Dog Guides

The Dog Guides section has been created to aggregate all the articles the Council has written on various subjects that will help you throughout your dog’s life. Here you will find behavioral, health and pet care related topics, and many others to answer all your what ifs, and guide you with situations that you may be facing already.

Dog Guides

Dog Safety

All you need to know when it comes to a dog’s safety plus additional advice to help you provide assistance and guidance throughout your dog’s life.

My Dog Ate Maggots

My Dog Ate Maggots: Will He Be Fine?

Dogs always tend to find the weirdest things delicious — like maggots. If you’ve discovered your dog eating maggots and are wondering just what it means for him and his health, you’ll find it all

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My Dog Ate Protein Powder

My Dog Ate Protein Powder. What Now?

A common thread with dog owners: dogs eat whatever they get their teeth on, no matter what (except their medicine, of course). Have you discovered that your dog has eaten your protein powder? Here’s what

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Dog Food and Nutrition

Different breeds and dogs’ conditions demand different care. Knowledge on types of existing diets and nutrition tips will grant you the tools to provide the best care to your dog.

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