Pet Insurance For Shih Tzus


  • Monthly insurance premiums will vary, but they typically range from $40-$80
  • Shih Tzus are prone to serious medical conditions, including heart and eye issues, liver disease, allergies, and luxating patellas
  • When selecting a pet insurance policy, confirm that any hereditary conditions your Shih Tzu may get will be covered

Shih Tzus are small, cute, fluffy dogs originating from breeding the Pekingnese and Lhasa Apso together in Tibet. Shih Tzus are known for their short snouts and large, round eyes, as well as their long coat and floppy ears. Shih Tzus are adaptable, calm, friendly, and playful.

Why Should You Consider Pet Insurance for Your Shih Tzu?

Since Shih Tzus are purebred dogs, they are susceptible to some serious medical issues. Veterinary care can be expensive, but investing in pet insurance for your Shih Tzu can help you pay a vet bill while keeping your dog’s needs first. 

Pet emergencies, like accidents or sudden illnesses, can be expensive, but routine and preventative care can also be expensive. Investing in pet insurance can help you feel more prepared for all of your Shih Tzu’s veterinary care and costs.

Most purebred dogs have specific issues they’re prone to, and Shih Tzus are no different. 

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Common Health Issues Prevalent in Shih Tzus and Approximate Cost to Treat Them

While Shih Tzus are cute and fun, if you’re considering owning one, you should be aware of the issue they’re prone to. Shih Tzus are popular dogs due to their size and wonderful personalities, but unfortunately, their popularity has led to poor breeding practices. 

We’ve taken a closer look at how much it could cost to treat different issues Shih Tzus are prone to.

Please note that these costs are ballpark ranges.

Health IssueRisk FactorApprox. Treatment Cost
EntropionHigh$500 – $2,000
Patellar LuxationHigh$1,500 – $3,000
Fold DermatitisMedium$300 – $1,500
KeratitisHigh$1,000 – $3,000
ProptosisMedium$1,500 – $3,500
Hip DysplasiaHigh$1,500 – $2,500
Collapsing TracheaHigh$1,500 – $3,500
Ear InfectionsHigh$100 – $300
Heart DiseasesHigh$1,500 – $6,000
HypothyroidismHigh$500 – $3,000
Liver Shunt DiseaseMedium$1,500 – $3,500
AllergiesHigh$500 – $2,000
Kidney DiseaseHigh$1,000 – $3,000

If you own a Shih Tzu, investing in a good pet insurance plan can help you be better prepared to afford all the vet costs to keep your dog as healthy and happy as possible. 

How Much Does Pet Insurance for a Shih Tzu Cost?

There are many different pet insurance plans available, so it’s important to consider all of your options before selecting a plan. Below, we’ve broken down monthly costs of covering a Shih Tzu from some of the most popular pet insurance companies.

Insurance NameDeductibleAverage Monthly PremiumReimbursement
Embrace$200 – $1,000$40 – $8070% – 90%
ASPCA$100 – $500$40 – $8070% – 90%
Healthy Paws$100 – $1,000$50 – $8070% – 90%
Spot$100 – $1,000$40 – $7070% – 90%
Pumpkin$100 – $1,000$40 – $8090%
Lemonade$100 – $500$30 – $7070% – 90%
Figo$100 – $500$50 – $8070% – 90%

Different Types of Insurance for Different Events

Pet insurance can vary widely in cost depending on several factors like coverage, deductible, reimbursement, and of course, the specifics of your own pet and location. When you decide to get pet insurance for your Shih Tzu, there are main types of events that the insurance will cover. 

Accident-Only Insurance

A good option if you’re looking to keep premiums low, this type of insurance coverage will only cover your pet in the event of an accident, like being hit by a car or eating something toxic.

Accident and Illness

More comprehensive than accident-only insurance, A&I coverage covers everything accident-only insurance does as well as costs associated with illness. So if your pup needs to spend some time in a veterinary hospital for cancer treatment, those costs will be covered by the policy (exclusions apply).


Wellness coverage covers some of the costs associated with routine and preventative care, including things like physical exams and deworming.

Wellness coverage isn’t standard with most pet insurances. The monthly fee for wellness coverage is usually in addition to the accident and illness coverage.

Pet Insurance for a Puppy Versus an Adult

Getting pet insurance for your Shih Tzu at a young age is highly recommended. The earlier you get an insurance plan, the better coverage it will provide. By enrolling your puppy in a plan, you can obtain the most comprehensive coverage as they are less likely to have pre-existing conditions.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that even if you purchase insurance for your Shih Tzu puppy to obtain the best coverage, pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. Nonetheless, premiums for puppies are typically less expensive than those for adult dogs.

Although young puppies are prone to accidents and injuries, they generally have fewer severe health conditions. As dogs get older, their risk of developing medical conditions increases. Therefore, as your Shih Tzu ages, your monthly pet insurance premium may become more expensive as their disease risk rises.

Obtaining pet insurance for your Shih Tzu puppy before they develop any pre-existing conditions guarantees maximum financial protection and provides you with peace of mind, knowing that the insurance will cover most of the issues your Shih Tzu may encounter.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Pet Insurance

When selecting pet insurance, it’s important to research thoroughly to ensure that you’re getting the best coverage for your Shih Tzu as possible. 

Many factors will affect the cost of your monthly premium, so let’s discuss those in more detail. 

Age of the Dog

As we mentioned above, pet insurance premiums for puppies are typically cheaper than for older dogs, and young puppies are usually healthy and free of issues. By getting insurance for your Shih Tzu puppy with no pre-existing conditions, you will pay less out-of-pocket compared to insuring an older dog with pre-existing conditions.

Health History

Pet insurance excludes pre-existing conditions. If your pet had a condition before enrolling, it won’t be covered. When insuring an older dog with pre-existing conditions, you can request a review of their medical records to determine coverage.

Coverage Limits

Pet insurance costs are influenced by coverage limits. Higher limits usually lead to higher premiums, but offer greater financial protection. Lower limits may result in a lower premium, but can increase out-of-pocket costs. It’s important to choose an appropriate limit based on your pet’s needs and understand what the policy covers.

Reimbursement Percentage

Another aspect of your Shih Tzu’s pet insurance coverage that you can customize is the percentage of the bill that you are reimbursed. Most pet insurances have reimbursement rates anywhere from 70% to 90%. You can choose the percentage you feel comfortable but know that the higher the reimbursement percentage, the more expensive your monthly premium will be.


Selecting a pet insurance deductible is crucial as it determines the out-of-pocket cost that you must pay before reimbursement. Deductibles range from $200-$1,000, with lower deductibles resulting in higher monthly premiums. Most companies reset their deductibles annually. Trupanion offers a lifetime deductible per medical condition, meaning it only needs to be paid once per condition during the dog’s life. 

Other Important Things to Know About Pet Insurance

Understanding some of the key elements is important when researching pet insurance. 

Waiting periods

There is typically a 14-day waiting period before coverage begins, and some insurances require a longer waiting period for orthopedic issues. 


Exclusions are things not covered, while inclusions may have sub-items not covered. It’s important to read the sample policy and contact the insurance provider for questions. 

Most providers allow you to send in your pet’s medical history to determine pre-existing conditions. Get answers before committing to a policy.

Unlimited claims, No credit checks, No upper age limit & Multiple pet discounts

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