Border Collie Jumping – How High Can a Border Collie Jump?

Photo of a Border Collie jumping high

Border Collies are known for their agility and speed, but they are also known for their jumping abilities.

It’s no surprise that they can clear tall fences with ease and have even been known to jump over 6 feet from standing in some competitions.

But, several factors affect the height a Border Collie can jump. For example, if a border collie jumps from a standing position, it will jump higher than when it jumps from a sitting position.

Another factor that affects the height of the border collie’s jump is its speed. A faster dog will jump higher than one that is stationary or slow-moving.

Are border collies good at jumping?

Yes, Border Collies are very good at jumping, and they can jump fairly high.

But it’s important to remember that not all border collies are the same, so while some may be good at jumping, others might not be. Age and physical health are factors that may affect your dog’s jumping ability.

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Why do Border Collies jump?

Border Collies are active dogs, so jumping is a big part of their daily routine.

Jumping for a border collie is their way of saying hi, checking the place out, or just having fun. It’s also pretty much instinctive to them since they have been bred to herd sheep, so their first line of defense is jumping on the sheep until it moves where they want it to go.

They also jump to get past obstacles such as fences, bushes, and even small mounds of dirt.

What Age Can Border Collies Start Jumping?

It’s best to introduce your Border Collie puppy to jumping in small steps. This way, they will become more confident when they are older and won’t be afraid of jumping.

You can start the process at 6 months, but you need to be very careful since their bodies are still developing because of bad muscle twists.

The height of your borders collie’s first jumps mustn’t be too high. Doing this will make sure that your dog builds up stamina and does not become exhausted, making them more likely to injure themselves.

Can a border collie jump over a backyard fence?

Yes, a border collie can jump over a backyard fence.

But, certain factors will affect how high your dog can jump, such as age and physical health.

Though, not all border collies can jump over a backyard fence. To find out whether or not your dog is capable of jumping over your backyard fence, simply see how high they can jump when standing still and at full speed.

If the height is around or more than 3 feet, then yes, they may be able to jump over it.

Can a border collie jump a 4-foot fence?

Border Collies are known to jump up to 6 feet high, so yes, a Border Collie can jump a 4-foot tall fence.

Border Collies can jump reasonably high if they are in good health and have had proper exercise in the past.

If you think your dog will jump over a 4-foot fence, I would suggest getting a taller fence.

How to stop a Border Collie from jumping the fence?

To stop a Border Collie from jumping the fence, the best thing to do is to make it clear that they are not allowed to.

Using this method, your dog should quickly learn which side of the fence they are allowed on. Since Border Collies are one of the most intelligent dog breeds there is a high chance that they will understand you very quickly.

You can also increase the size of your fence, as this will make it more difficult for your BC to jump, though there’s a chance that they may be able to jump higher than you think.

Another option would be a perimeter dog collar. These collars give your dog a small electric shock if they come past a certain point.

Though, the best thing to do is to train your pet as soon as possible.

How do I stop my Border Collie from jumping on people?

To stop your Border Collie from jumping on people, you need to show them that it is not normal behavior.

Train your Border Collie on a leash. If you let him jump, he will learn that it is acceptable to do so and continue doing so in the future.

If your dog jumps up on you, push down on their chest, so they have the clear message that this is not right. Then tell them ‘no’ or even hold a treat by their nose and move it away from them. When they calm down, give them the treat. This should show them that good behavior will get them something.

While it may be cute to have your dog jump up on you, it will become a problem if they start jumping on other people who might not want it. Especially since Border Collies are so strong and can easily knock someone over.

It’s also crucial that you do not encourage your dog to jump on people by petting them while they are jumping. This way, you will show them it is not wanted behavior and should stop.

What is the best Joint supplement for Border Collies?

The best joint supplement for Border Collies is Cosequin, which goes by the name of Dasuquin in some countries.

Cosequin is one of the most popular products to use on dogs with bad joints due to its effectiveness and affordability.

It is a joint health supplement that does not need any prescription and can help your pet lead a normal life even when in bad physical shape.

It’s also great for treating arthritis but check with your veterinarian before administering it.

Border Collie jumping on sheep

Border Collie’s herding instincts are strong. If you have a Border Collie, it is likely that they will jump on some of your sheep at some point while herding them.

This may be because your dog wants to get forward, and the fastest way for them is to go on top of the sheep to help make them move quickly.

Actually, when herding is a standard move for Border Collies, and they use it all the time, so your dog is likely to jump on some of your sheep.

The best you can do is to train your Border Collie to do it only on command when you need them to go forward and help you make the sheep move. Otherwise, they will do it when they see the chance, which is not what you want.

Why does my border collie jump at cars?

It is not normal for a Border Collie to jump at cars, but they are likely to do it because they are excited about cars.

Some Border Collies may also show this behavior due to fear, in which case you need to spend more time socializing your dog.

This can be because your dog is very young and hasn’t learned appropriate behavior yet, or even because their recall command isn’t as strong as you think it should be.

If you notice that your dog jumps at cars every time he sees one, it is best to train their recall command as soon as possible.

Border Collies like to control movement in the environment around them, which is why they often jump at cars. It gives them a sense of control.

It can be annoying for you though when they do this behavior in public places since you will always need to watch out for cars and make sure your dog doesn’t jump in front of them and get hurt.

You can stop your Border Collie from jumping at cars by putting the dog on a leash when you walk them, especially near a busy road, so they cannot jump at cars without your control.

If you have a yard, it can be good to train them behind a fence so that they know where the limit is for their behavior, and when seeing a car you give them a firm ‘no’ when or before they jump.

Give them a treat if they obey and stay put.

Border Collie jumping rope

Have you ever seen a Border collie jumping rope? It is not an easy task for a dog, but border collies are fast and some of them actually seem to enjoy it.

Jumping rope with their owner is also a good exercise for them since they have to move their front and back legs at the same time correctly.

Here’s a video of Paige the Border Collie jumping rope with her owner:

In conclusion

A Border Collie can jump up to 6 feet from standing. Jumping is a natural behavior for border collies.

However, it is important to train border collies not to jump on people, especially when greeting them because they are big dogs and can knock someone over easily.

Also, train border collies not to jump over your backyard fence, at cars, or any other object while walking or running around your house by putting them on a leash so that the dog cannot jump without you controlling their movements.

If border collies jump on you, give them a firm ‘no’ and tell them to sit as a negative reinforcement so that they know what is not wanted behavior.

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