Are Border Collies Good With Kids? A parent’s guide.

Are Border Collies Good With Kids? Photo of a Border Collie with kids.

Border collies are a loyal breed and can be good with kids. Border Collies do have some particular features which make them especially good with little ones! A Border Collie is a perfect companion for your toddler or preschooler.

Let’s take a look at why this breed is such a good match for young children…

Border Collies and Small Children

They are perfect companions because they are calm, polite, and very affectionate towards children.

The Border Collie has a lot of energy to keep up with small children and will provide that gentle balance for your kids who are growing up with busy, fast-paced lives.

They make excellent companions for little ones who love to be active and play outside. They will keep them entertained and help them develop a love for the outdoors.

Teaching Kids to be Around Border Collies

Teaching kids to be around Border Collies is relatively easy since they are naturally very kind and gentle.

Make sure your children know how to behave around a dog, how to approach and touch him gently and let them know what kind of behavior is appropriate around such a sensitive breed.

  • Don’t let them rush up to pet him; let him get used to you first.
  • If he has a ball or toy, don’t let your kids take it away from him without asking.
  • Let the dog come to them if he wants attention.
  • Gently let them pet his back while he is eating or chewing on his toys so that he’s distracted and won’t feel threatened.
  • Don’t let them bother him while he’s sleeping, but encourage them to watch quietly.
  • Teach them not to be too rough with him and not to hurt him while playing. Hands are for petting and high-fives, not pats.
  • Make sure your kids are supervised around the dog at all times while he is still getting used to them.

You will definitely need to raise your voice if they do something that scares your Border Collie or that he doesn’t like, but do so in a matter-of-fact way and don’t overdo it.

But if your kid is very gentle, calm, and patient around dogs, he or she will grow up respecting the dog’s personal boundaries while still being excited about every new adventure the two of them will have together.

Training a Border Collie to be With Children

Raising a well-behaved Border Collie with kids is not very different from training him to be obedient at any other time.

He or she will need daily exercises, plenty of good food and snacks, and equal parts love and discipline every day.

  • Start by teaching your dog some basic commands, such as sit and stay.
  • Make sure to reward him with a treat or a new toy if he does what you ask of him.
  • Teach your child how to do this so that they can help out together!
  • Make sure your Border Collie gets plenty of exercise daily to stay healthy and well-behaved.

Set Boundaries and Limits

Boundaries and limits are very important for your dog’s behavior. Border Collies are especially observant, so make sure that everyone in the family establishes clear boundaries and limits so that he understands what is expected from him.

Make sure the dog knows what the kid’s space is and how to respect it.

Setting up a daily schedule can also help him be more disciplined about his behavior around children.

Border Collie Helpful Tips for Parents

Some helpful tips for parents when it comes to Border Collies with kids:

1 – Don’t take him for granted: Make sure that your kids don’t take him for granted. They need to know that the dog only goes with them because he wants to, not because they’re forcing him.

2 – Command training: Train your dog to respond to commands and that he must obey you no matter what.

3 – Walk the dog yourself: Don’t let your child walk the dog; let them run alongside him. This way they can both enjoy themselves while getting some exercise!

4 – Kids learn by examples: Finally, remember that kids learn by example, so if you always scold and discipline your dog in front of them, they will think that is okay behavior and imitate it.

5 – Involve your kids in the process: Make sure to get your kids involved in the training process. Having children train the dog (with your supervision) will help establish a closer bond between them and their new pet.

Negatives of Border Collies with Kids

There are some negatives when it comes to Border Collies with kids.

That’s why kids need to learn how to act around dogs early so that they don’t become frightened of them.

Herding and Nipping

The herding instinct is very strong in Border Collies. They are natural herding dogs, which means they try to herd animals and people by nipping at their heels.

You’ll need to train them not to chase your kids or nip at their heels while playing.

Excessive Barking

Border Collies tend to bark excessively, especially when they are young. This behavior can be a little bit intimidating for small children.


Another negative is that Border Collies like to mouth things – your kid’s toys, their clothes, your kid’s hands or feet. They don’t mean it as an aggressive move, but if you’re annoyed by this behavior, you’ll need to train him not to do it.

All these negatives can be easily resolved with proper training and socialization.

Just be patient and loving so that your Border Collie knows what behavior is expected of him, and he’ll become a well-mannered member of the family in no time.

Positives of Border Collies with Kids

Even the negatives we can transform into positives with the proper guidance and training. But, there are many positives that make a Border Collie a great companion for a family with little kids.


Border Collies are very loyal to their owners, which means he will protect your kids from any potential danger.

If the dog senses something’s not right with other animals or people he should be fine with; he’ll let you know by barking at them.

Excellent role models

They are excellent role models for your kids.

They are very respectful, patient, gentle, and loving with children. These are all features that a Border Collie can teach to kids by example.

Love giving and receiving affection

Affection is something these dogs love giving and receiving. They are very, very gentle animals that enjoy cuddling with kids.

If your child is having a bad day, the dog will be there to cheer your children up and bring lots of happiness and joy into their lives.

Border collies love to play

They love to play so much that they will run around for hours with your kids.

They are also very intelligent, so they will quickly learn new games and tricks to play with the whole family.

Just make sure your children know how to play with him safely, and they’ll all have lots of fun together!

A great activity for the whole family

A Border Collie can be an excellent excuse to make the whole family get up and go for a walk in the park, to the dog’s club, or even on camping trips.

Training your dog can also be a very fun family activity that parents and children can do together. It will help them form a strong bond while at the same time instilling proper behavior.

Do Border Collies Bite Kids?

As with any dog breed, there are reasons why your Border Collie might hurt or bite your kids.

He may feel frightened because he is being provoked in some way by the kid, or he might be sick and in pain which makes him lash out. Before you start thinking that this could never happen to you, consider this:

Resource Guarding

Resource guarding is when your dog tries to guard things that are important to him. This can be food or toys, but it can also be the places where he sleeps or eats.

This is a natural behavior for dogs, so you must train your Border Collie to see these things as his and not guard them from your children.

Physical Pain

If your Border Collie has any kind of physical pain, he might suddenly lash out at your kids.

This could be due to an injury or because of some health problem that needs immediate attention.


If your kids are harassing your dog, he might get annoyed and lash out at them.

You should make sure your kids know how to treat a dog with good manners at all times.

Are Border Collies Good With Babies?

Border Collies are very good with babies. Their affectionate and gentle nature makes them perfect pets for children of any age.

You’ll have to introduce your dog slowly to your new baby and let them get used to one another.

Remember, even though Border Collies are very patient and loving with kids, they can still feel frightened when a baby is crying loudly near them.

The longer you let the dog and baby get to know each other, the better.

Benefits of Growing Up With a Dog

The benefits of growing up with a dog are enormous.

  • Dogs can be a great source of comfort for children, and they’ll teach your kids the right way to treat animals.
  • They can teach your children responsibility and make them more empathetic towards others. Teaching kids to care for a dog will help them learn how to care for themselves too.
  • Dogs can be great playmates for children too, which is probably why they are one of the most popular pets.
  • Dogs give unconditional love; you won’t find someone who’s more loyal than a dog.
  • They can also be great companions in hard times, like when your child gets sick or when they are feeling lonely.

In fact, studies show that children with dogs are less likely to become ill, and they feel more resilient.

For these reasons, it is no surprise that having a dog makes your child’s life just a little bit easier. So if you’re thinking about getting a dog for your kids, then go ahead! If your kids already have one, then you’ve done a great thing.

In Conclusion

A Border Collie is an excellent companion for a family with little kids. They are loyal and loving, and they can teach your kids a great deal about life and how to be responsible.

They can also be a great playmate and source of comfort for your kids, and they will help them become more resilient and healthier.

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