants Your Attention

Border Collies are very intelligent dogs, and they learn quickly. If he has learned that licking your hand or feet gets your attention, then you may have a dog that is constantly trying to get your attention whenever he wants it.

4 – Get A Reaction Out Of You

Some dogs will lick as a reaction to something. For example, if you give your Border Collie a treat for sitting, he may try to get more treats by licking your hand.

Or another example would be if you’re giving him affection or petting him, then he might lick your hand in an attempt to get more attention.

5 – Is Bored

If your dog is getting enough exercise and attention, then he might lick you because he’s bored. Bored dogs often lick excessively to relieve their boredom.

It’s common for dogs to exhibit this behavior when you’re home because this is the time that they have your undivided attention.

If your dog has plenty of toys and other items he can chew on, then this might be his way of telling you that he’s bored.

6 – Is Stressed or Anxious

Some dogs lick as a response to stress or anxiety. This is often the case when you have just left your dog alone after you’ve been gone all day.

For some dogs, hair licking is their way of reducing stress and giving themselves some comfort when they feel lonely or anxious.

7 – Licking Tastes Good

One reason your Border Collie might lick you is to see if what you’ve been doing tastes good.

He tastes you to see what you’ve been eating and doing. Like we do with food, dogs lick to sample the flavor of their environment and select what tastes good and what doesn’t.

8 – Something Hurts or Itches

Finally, your Border Collie might lick you if something hurts or itches. For example, if he licks the spot where you have a small wound, he’s trying to relieve your pain by licking that area.

When a dog licks something, it releases endorphins and helps to reduce pain and make whatever he’s licking feel better.

9 – Just a Dog Behavior

All dogs display some behaviors that people may find strange or unusual. Dogs have scent glands in their faces, so licking is part of the normal routine.

Licking is also a way for dogs to communicate, and some breeds like the Border Collie simply lick more than others.

Should I allow my Border Collie to lick me?

You should let your Border Collie lick you, but not excessively. If he licks to show affection or if he’s licking you out of boredom, then it is fine to allow him a few licks.

If the licking isn’t excessive and is just normal dog behavior, then there’s no reason to stop him from doing this.

If your dog continues to lick you even after you’ve spoken firmly, then the licking could be a sign of anxiety or stress.

In some cases, it may be necessary to break a dog’s licking habit. For example, if the licking is so excessive that it becomes a disorder, then you should stop this behavior.

How to stop my Border Collie licking habit?

You can stop this behavior by distracting him with something else whenever he licks excessively. You might also want to give him a chew toy or other item that’s designed for reducing boredom.

If your Border Collie has a licking disorder, then you should speak with a professional dog trainer to help you break him of this habit.

You may also want to speak with your veterinarian because excessive licking often indicates that the dog developed an obsessive-compulsive disorder and is stressed or anxious. Medication might be necessary to help calm him down.

In Conclusion

Licking is a natural dog behavior and Border Collies, in particular, seem to have a strong licking instinct. There’s no reason to worry if your Border Collie licks you, but excessive licking should be stopped.

There are various reasons why your dog may excessively lick, including he’s bored, stressed, or anxious; he’s licking you to taste what you’ve been doing; the act of licking makes him feel better, or he’s simply trying to groom you.

Once you determine why your Border Collie is licking, then you can act accordingly.

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