RottweilersWorking dogs, Rottweilers are excellent at herding and guarding livestock. Throughout the ages, this is how they were most often used. They are large dogs with short, wiry coats. While they do require grooming about once a week and shed, their coats are relatively easy to care for. Rottweilers have distinctive black and brown markings, especially on their faces.
These are strong and muscled dogs and they enjoy being active. While they can live in the city or country, outside running and playing space is crucial. They are great playmates for children and other dogs and love taking on adventures with their favorite humans. As far as their best health is concerned, it’s recommended that they get more than 2 hours of exercise a day. Smart, Rottweilers love to be trained and are easy to train, especially since it’s mentally and physically stimulating in most cases.
Because they are large, they often live under 10 years, though can last as long as 10 years if they are kept in good health. These are popular guard dogs and family dogs, known for their intelligence and courage, but also kindness with children and other pets.

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