Food and Nutrition

Dog Food and NutritionPart of keeping your dog healthy and happy is in making sure that you are feeding him a proper diet. However, do you know what should and shouldn’t go into that diet? What about factors such as allergies, age, and size? There are so many factors that go into doggie diets, just like humans! Instead of simply choosing some random discounted dog food brand and/or scooping your table scraps into a bowl, like in the “good ol’ days, you can take a scroll below and get familiar with the different facets of dog diets and what are good and bad choices!
From puppyhood to senior age, a diet for a dog often changes in amounts as well as active ingredients. This is especially so if your dog has digestive issues and allergies. Of course, many human food types are bad for dogs, but sometimes even the most attentive and loving pet parents don’t know this! Understanding food choice and nutrition for your dog is a crucial part of helping him look and feel at his best every single day!

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