Dog Advisory Council and Peanut Dogs Combine Forces

The Dog Advisory Council is very pleased to announce that we have joined forces with the team from Peanut Dogs (former

Peanut Dogs has been in business for years, providing a resource for all dog owners. Whether you have a service dog, emotional support animal, or even just a pet that helps keep your anxiety at bay, you may recognize their excellent work within the Peanut Detection Dogs with guidance and resources. That’s why we’re so excited about our new partnership with the team from Peanut Dogs; we know we can now broaden to a variety of issues within the detection ability of dogs, and even more than that, within the spectrum of dogs that help their owners. 

This merger ushers in a new era where we can finally honor our beloved four-legged friends who are so important in our lives with more than just food and shelter. We will now be able to offer an array of canine-related possibilities, according to the traits of all the different dog breeds, focused on providing our readers with the tools to find what type of assistance dog will best suit their needs.

On that note, there will be more information on different types of service animals such as detection dogs, alerting pups for seizures or other medical emergencies, and also search-and-rescue canines who find missing people in emergency situations. We are confident that our new partnership will enable us to continue working towards our goal of developing an inclusive environment for all the requests we receive.

We feel like now, more than ever, people are looking for ways in which they can connect with other dog lovers and share information about what it means when your best friend becomes your service dog or vice versa.