Border Collie Potty Training – How You Should Potty Train Your BC

Border Collie Potty Training. Photo of a Border Collie doing his necessities in the grass.

If you’re not sure how to go about the process of potty training a border collie, then don’t panic. We’ve got all the answers right here.

This guide will teach you everything from what supplies are needed for successful dog toilet training, the best way to teach them where they need to go, and even some pitfalls that may pop up during the process.

So let’s get started with our ultimate guide on successful potty-training your Border Collie!

Are border collies hard to potty train?

In general, Border Collies are a very easy breed of dog to potty train. They have a strong desire to please their owners, and because of this, it only takes a couple of weeks for them to learn the ropes.

The one thing that may be holding you back from success is not using the proper methods for your specific Border Collie’s personality type.

How to potty train a Border Collie Puppy?

First off, you should understand that all dogs are individuals. No two are alike. They have different personalities and, therefore, will respond differently to the training methods you use.

Another thing to keep in mind is that age plays a significant role in how fast they pick up on the idea of potty training. Young puppies tend to learn very quickly, while older dogs will take a bit longer.

The most important thing you must understand is that you can’t expect your dog to know what he or she should do if they are not taken outside frequently enough.

I would recommend using a leash and taking them outside every half hour for the first few days at least. This way, the dog will get used to the idea of going outside.

Having specific hours to take the dog outside is also a good idea. This way, they can learn that there are specific times that they will be taken outside to potty and learn their schedule.

Praise your dog when they do go to the bathroom outside. Give them a lot of praise so that they pick up on the idea that this is what you want them to do.

If your dog does have an accident, then it’s important not to scold or punish them for it. This will only scare them and make the process much more difficult for both of you.

In short:

  • Every dog is different;
  • Age plays a significant role;
  • Use a leash and go outside every half hour for the first few days;
  • Set a schedule;
  • Praise your dog;
  • Accidents happen, do not scold or punish your dog.

Although it is important to remember that not all dogs will quickly pick up on this method. You must understand that you can’t expect them to know what to do regardless of age unless they are taken outside frequently.

If you want your dog to be fully potty trained, then make sure that they get taken out often and given a lot of love and praise when they do go out at the appropriate times.

Border collie potty training problems

Training a Border Collie to do their business outside is relatively easy. However, you will run into some problems with BCs if you don’t teach them properly.

The number one problem you will encounter is them not feeling like they can go outside due to cold temperatures or rain.

You need to take the dog out on a leash (or in your arms) and act excited about going outside when this happens.

Another thing that people tend to do wrong is not showing their dog the location of the toilet regularly. They tend to wait until they have an accident before taking them to that spot.

Border Collies need consistency to learn where they should go potty and what they should do once inside. If you do not show them the location of the toilet, they will make their own decisions, which can lead to you having some serious problems with your BC.

One way to ensure that you are taking them to the correct place is by using a phrase like “go potty” or “do your business” while outside. This will get them used to the idea of where they should go once inside.

You must be consistent with every aspect of your training, from how you phrase requests to taking them outside frequently. If not, then there is a good chance that your Border Collie may develop some potty training problems.

Things you need to potty train your Border Collie

When it comes to potty training, there are several things you can get to help you and your dog in the process, such as:

  • A long leash: This will allow your dog to have more slack and be able to sniff and find the right place to pee. At the same time, it will allow you to hold them back and not let them wander too far.
  • Poop bags: This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how many people forget about this one;
  • Disposable puppy pads: If you don’t want your dog going outside, there are disposable papers that you can place wherever you want your dog to go. These are much easier than having to clean up messes all the time;
  • Paper towels and cleaning supplies: When accidents happen in the house, you will need to clean them up quickly, so they don’t smell;
  • Treats: Since your canine will be in the process of learning potty training, it’s essential to reward them when they do things right. You can use treats;
  • Doggy door (optional): If you have a free-standing doggy door or one that leads to a fenced-in area, it will help them get used to going outside on their own, without having to wait for someone else to let them out.

How long does it take to potty train a Border Collie?

This question has been asked a million times on various training forums, and I have heard a lot of different answers. Some say 3 months, others 6… the truth of the matter is that it will vary from dog to dog.

Border collie puppies can be taught to go outside in as little as four weeks, but older dogs may take up to a year.

3 Steps to Potty Train a Border Collie

You’ll find out how easy it can be by following this step-by-step tutorial. It will take less than an hour of work each day, and in just two weeks, your pup will be able to “hold it” until he or

1 – Designate the toilet zone

You must designate a spot in your yard or an open area near your home for your BC to go potty. This should be away from doors and paths, so they feel more comfortable when they do their business. You can also train them on puppy pads or newspapers when inside.

2 – Watch for signs your Border Collie needs to go outside

Signs that your BC needs to go outside include panting, sniffing around, or pacing. You can also tell by the look on their face if they are uncomfortable. If you wait too long and they have an accident inside, then there is little chance that your Border Collie will ever want to use the toilet again.

3 – Reward and reinforce

Positive behavior needs to be reinforced for your dog to know when they are doing something right;

If you do these steps, you will have a dog trained on where to go potty in less than two weeks. With time and patience, this will become second nature, just like it is for us humans.

To reward, you can use things like:

  • Treats or toys;
  • Verbal Praise;
  • Patting;
  • A game of tug-of-war;
  • Playing fetch

The most important part is always to remain consistent. If you give in once, your dog will know that he can do it again and may stop taking you seriously.

Signs that your Border Collie is fully Potty trained

Your Border Collie will be ready to go without a leash and will do his business all by himself once you have finished training him.

He or she should also be able to keep it in for at least eight hours, depending on the dog’s age and individual needs.

He or she will ask you when they need to go outside and will whine, bark, or whimper until you take them out. If you have a doggy door at home, then he/she should use it on their own accord as well.

If your pup is fully potty trained, then you shouldn’t have any accidents inside anymore. However, if there are some, then this is a clear sign that something is wrong.


Keep in mind that every dog is different, and it may take longer for your pup to get the hang of potty training. But with love, patience, and consistency, you will have a fully potty-trained dog in no time.

The great thing about potty training a BC is that this is just one of the things you can teach them. With a bit of work and patience, they will make the perfect pet for any family.

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