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A dog’s traits are defined by its breed, its ancestral breeding purposes, so even you think a dog is just a dog, there is much more to it. Each dog differs from all others. If you have had dogs all your life, you will certainly agree no dog is equal to another. Their reactions and the way they behave can differ from breed to breed. Also, the way they are trained from the puppy phase of their lives plays a huge role; how their owners handle them will undoubtedly influence their social and everyday actions through the years. Apart from that, your dog’s life can be impacted by genetic predisposition and many other events. 

The Council gathered all the crucial information so you can get to know all there is to know and tackle any current issues.

Dog Breeds

Breed Categories

A compilation of articles on subjects that matter within each breed.


Golden Retrievers


Great Danes

German Shepherd



Mixed Breeds

Articles to clarify (and demistify) every topic on mixed breeds.

Golden Shepherds


Rottweiler + Husky

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