Grooming a Border Collie: Coat Care Tips for BC Grooming

Border Collie Grooming. Photo of a Border Collie being groomed.

Border Collies require regular grooming to protect them from tangles and mats, leading to hair loss and skin irritation due to the constant rubbing of their coat on things like fences or furniture.

Border Collies need weekly brushing with a slicker brush or pin brush, combing with a wide-toothed comb, bathing once every month with a shampoo made for dogs, drying off with a towel after bathing, and trimming nails when they get too long.

Border Collies also need their ears cleaned periodically and should be checked regularly for fleas.

Below are some key points about Border Collie Grooming

How to Properly Groom a Border Collie? (Border Collie Grooming Needs)

Border collie grooming is essential in order to keep your dog healthy; it will protect him/her from skin issues and hair loss.

Properly grooming a Border Collie is a great way to bond with your pup and show him/her that you love her.

Detangling Spray

Using a detangling spray is another good way to remove mats and tangles. Spray the affected area, gently work out any tangles with your fingers or a slicker brush, then rinse the area thoroughly once the mat is removed.

Undercoat Grooming

While brushing out your Border Collie’s coat, it is essential to remove the dead undercoat. This will not only make their coat look better, but it will also prevent them from getting too hot during the summer months since they won’t have that extra layer of fur.

Top Coat Grooming

After brushing out your Border Collie’s undercoat, you need to brush through their top coat. Brushing the top coat will remove any loose hair and give them a nice shiny appearance when they are finished.

Nail trimming

The first step to a successful nail trimming session is to make sure your Border Collie is calm.

When you’re ready to begin clipping, rest your pup’s paws on a solid surface and clip only the tip of the nail.

Give your dog a treat in between each nail you clip to let him/her know that they are being good and the next one isn’t going to hurt.

You can then end up rubbing your dog’s nails with some olive oil which will help prevent chipping of the nails.


You don’t want to bathe your Border Collie too often because it will dry out their skin and remove the natural oils they need to stay healthy.

The best way to go about bathing them is by wetting them down with warm water, applying some shampoo made specifically for dogs, then lathering up that shampoo into a nice lather.

Rinse them off with warm water, then dry them off with a towel.

Make sure to take special care of your Border Collie’s ears during bathing since you don’t want any dirt or bacteria trapped inside the ear canal.

Ear Cleaning

Dogs’ ears can get dirty, just like humans’ ears! When cleaning them, you will need to start by holding the ear flap in your hand. Then, fill the ear canal with a cleansing solution.

Gently massage the base of the ear to release any dirt and grime. You don’t want to push too hard, or you risk hurting your dog.

Once that is done, follow up by drying your Border Collie’s ears out with a towel.

Teeth Brushing

I would recommend brushing your Border Collie’s teeth once a week to keep them healthy and strong.

If you don’t want to invest in an actual toothbrush and toothpaste made for dogs, there are many other options, such as bones or sticks, that can help you get rid of the bacteria inside their mouth.

Check for fleas or ticks

The final step in the grooming process is checking your pup’s skin for fleas or ticks.

You can check them by parting their fur to see if any are present, but make sure you check all of their skin folds as well since fleas love to hide in those areas.

If you do see any ticks or fleas, your Border Collie will need a topical treatment specifically made for killing them off.

Before you know it, your Border Collie will be fresh and clean!

How often do you need to groom a Border Collie?

You should brush your Border Collie at least 2-4 times a week in order to keep their coat healthy. This will also help with keeping any mats or tangles from forming. When they are really matted, it can be more frequent than daily brushing sessions. 

Important Border Collie Grooming Tips

The are some helpful tips you should be aware of when trying to groom your Border Collie.

Bathing too often

Will strip the natural oils your Border Collie needs to stay healthy.

If you bathe your Border Collie too often, then their skin can become dry and irritated, which may lead to more serious problems with their health.

Use Shampoo for dogs

Make sure you use a shampoo that was made specifically for dogs. Human shampoo can be too harsh and strip the natural oils a dog needs to stay healthy.

Proper nutrition

Grooming is going to take a back seat if your Border Collie doesn’t have proper nutrition. Make sure they are eating high-quality food that meets all their nutritional needs.

No hot spots

If your Border Collie has any skin irritations or sores, you should not groom them until the skin heals. This is because you could aggravate the skin further if it hurts when they are being brushed.

Trim nails often

Make sure to trim your dog’s nails regularly to prevent them from growing too long since that can cause problems when walking.

Be patient

Make sure to be patient when grooming your pet, so you don’t stress them out too much. Stressing them out can cause them to potentially harm themselves.

Visit a grooming salon

If your Border Collie hates being brushed, then it might be a good idea to take them to a grooming salon so they can get their coats professionally done.

Should you shave a Border collie?

You should never shave your Border Collie’s coat since it is their coat that controls their temperature and protects them from weather and injury.

Shaving your Border Collie is not only unneeded, but it also causes more damage than benefit to this breed of dog since the coat may not grow back in properly.

Clipping a Border Collie

Although it is not necessary, trimming your Border Collie excessive bottom hair and in between their paw pads is a good idea. It will help prevent debris and dirt from getting stuck and causing problems.

When clipping your Border Collie’s coat, make sure to use proper tools, so you don’t risk damaging the skin or cutting them by accident.

Professional Border Collie Grooming Prices

Grooming a Border Collie can get costly when using professional groomers since it is common for prices to be between $40-70 per session. But you can expect an average of $50-60 per session.

Price may vary depending on:

  • The age and size of the dog;
  • The kind of fur they have;
  • The length of the fur;
  • Grooming salon location;
  • Additional treatments or products needed.
Photo of a Border Collie being groomed at home.

What type of brush to use for a border collie

Dog brushes should never be too hard on your pup’s skin, otherwise, it will hurt them.

Using the right brush for their coat type is also important, or you risk irritating their skin. You want to make sure they are getting brushed on all parts of their body, not just the top layer of fur.


There are two types of bristles, hard and soft. You don’t want to use a brush with very hard bristles since it might hurt your Border Collie’s skin, but you also don’t want to select a too soft brush since they won’t effectively remove dirt and debris from their coat.

You should always look for brushes that have bristles that are the perfect balance.

Pin brushes

Pin brushes come with either plastic or metal pins. The pins are designed to penetrate through matted fur so it can be brushed out. It’s also great for thin-haired breeds since it won’t cause them to get too itchy.

Slicker brushes

Slicker brushes are designed to remove any debris that’s caught in their coat. It’s also good for getting rid of dead hair accumulated on your Border Collie’s skin or fur.

Rake brushes

This type of brush is good for removing dirt and any loose hairs off your Border Collie’s layer underneath their top coat.

Furminator brush

The Furminator brush is excellent for getting rid of undercoat hair without causing too much discomfort to your Border Collie. It’s perfect for any season since they can get rid of a lot of excess fur that accumulates in the colder months and prevents them from overheating in the summer.

Best Border collie grooming tools

Aside from the brush you use on your Border Collie, they will also need some other grooming tools before their coat looks good.

Dog Detangling Spray

A good detangling spray is important for removing mats and snags in their fur. Mats can cause discomfort to your Border Collie, which might make them act out.

Tangle Remover Spray from TropiClean

✔️ The tropiclean dog brush spray is the perfect tool for your pets coat. It will help you remove tangles and knots in a quick and easier way.

✔️ This product helps reduce brushing time, allows your pet to be more comfortable while you are working on his/her coat, and gives him/her a soft and shiny look.

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Dog Shampoo

If your Border Collie happens to get too dirty, then you might need to bathe them. Giving them a good shampoo will help moisturize their skin which can lead to healthy-looking fur.

Dry and Itchy Skin Relief Dog Shampoo from Wahl

✔️ Wahl’s Dry and Itchy Skin Relief Shampoo is specially formulated to help relieve dry, itchy skin and restore the natural moisture balance of your dog’s coat.

✔️ The Oatmeal Formula dog shampoo from Wahl is a thick lathering, coconut lime verbena scented pet shampoo that is great for moisturizing dry skin, cleaning dirty coats, and itch relief.

✔️ With a fresh scent that leaves your pet smelling great, this shampoo is gentle enough for regular use.

✔️ The coconut derived sudsing agent in this formula means you don’t need to use as much shampoo as other brands.

✔️ A little bit goes a long way and provides a rich lather that’s easy to rinse off.

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Grooming gloves

These work great for removing dirt and debris off their coat while helping you feel where the mats start to build up.

Grooming Gloves from Handson

✔️ The Grooming Gloves from Handson are the perfect tool to remove excess hair, debris and tangles while keeping your hands clean.

✔️ These grooming gloves allow for a versatile expert tool capable of grooming, de-shedding, bathing, or massaging your dog.

✔️ The non-abrasive texture gently removes unwanted hair without hurting your dog’s skin.

✔️ Gentle enough to use on all dogs, big or small, long or short haired.

✔️ These grooming gloves will leave their coat looking sleek and shiny while reducing shedding by up to 90%.

✔️ Make bathing, grooming and cleaning an enjoyable experience.

✔️ Wet or dry the gloves will not slip off thanks to the hook & loop.

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Dog Nail clipper

If you’re not an expert at trimming dog nails, then you’ll need to use some dog clippers instead. Otherwise, if you cut the de too short it will be uncomfortable.

Dog Nail Clippers With Safety Guard from Gonicc

✔️ Dog Nail Clippers with Safety Guard from Gonicc are the most popular dog nail clippers for many reasons.

✔️ First, they are made of high quality stainless steel.

✔️ Second, they have ergonomically designed non-slip handles that are strong, lightweight and comfortable to use.

✔️ Third, these dog nail clippers come with a hidden nail file that can be conveniently stored in the handle for easy access.

✔️ Fourth, the safety stop blade greatly reduces the risk of cutting nails too short.

✔️ Fifth, Gonicc’s Dog Nail Clippers come with a lifetime guarantee

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Dog Nail grinder

A nail grinder is another way of getting control of their nails. This tool is excellent for dogs afraid of clippers since all you have to do is gently push the spinning grinder over each nail.

Professional 2 Speed Dog Nail Grinder Professional form Casfuy

✔️ The Professional 2 Speed Dog Nail Grinder is an advanced, safe and precise trimmer for dogs.

✔️ It uses a diamond drum bit grinder to deliver the safest, most comfortable pet claw grinding.

✔️ Recommended by veterinarians and pet grooming professionals, painlessly and precisely trim your pet’s nails anywhere.

✔️ The Professional 2 Speed Dog Nail Grinder features an adjustable low-high speed design that’s powerful enough to support heavy grinding.

✔️ And with 3 ports to match small, medium or large pets, simply choose the appropriate port and speed depending on your dog’s nail size.

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Dog Ear Cleaner

Just like people, dogs can get ear infections if they don’t clean their ears regularly. They are also good for removing dirt and debris from your Border Collie’s ears which can cause discomfort.

EPIOTIC Advanced Ear Cleanser from Virbac

✔️ EPIOTIC Advanced Ear Cleanser from Virbac is a gentle, non-irritating solution for routine cleansing of sensitive ears.

✔️ The solution removes debris and excessive wax and dries the ear canal.

✔️ For pets with chronic otitis externa which is chronic inflammation of a dogs external ear canal.

✔️ The low pH of this product should not interfere with other ear preparations.

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Dog Hairdryer

A hairdryer is a good way to get rid of excess water in your Border Collie’s coat. It also prevents you from having to wait for them to dry on their own, which can take a while with a thick-haired breed like this one.

Adjustable Speed Dog Hair Dryer With Heater from Shelandy

✔️ It’s a dog dryer with heater that can be used to groom your beloved dog.

✔️ It is designed to give you the freedom to customize your grooming experience and save time, money and energy.

✔️ You can use it for drying, styling and finishing all types of dog coats.

✔️ The adjustable speed will help you control the airflow and temperature depending on what type of coat your dog has.

✔️ The powerful motor makes this unit ideal for even tough coat types such as thick double coated breeds like Border Collies.

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Dog Toothpaste

It’s important to keep your Border Collie’s teeth clean. If you don’t, then they might get gum disease or develop tooth decay which can be very painful.

Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste from Vet’s Best Store

✔️ This enzymatic dental toothpaste is made up of aloe, neem oil, grapefruit seed extract, baking soda, and enzymes, which cleans your dog’s teeth and freshens their breath.

✔️ Between annual cleanings at the veterinarian’s office, your dog’s teeth will benefit from using the toothpaste.

✔️ This Toothpaste for Dogs contains natural flavors so your dog will love the taste.

✔️ You will love how it brightens and whitens teeth and reduces tartar and plaque.

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Best brush for a Border Collie

Choosing a brush for your Border Collie doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some brush suggestions that will work for this particular breed:

Shedding brush

A shedding brush works great for removing dirt and debris from their coat while simultaneously detangling any mats that might be present.

Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush Effectively Reduces Shedding by Up to 95% Professional Deshedding Tool for Dogs and Cats

Dog Deshedding Brush from Pet Neat

✔️ This deshedding dog brush is the perfect tool for your pet’s hair care. It effectively reduces shedding by up to 95%, leaving behind a shiny, healthy coat that will make your four-legged friend look great!

✔️ The stainless steel blade of this pet comb is protected by a cover for your safety and the blade longevity.

✔️ The sturdy handle makes grooming easy and comfortable.

✔️ This professional dog brush will help you keep your furniture and floors free of pet hair, and it will turn grooming time into a fun bonding experience for you and your pet.

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Dematting brush

A de-matting brush is another good tool since it doesn’t hurt their skin and gets rid of any mats or tangles in their fur.

Dematting self-cleaning Brush for Dog Grooming from Hertzko

✔️ This self-cleaning brush gets rid of tangles, knots, dander, and trapped dirt in your pet’s coat.

✔️ The bristles are fine bent wires designed to penetrate deep into the coat and are able to groom the undercoat well without scratching your pet’s skin!

✔️ Great brush for dematting shedding dogs with long and short hair!

✔️ Pets love the way this brush feels, and are excited for each grooming session!

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Furminator brush

The Furminator brush is excellent for getting rid of undercoat hair without causing too much discomfort to your Border Collie. It’s perfect for any season since they can get rid of a lot of excess fur that accumulates in the colder months and prevents them from overheating in the summer.

Undercoat Deshedding Brush for Dogs from FURminator

✔️ The FURminator is a deShedding tool that allows you to remove the undercoat from your dog without cutting its topcoat.

✔️ This tool has been designed especially for dogs that weigh less than 25 pounds and have long hair.

✔️ The tool removes loose hair and reduces shedding by up to 90%.

✔️ It features a FUREJECTOR button that releases the hair with ease, and an ergonomic handle for comfortable, easy grooming.

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Undercoat rake brush

The undercoat rake is great for getting rid of mats and loose undercoat hair.

Double-Sided Undercoat Rake for Dogs from Pat Your Pet

✔️ The Pat Your Pet deshedding brush is the only double-sided brush that you’ll ever need for your dog or cat.

✔️ It’s a rake and a comb all in one, and it works wonders on both short and long-haired pets.

✔️ With two different kinds of teeth, this tool can work through any kind of coat, from thick to thin.

✔️ Unlike other brushes out there, this deshedding brush doesn’t cause pain or discomfort at all.

✔️ The rounded teeth make sure that your pet stays comfortable throughout grooming

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Border collie before and after grooming

Here’s a before, during, and after video of a Border Collie grooming session by a professional.

Grooming your Border Collie at home start to finish (video)

Here is a video of a grooming session at home from start to finish:


Border Collie grooming isn’t too hard but does require a lot of time and patience. A lack of grooming can lead to some problems, so it’s important that you have the time to give your Border Collie the attention they deserve.

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